Blake dress - La Folie Sewing Booth

Hi friends! Today I bring you my version of Blake, a great sewing pattern from Mingo&Grace that allows you to create the most stunning dress! I was really keen on testing this one ever since I saw this image on Stylo, but when time came I wasn’t able to do it. Well here I am now finally giving it a try.


I’ve been working on this dress since the end of the year, don’t be scared, working really means searching for fabric and gathering ideas and not actual sewing time hahaha. I wanted to make something special but at the same time I really wanted to use a more casual type of fabric so that Madalena could wear it to school. I know, to school? Yes I’m not the keep the good clothes in the closet kind of person and we don’t go to enough parties to justify that anyway. hehehe 😉


I searched a bit lot and my friend Marta even shared with me a portion of a beautiful blue twill? so that I could make it. But all I could think was grey or black with gold and – don’t ask me how this came to me – a Cross stitch Peter Pan Collar. I happened to have a great double wooly knit (I don’t really know the right name for it ha) piece of fabric, I had bought at my local fabric shop, one side grey and the other black. Though my plan was to use the black side I changed it in the last minute, probably inspired by this great version of Blake.

I started by making the collar, which actually was the inspiration for my first Sewing Rabbit Tutorial, have you seen it yet? I’m really still pinching myself because I don’t believe Jessica invited me to join such an amazing group of ladies. And yes the tutorial works perfectly in knits too in case you were wondering. 🙂

Blake Dress - La Folie Sewing Booth

Anyhoo, I’ve finished the collar and moved on to actually making the dress; a bit of a bumpy journey mostly because I’m one of the most distracted persons you’ll ever meet. I opted for the lined version because of my collar, but only on the bodice. I got a bit bummed since I should have under-stitched the collar part before sewing the rest of the lining; first learning curve for your dear friend. 😉 Next I’ve managed to not pay attention to all the diagrams and versions of the skirt pleats I had seen and sewed them the wrong way – with stretch stitch, are you feeling my pain yet? Yes I’ve unpicked the whole seam…


And then the time came to sew the dreaded invisible zipper… I had never installed one. I’ve confided my fears with my good friend Mie, who by the way has a great tutorial for this technique, and she tried to tell me that I would be ok, but you know, I just had a feeling… And I was right. Installing an invisible zipper on a super thick fabric like this on the first time you’re trying this technique may not be such a great idea. Despite using my special invisible zipper foot I managed to sew through some of the zipper teeth, which obviously caused the zipper to get stuck; I was totally unsuccessful in sewing close to the teeth were the bodice and skirt seams match because of my thick fabric bulkiness and somehow the zipper come to be a bit over the top of the bodice. Phew!! Another learning curve, but it came to be somewhat presentable; not invisible though because I had bought a black one and thought it would be ok with the grey fabric, clearly it isn’t… heheheh


Gosh, do you see the pointy shape on the top of the bodice? Who am I kidding, sure you do. And don’t get me talking on my imperfect pleating on the back seam, terrible!!! But I had to show you a photo because I’m not a perfect sewer, I’m learning, I make mistakes; but that doesn’t keep me from trying harder and better next time. And all the “pretty” ahem (I try but grainy ones is the best you’re getting heheheh) photos on this blog, are taken to inspire others in giving these ideas/patterns/fabrics/techniques a try; you should never think something is too hard, just give it a try and you’ll feel super proud of your accomplishments! Even if they end up looking like that. 😀

Blake Dress - La Folie Sewing Booth

Well Madalena is IN LOVE with this dress, she literally couldn’t wait for me to finish, I can assure you that it doesn’t happen often. She loved the twirl factor, and of course the gold. 😉 It really is a great pattern and despite all of my rookie mistakes it’s not a complicated sew at all. In the end I can say I’m really happy with this version (as far as I’m not seeing the back heheheheh).

Blake dress - La Folie Sewing Booth

Perfect to show off some ballet moves! 😀 Or maybe some more contemporary dancing listening to this great song; yes you’ll have to listen to know why I chose this one. 😀 😀 😀

Blake Dress . sewing pattern by Mingo&Grace - La Folie Sewing Booth

Thank you so much Farrah for this amazing pattern, your sense of style is incredible and super inspiring. And for those of you that aren’t sewers you should know that Farrah is selling limited editions of this dress at her stitch shop, but you have to pay attention because first edition is already sold out, naturally!!