Charlie – pattern test for Mingo & Grace

I’m so excited for finally being able to share this project with you. If you follow me on Instagram you may have seen an embroidered heart popping in one or two photos. It was all about the pattern testing I did for the amazingly fantastic debut of Mingo & Grace as a pattern designer. Charlie is a great pattern that produces the loveliest twirly dress ever!! Can you tell that I’m loving it??!! I definitely am!

This is such an easy project with such high quality results that you’ll be addicted in making them just like me… And did I mention that Madalena is beyond happy with it? She loves her heart dresses so much!! Yes, she has two, the first one I made during the test process and the second when the pattern was finished and perfected; I liked the first version so much that I wanted to make the exact same thing… I’m crazy I know!! But there’s nothing more gratifying than finishing a project and seeing her face light up in approval, since sometimes our tastes do not go in the same direction, ha…

charlie 4

Charlie goes from sizes 12m to 12 years, and in Farrah’s words has a “sleeveless, swingy silhouette fitted through the shoulders with a dropped waist that finishes with an oh-so-cute gathered flounce skirt that is perfect for twirling”. And there’s probably nothing more important for my daughter in a dress than the twirl factor at this point, lol!!! Seriously, just this morning when I was showing her a dress that will be our gift to a very special someone she immediately told me to turn for her to see the twirl (and we’re talking about a dress with no twirl at all, ha).

The instructions and illustrations are clear and easy to follow, and I really like how the contents are organized, you got to Love a pattern with layers!!! Farrah did an amazing job and I loved working with her pattern, I’m a fan and I’ll definitely look out for her next pattern release!!

I used tencel denim and some greenish/blue bias tape for the neckline and armhole facings and used a pink one for the hemline (note that this version is about 1,5 cm longer than what you get if you follow the instructions on the pattern for a simple hemline).

As soon as I started making the first dress I knew I wanted to make the embroidered geometric heart, don’t ask me why, I just knew it had to be so. I looked up for ideas and came across this image, which I printed and simplified to create the final design. I don’t know a thing about embroidery so I just made it up, yeah I’m lazy as hell and didn’t bother to discover how to make it properly, lol. I love it though…

charlie 5

Charlie will be released exclusively through the Sewing Rabbit’s Pattern Member Site July 1- 14, 2014. It’s a really good deal, for $10 you get 3 patterns, and can cancel subscription at any time. After that initial two weeks, you can purchase it ONLY at Mingo and Grace online shop.

Come back on the 15th since I’m making one for Francisca to celebrate the second launch date of the pattern, and there will be a special code if you only want to get your copy by then. 😉

Thank you so much Farrah for allowing me to test this amazing pattern for you.

charlie 3

You can find more inspiration on my fellow testers Charlie’s versions.

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