Constant Change – a Team Zissou inspired outfit

When I received Jenya and Renee’s email inviting me to this series called Constant Change I immediately knew I wanted to take part. Change is always present in everyone’s lives and obviously I’m no stranger to it. But I must confess that I’m not a big changes super enthusiast kind of person. I’ve always been, since I can remember, a calculated risk taker, meaning I’ve been brave enough to try new things but only if I felt that they met some basic safety requirements. And this applied to almost every aspect of my life so when something changes in my life I tend to get a bit stressed or anxious. This year one of the biggest changes in my life was starting this blog, which was definitely a positive change in so many ways for me so no anxiety there. 😀 I really had a great time trying to make something related (in my crazy point of view) to the theme of this series for todays post so I hope you enjoy it!!


The first thing on my mind when I read what the series was all about was naturally David Bowie’s song Changes. I Love music and my “life’s movie”, the one I play on my mind when reviving my life’s best/worst moments, is always backed up by this or that song. Bowie is for sure an amazing fashion icon and I’d Love to make a glam rock outfit for Madalena (trust me she would Love too – think sequins an glitter haha), but I wanted to make something more wearable. It so happens that at the same time I got the invitation I had been listening almost everyday to a music album from Seu Jorge, that is part of the soundtrack of a fantastic movie called The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou. And it so happens that this album is composed by Portuguese versions of some of David Bowie’s most classic songs, and Changes (my first inspiration) is one of them (you can listen to it here)! What does this have to do with my sewing you ask? Well, Wes Anderson movies are always so inspiring, have such amazing aesthetics and obviously the characters costumes are always perfect! In this particular movie the ship crew wears different versions of a two-tone blue uniform and a red hat.


It was just obvious to me I had to create a “Team Zissou” inspired outfit for Madalena.

LaFolie_  Team Zissou

Don’t ask me why I just felt compelled to do it and no one could stop me hehehe!!! The best part was that a few months ago Madalena saw some school girls in uniforms (she doesn’t wear one to her school) and she really wanted to have a “uniformish” kind of dress. 😀

I really wanted to do this with my friend Celina’s Friday’s dress pattern (which will be amazing I’m sure), but unfortunately for me she’s still working on it, so I had to find something else to get a similar look.


I combined 3 different Burda patterns from a magazine I have. I changed the collar because the original pattern had a Peter Pan collar and I wanted a collar with stand, changed from short sleeves to long sleeves, added a stripe along the sleeves and made a button down opening in turquoise to match the original uniform of the movie. The colors aren’t quite exactly the same as the ones used on the movie costumes, but choosing the right fabric color online really is challenging!


The fabrics are part of Michael Miller’s cotton couture collection and let me tell you these are amazing, have a great drape and are super soft! Thanks a million An for the advice!

I had a little early Christmas present and bought some Kam snaps pliers to make this, seriously they are my new BFF!! hahah Can you imagine me making 10 perfect buttonholes??? Neither can I!! 😀 Thanks Santa I love you even more now, heheh!!! ❤


Since the fabrics are really lightweight I used two layers on the bodice and Skirt, I didn’t lined it properly just sewed them like they were just one layer (lazy girl Yeah I know)!! 😀 😀


For the hat I decided to use the Cozy Winter Wood pattern from Oliver+S book Little Things to Sew using red fleece on the outside, this wonderful cotton voile in pink as lining and a pink grosgrain ribbon for the bow.


It’s a bit big on her and I definitely should have used some interfacing to give it more structure… Oh well… 😀


So I hope you enjoyed my far fetched approach to the theme!! Changes are good most of the time, and I hope this outfit inspires my little girl to be more prone to embrace changes than what I’ve been so far. 🙂 P.S. She absolutely loved to see the photos from the movie with all the characters in their uniforms!! Win! 😉

Thanks a million Renee and Jenya for inviting me to take part in this great series. I had the best time! Don’t forget to check out the super inspiring posts on this tour!

Constant change participants

31 thoughts on “Constant Change – a Team Zissou inspired outfit

    • Obrigada Patricia!! Fico mesmo feliz que tenhas gostado. Acreditas que andei à procura de collants para este post, mas não encontrei o que queria. Depois lembrei-me que lhe tinha comprado estas meias na Boden no inicio da estação e vi que resultavam perfeitamente. 😀 super sorte.

  1. I love this so much I don’t even know which words to chose….the result, the photos, graphic, the story behind it – love Love LOVE!!!

  2. A-M-A-Z-I-N-G i am totally jealous my daughter doesn’t have this outfit. Oh and I love how you got your inspiration- just perfect!!! Everything about this is perfect from the boots/socks to the hat as well as the photos and the uber cool graphics. You are amazing and so inspiring. Oh and I am even more jealous that your husband comments on your posts. He is a keeper 😉

    • Thank you so much my friend! ❤ ❤ ❤ I've been learning from the best, you know all of this wouldn't be possible without you and all the inspiring things you share. I'm super lucky to have you as a friend!! ❤

    • Thanks Renee! I had the best time doing this so I really have to thank you for inviting me to this series. 🙂 and I think in the near future I won’t be making buttonholes I’m totally hooked to the kam snaps heheh 😉

  3. Absolutamente fantástico, Inês, tudo!! O vestido, a sessão fotográfica, os gráficos (desenhos?) por cima das fotografias, as meias, as botas, a Madalena em si… Parabéns!

    • Oh Constança muitissimo obrigada! Fico tão feliz que tenhas gostado. 🙂 Acho que foi o projecto mais divertido que fiz. Tive imensa sorte com as meias que já tinha comprado no inicio da estação hehehe 😀

  4. Ines, what a fun outfit! I will have to watch the movie now. Celina’s dress would have been perfect, but hey, you have done a terrific job and achieved the look you were after 🙂 How cute that your daughter wanted something uniform-ish 🙂 Thank you for participating in the series 🙂

  5. Oh that’s so fun! I really need to get brave enough to add a shirt collar dress to Missy’s wardrobe.
    And I love Bowie’s Changes too (did you see I included David Bowie in the Secret Squirrel challenge last year! – sewed by Jenya). Beautiful ,wearable dress !

  6. Ines! this is fantastic. I love EVERYTHING. Is so amazing how inspiration plays a role in the final product. The dress is perfection and I’m surely will want to have a go making a dress using cotton couture.

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