Perfect Match!

If you’ve seen the post about my sister’s birthday present a few week’s ago you knew that this one was coming.

Well, it seems I’ve kept making the same patterns for a while now. And my friends I must warn you it will go on since I have some things planned for a new Ash Jumpsuit for Madalena and also a modified version of the pattern. Let’s see if I can make them before I go on vacation next week.

But here it is. A new Cappuccino Dress made with some Nani Iro goodness.


You already know that I really like this pattern. It makes such a comfortable and easygoing casual dress; it’s just my type of thing.

And the Nani Iro fabric… I just said the other day that I would totally make a closet full of Nani Iro clothes if I could! 😉



Ok so as you can see this print is much more classic than my sister’s. It’s from the last autumn/winter collection and it’s called Dear Mother’s Girlhood Grandeur; as I told you in the previous post my mom bought it for me at Retrosaria, as a birthday present. I love the Mountain Views print best, but actually this one has more to do with what I would normally buy. My sister is much more fashion forward than me and I’m always copying her, ha. What can I say I’m the youngest and I’m lazy when it comes to style…


But I really Love this one too, I think it worked beautifully for the dress as well. And I still have a little bit of the Mountain Views print to make something for me… Yay!




I think the Cappucino Dress pattern and Nani Iro fabrics are a perfect match. What do you think?

(The hat Madalena is wearing on the first photo is a Reversible Bucket Hat, pattern by Oliver+S. It’s kind of small on her now since I made it when she was two, lol – I really have to make her some new ones)

20 thoughts on “Perfect Match!

  1. Oh! You are so beautiful, I love your smiles! And this is gorgeous, I love the print. I’m so happy to see this…I love sewing for myself way more than sewing for the kids…who are picky and outgrow things in a month. Ha! 🙂

    • Ohh Monica you’re so kind. Thanks a million! I really have a hard time with photos and smiling is pretty much the only way I kind of don’t hate to see me. I Love the dress and it feels great to sew some stuff for me also, but the kids stuff are my favorite lol even with the outgrow and pickyness 😉 I’m a masoquist hahahah 🙂

  2. Tão giro, Inês! Acho que não vou resistir a comprar este molde… Tal como tu gosto bem mais do padrão do Nani Iro da tua irmã mas o teu seria o que eu compraria. Aliás, já comprei um bocadinho em branco e fiz uma saia para a Teresa! Adorei! Boas ferias!

    • Obrigada Marta! O molde vale mesmo a pena. Já o usei 3 vezes e quero ainda fazer uma versão com as mangas a 3 quartos para o outono. Tenho de ver essa saia, sobrou-me um pouco de tecido pode ser que a Madalena tenha sorte e faça uma para ela. 😉

  3. Olá Inês! Dei com o teu blog por acaso através da Retrosaria e reconheci logo a Madalena, apesar de já estar tão crescida!! Conhecemo-nos na Velaverde, sou a mãe da Inês”pequenina” 🙂 adorei as tuas criações e fotografias! Voltarei mais vezes! 🙂 beijinhos

    • Olá Monia que feliz encontro! Fico feliz que tenhas gostado do meu pequeno blog. 😉 Pois é a Madalena já está enorme, o tempo passa num instante. E a Inês imagino que também esteja super crescida?! Beijinhos para todos. 🙂

  4. Ah, there is that dress again….love love LOVE it….I do not blame you for keep making it!! And the fabric is to die for!!

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