Ottobre Swimsuit at Cose +

Today I’m at Cose +, my Portuguese “home”, showing this cute Ottobre Design swimsuit. Yay for Summer!


You can check out the post here. It’s written in Portuguese only but maybe the photos will inspire you in giving it a try. 😉

Thanks for stopping by. Hugs. ❤

Happy Birthday Carolina!

If you followed my previous adventure in “blogoland” you know that every now and then I make handmade birthday gifts for my family and friends; and that I always name the post as Happy Birthday (special person name). I think it’ll be something to continue here on LaFolie…

[For those of you who never got a handmade present from me, I do love you and you’re special too but sometimes I just don’t remember in time or I don’t find a project or fabric that fits the purpose… I guess I would love to always gift handmade items but sometimes it is just soooo much easier to just go out and buy something… Shame on me, heheh!]

But this past week I was inspired to create something for this little princess called Carolina. She just turned 4 and my daughter and her are great friends and love to play together!

Well I already told you that I can only think of summer by now, what can I say I was born in summer and there is no happier time during the year for me… My sister and I were born on the same day (July 2nd if you we’re wandering and no we’re not twins), my two daughter’s were born really close to my birthday and my husband’s birthday is also on the same month… I love the warm days at the beach and I can’t get enough of the sea!!


And so I decided to make, for the first time I must say, some bikini bottoms. I know some of you got a little worried with my Instagram feed and thought I was going crazy and started making lingerie… But I don’t think I’ll venture in that area for the time being, Ha! 😉

I chose a pattern from a French Burda I have here, and since my French, quite unfortunately, basically resumes to “Je ne parle pas Français” (well I know a few more things but understanding sewing instructions isn’t that easy) I had to use my imagination to make my way trough the construction of the garment. It was fairly easy I must say…

Since I’m not big on little girls wearing bikini tops (though my daughter loves to wear them) I decided to make her a matching headband; once again I had to pretty much figure out what to do with the pattern pieces but it was also simple enough… I have to say I’m pretty happy with the way it all came out! Hope she liked it too!!

The fabric is an organic cotton voile part of Cloud9’s Koi collection by the so very talented Rashida Coleman-Hale and it’s just perfect for it! [Totally off-topic but I just had to say it, I just love her name, guess it’s because Rufus Wainwright’s song Rashida, you know I love love love Rufus]

IMG_6385 IMG_6394

I didn’t have my usual wrapping paper since the other day my daughter and I had a little “sword fight” with the two little rolls I had, and so I decided to print something cute to make some paper bags. Thank you Pinterest for saving my day. I printed this and had Madalena colouring some of the stars which she loved, and then made some little bags to put our presents. The one I made, and two bracelets that my daughter “made” ahem (I made them actually but she was the creative director) in what appears to be the new fever at my daughter’s school and everywhere; have you heard of rainbow loom yet? I totally didn’t until a week ago and quickly had to learn since my little daughter’s fingers can’t quite grasp the “art” yet… Someone has found a moneymaking way to get rid of millions of useless rubber bands, just sayin’!! 😉

IMG_6405 IMG_6415

Well I truly hope Carolina enjoyed her gifts and that she has a great summer!!