Sweet Dreams with Allgots

“Winter is coming” or so they say hehehe and I’m on a mission to sew for M. the things she needs. Weather is still pretty great around here but we all know what were heading so I can’t procrastinate much… 😉 The girl is really in need of new sleepwear, so I started by making her a new nightgown, perfect for this transition period.

And Oh boy she couldn’t be happier! Just look at her face. 😀 No wonder, I would be too if I had a super soft organic cotton nightgown in this cute print, right people?!

A few months ago I took part on a seamstress search for Allgots, a sustainable fabric brand, who’s production is entirely from Europe, which makes my eco footprint happy. Being chosen made me super happy but unfortunately my life entered a crazy phase a few weeks later and I wasn’t able to keep my schedule to share about them then. Anyway, better late than never and these fabrics deserve all my attention right now.

I’m so in Love with this print, I think its perfect for a number of projects and to make it better the fabric is super soft and has good recovery, all you need on good jerseys.

To make the nightgown I choose one of my favorite dress patterns, The Safari Raglan from Titchy Threads. This is size 7, perfect fit as usual, and I made no changes apart from adding a ruffle at the bottom.

For a few months now that I gave up using the double needle, I keep finding much less stressful to just finish knit seams with a zigzag and its been proving to resist much longer, I’m actually liking it too.

Unfortunately this print is already sold out but you can check all the Allgots collection here, do check them since they have lots of other cute prints and beautiful solids. The Safari Raglan is available here.

My sweet Angel! hehehe 😉

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Hearts Dress

A couple of months ago I had the impulse to learn how to make seamless patterns that I could use to digitally print on fabric. I love the idea of being able to decide exactly how I want my fabric to be.  I ended up with a mini “collection” with 4 designs, and although they are super simple and not really original I’m really happy with how they turned out. One of the prints is this one with little black hearts over blue, that I chose to order in lightweight twill from Spoonflower. 

Pretty much since the Loveralls pattern was released that I’ve been dreaming of making a circle skirt version, and as soon as I got this fabric I knew it was just what I was looking for that project. Since I had just finished testing the Spin Dress from Madeit Patterns I figured I could mix both patterns to save time. Yep it worked out perfect, except I should have made one size bigger, I keep forgetting my youngest has a sweet baby tummy that I have to take in account. Anyway, after realizing it was tight and super hard to dress I added an invisible (sort of ahem) zipper to the side seam, and for I while I was happy it worked but, after using it for a full day after these photos my girl still complains that it is tight and doesn’t want to wear it. Sniff Sniff Sniff I feel I could die hahaha this is my first total sewing failure size wise, up until now everything ended up being used, and I’m sad (that is an understatement). But enough with that… lol

For the straps I used black elastic instead of making them from fabric, kind of like suspenders, fastened with plastic snaps in black. Lastly I hemmed the skirt part with bias tape also in black for some contrast and I love it. I figured the fabric would be hard to hem, we can say circle skirts are not my forte when it comes to hemming so I decided to play it safe. Heheheh

Despite the fitting issues, I’m really happy with the result of this, I’m still deciding what I’ll do with it, I will probably sell it. I’m even considering opening a Facebook group to sell some things that no longer fit my girls but that are still in perfect condition like this swimsuit (here) or this dress (here), and also some new items like the dress in this post, anyone interested in that? 

My mini collection of prints is available at my Spoonflower shop. I think this one would be super cute for swimsuits too, just sayin’. 😀 You can check it out here.

You can get the Loveralls Pattern here and the Spin Dress pattern here.

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Project Sew It – February

La Folie - Project Sew It - February - Waterfall Raglan

This month on Project Sew It the theme is blouses so Yep I made another Waterfall! 😀 I know what you’re thinking this blog is turning into the Waterfall Raglan versions blog hahahah sorry but this pattern won my heart and I told I would have to copy the beautiful woven version that Toya made (here) so here we go. Last week Chalk and Notch had a blog tour for this pattern and some other woven versions showed up like this stunning dress from Nicole (here), be sure to check the tour posts because they’re filled with super inspiring versions.

La Folie - Project Sew It - February - Waterfall Raglan

For my take on it I choose a beautiful light crepe fabric that came in the London Sew Social “goodie bag”, courtesy of The Sweet Mercerie. It’s a bit “see through” but I think it works perfectly for blouses, just see these beautiful ones from Eva and Trine.

To make this I used the same size as for my knit versions (size 6), I knew I’d be ok since the pattern has enough ease on the bodice pieces. The sleeve would be ok for me on the bicep area too, since mine measures closer to a size 4, but since its designed to be a fitted sleeve around the forearm I changed it a bit. Basically I added 2cm to each side at the wrist area and redrafted the sleeve from the bicep area down. I’m pretty sure this must be a totally lazy/don’t copy what I’ve done method, but I’m here to tell the truth so that’s how I did it hahaha Please don’t hate me sewing masters!! 😉 I also removed the hem allowance for the sleeve and finished it with a narrow hem.

La Folie - Project Sew It - February - Waterfall Raglan

After finishing the neckline with bias bound in the same fabric, it started to funnel a bit so there was some unpicking involved and some free style cutting to get it to a point that made me happy. After that I didn’t have more fabric to finish it in woven so I decided to use navy rib matching some parts of the fabric. 😀 I know you keep seeing this neckline finish from me, but I love it so and I’m excused because I did try to make it all in woven!! heheheh

La Folie - Project Sew It - February - Waterfall Raglan

It took me a long time to cut all the pieces on my fabric because I din’t have enough which lets face it keep happening around here LOL, in the end I had to make the front ruffle shorter by a few cm, I think it was about 8 cm but I’m not sure anymore, sorry. The good surprise was that this fabric was a breeze to cut and much easier to sew than I expected, so its definitely a great one to start with if you want to move from up your game a notch.

La Folie - Project Sew It - February - Waterfall Raglan

I’m super in Love with it and I can definitely say its one of the prettiest things in my closet right now. ❤ I have to make more hahaha But next time I’ll probably copy Celina’s version (here), its so GOOD! LOVE IT ❤

You can get the Waterfall Raglan here; the lovely swallows crepe I used here and you can join us on project sew it here.

La Folie - Project Sew It - February - Waterfall Raglan

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