Happy Birthday Margarida!

My dear sister’s birthday was in the beginning of July and as I promised her when she saw this tunic I made her a Cappuccino Dress as a gift. She´s my best friend, I love her so very much and we have similar taste, but I’m always afraid to give her something that she won’t like so I asked her to choose one of the Nani Iro prints available on Retrosaria (the only shop in Lisbon that sells these wonderful fabrics, that I know of anyway).

cup and iro_2

This was the first time I worked with Nani Iro fabrics and double gauze. I was so inspired by all the beautiful creations I’ve seen during Miss Matabi’s Nani Iro month last June, that I knew I had to try it. [You can see my favorite creations on Celina, Trinne and Laura’s blogs, such gorgeous garments!!!] Let me tell you that these fabrics are just absolutely amazing!! They are super soft and light but they’re easy to sew, I’m totally hooked! I dream of making clothes collections out of them… All the prints are just perfect! They’re a bit sheer but I haven’t lined the dress and it works perfectly.

cup and iro_1

My sister chose the Mountain Views – pink & yellow print from Nani Iro’s latest collection and I can tell you that is just beautiful, she does have impeccable taste! I used the Cappuccino Dress pattern from Liesl&Co without the sleeves option. It’s such an easy dress to make. I absolutely love the pockets (the tunic version doesn’t have them), it’s totally my type of dress and the fit is perfect! Looks great on her don’t you think!!? And guess what? My sister loved it too YAY!


Oh, and please don’t be careless like I was when pre-washing these fabrics since you might be heartbroken! You see, my mother bought a piece of another fabric for a project we’re doing together and I decided to pre-wash it at the same time as my sister’s fabric. I was careful and washed the Nani Iro preciousness first, but instead of putting it on the clothesline to dry right away, I placed it on the counter while washing the other fabric. Then I made the most stupid mistake ever (I wasn’t really thinking at that point) and placed the second on top of my sister’s fabric. And surely it stained it in like 4 different places… I panicked!! I couldn’t believe I could be so stupid, but thankfully enough I could find my way through by placing the pattern pieces away from the stains. I felt so relieved for having an extra 50cm of fabric!! 😉

cup and iro_5

My birthday is on the same day as my sister (no we are not twins) and my mother, that was with me when I bought the fabric for my sister’s dress, bought some Nani Iro for me as a gift; so that I could make one of these dresses for myself (she must have seen my eyes shinning with the sight of such amazing fabric!!). I didn’t manage to find time for mine yet, but it won’t be long for another one of these in a different print appear here on the blog… 😉 😀



23 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Margarida!

  1. This is beautiful Ines, what a lovely gift for your sister! How funny that you share a birthday. I bet you had shared parties growing up. I look forward to seeing your dress.

    • Thanks Laura!! You’re too kind! Yes nowadays I love to share my birthday with her, but back in my teens I was a real nightmare… I hated having to split the attention LOL typical teenager stupidity!! hehehe 😉 Can’t wait to make mine too, these fabrics are awesome! 😉

  2. Adorei! O tecido é lindo! E o vestido fica tão bem à tua irmã!
    Já vi os tecidos Nani Iro na Retrosaria mas acabei por comprar na Miss Matatabi porque tem muito mais escolha e, mesmo com os portes, ficam mais baratos.
    O problema é conseguir arranjar coragem para cortar um Nani Iro! Já fiz uma saia para a Teresa com uma pedaço pequeno mas ainda não consegui fazer nada para mim com a peça maior que comprei…

    • Fico tão feliz que tenhas gostado Marta! Eu também tive de me esforçar para começar a cortar, acho que ainda me custou mais que os Liberty!! 😉 Mas tens de fazer algo para ti porque são super confortáveis e maravilhosos!

  3. Inês, está espetacular. Quem me dera costurar para mim, só tentei uma ou duas vezes, mas como sou para o gordita, nunca fiquei satisfeita com o assentar, além de que gasto imensoooo tecido. Só costurei com double gauze uma vez, com um tecido da Heather Ross e achei um pesadelo, apesar de achar o tecido maravilhoso para vestir, super macio e confortável.

    • Obrigada Carla! Sabes eu também tenho o mesmo problema com a quantidade de tecido que se gasta para fazer roupa de adultos, mas o melhor é não pensar muito nisso porque na verdade ficamos com peças únicas!! Este vestido tem um corte óptimo e assenta muito bem, também tem a versão túnica por isso recomendo vivamente a pattern. A única coisa com a qual não estou totalmente satisfeita é o acabamento da manga. Fica sempre um pouco espetada… Em relação ao tecido achei uma maravilha coser com ele. Não tive dificuldades mas o projecto é bastante fácil e isso se calhar ajuda! 😉

  4. Ohhhhh my gosh this dress is STUNNING. I am pretty sure I have seen this dress before and yet it looks SO much more cool in this fabric – I never considered buying the pattern before I saw your version 🙂 Well done you!!

    • Ohh Mie, I’m blushing! You’re too kind!! 😀 Well my sister chose the fabric so the one with sense of style is her hahahaha 😉 But I really like the pattern, I’m only having problems with the way the sleeve ends, but that’s probably due to my poor sewing skills when it comes to hemming, ha!

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