STYLO 04 . White Summer Citrus looks

So today it’s all about the White Summer Citrus looks I made for STYLO.

La Folie - STYLO 04
It all started with the Madalena’s’ dress. It’s from the Japanese book 1 pattern 1 week and I’ve been obsessed with making it since I got the book last year.
I love the concept of this book because it has 5 basic patterns and then shows 5 different ways of using them, really my cup of tea. 😀
I think the pattern pairs lovely with the fabric, it’s voile from Design on Textile, and the quality is absolutely amazing. I fully lined it (the pattern as facings and bias, not lining) with a beautiful soft yummy cotton lawn from Michael Levine, I’m really happy with this dress and Madalena loves it, though I probably should have made a size below; oh well it will last longer. 😀

La Folie - STYLO 04 La Folie - STYLO 04 La Folie - STYLO 04

And then the cardi. I love the cardigan!!! This is such a cool pattern to have, I absolutely love Laura’s version for STYLO (I mean I want one for me!!), but it was this version Celina made that triggered my need to make it! You’ll be happy to know that this will be released as a free pattern by Petit a Petit + Family. YAY

La Folie - STYLO 04

For this I used a green and pink stripe from NOSH Organics, that was generously sponsored by Petite Couture. Wendy has an amazing fabric selection, I really recommend you check it out, I’m swooning over so many but this one is definitely on my wish list! 😉 I can tell you that this cardigan has been on heavy rotation around here, it definitely is Madalena’s’ current favorite, and I’ll definitely be making a lot more!

La Folie - STYLO 04 La Folie - STYLO 04 La Folie - STYLO 04

And now the sweet girl called Francisca. 🙂 For her I decided to make a Stellar Tunic from Figgy’s. I’ve been eyeing this pattern since Marta used it last summer and I knew I wanted to make exactly like her and skip the patchwork sleeve making it in one piece.

La Folie - STYLO 04

I did have to make some alterations because F. was still a bit small for this pattern but I like the final fit, and I definitely can’t wait to make more once she gets big enough. I mixed the White Summer Citrus voile with some dark yellow Flamé cotton knit  from NOSH, which is amazing btw, and finished the neckline with dark yellow rib from NOSH, again perfect quality. ❤

I knew I had to make some leggings and I had just got the super cute Fancy Pants Leggings from Titchy Threads, so this was the perfect opportunity to try it out. I used the same fabric as in Madalena’s’ cardigan. They turned out so cute, she looks adorable in them!

La Folie - STYLO 04

La Folie - STYLO 04 La Folie - STYLO 04

So I hope you liked my makings! This was an amazing adventure and I’m really grateful for having had this opportunity. This is an absolutely amazing issue, all the contributors did such and incredible and inspiring job!!

 I really have to give a gigantic applause to Celina for combining all these different voices in one cohesive magazine. It’s an absolute joy to flick through its pages!

❤ ❤ ❤

La Folie - STYLO 04 La Folie - STYLO 04 La Folie - STYLO 04 La Folie - STYLO 04 La Folie - STYLO 04

La Folie - STYLO 04

 All the fabrics used were generously given to me by different sponsors. You can read more information about it here.

STYLO 04 . Pink Summer Citrus looks

Hi everyone. First of all I want to thank all the nice comments I got last week when STYLO was released. I feel really blessed to be part of this amazing sewing community, filled with encouraging and supportive people, for all of you big LOVE ❤ ❤ <3!

But also to all my sweet friends who don’t sew but also have super kind words towards my sewing adventures, thank you. ❤ ❤ ❤

And now off to, as promised, share more details on the outfits (can I call them that? hehehe) that I made for the magazine. Today I’m sharing all bout the Pink Summer Citrus look.

La Folie - STYLO 04

So this started with the top you see on Madalena. It’s from the Japanese book A Sunny Spot and I had already used another version of it for my Cross Stitch Collar tutorial for the Sewing Rabbit. This time I chose View M that features a lovely back panel with a little bow, that I think is adorable (and I’m not that into bows as you may know).


Above is a little sketch that I made as soon as Andrea sent me the preview of the prints. As you can see I didn’t change much on the top. 🙂 I used Michael Millers beautiful eyelet in black as my main fabric, which is amazing, super soft and with a beautiful drape. As lining and back panel I chose a super delicate cotton voile from Michael Levine in Cyan, which is simply the most perfect fabric for this type of project; I only wish I lived in the US to be able to work more often with the amazing options they have on their shop (customs are a pain hehehe).

La Folie - STYLO 04

I first planned to make a skirt to go with it (because Madalena mostly refuses to wear trousers and shorts and I didn’t need that problem hahahah), but then the fabric arrived and I couldn’t help myself but to use Laura’s amazing pattern the Twisted Trousers. And I’m so happy I did!! I think the black pipping works perfectly and Madalena loves them a lot! WIN!

For these I used Summer Citrus (pink) in Spoonflower’s’ incredibly soft and drapey silky faille, which I wouldn’t immediately think as a kids type of fabric (because it’s a bit more fancy) but it’s just perfect for a project like this; and I can tell you that the fact of the fabric being so amazingly soft was an important contributor in Madalena loving them so much. 😀 For the waist I used NOSH rib in dark yellow and if you never used it well you must because the quality is perfection!!

La Folie - STYLO 04sorry for the bad photo but I really didn’t manage to take a focused one showing the rib, gahhh

La Folie - STYLO 04

I really really wanted to make an Ash Jumpsuit for my spread, this pattern was the beginning of everything as far as this blog goes and Celina (Love you girl <3) is included obviously, so this seemed a perfect opportunity to show her some love and appreciation for everything she shared with me.  And it’s all even better because I love the pattern lots!!

La Folie - STYLO 04La Folie - STYLO 04again sorry for the bad photo but I really didn’t manage to take a better full body one, 😦 

Can you blame me, it really makes cute outfits don’t you think? It has so many cool options that you can make lots of different looks with it; this time I chose to make separates (trousers with inseam pockets and top with elasticized waist). For the top I used NOSH flamé cotton knit in dark yellow; I simply love this type of knit, it has such a cool texture, and quality wise I can assure you it’s just brilliant. Regarding the trousers I used the same fabrics as in Madalena’s’ top as main (black lattice eyelet and cyan voile for as lining) which worked perfectly and used some of Summer Citrus silky faille for the inseam pockets.

I also decided to make a Ziggy Top to go with the Ash, I love to see the trousers with the boxy top. I did have to grade it a bit so that it would fit F. since she’s still smaller than size 2 (which is the smallest size included), but I think it works great. I used Summer Citrus (pink) but this time in Spoonflower organic interlock which has the perfect weight for this. Also added a little bit of black piping to the sleeve seam and I’m really happy with it. I also used a bit of NOSH dark yellow rib to finish the neckline.

La Folie - STYLO 04

I had some accessories planed for this photo shoot but life happens to fast and I was so nervous with the photos that I mostly forgot about them except for the little purse I made Madalena. Oh well living and learning… 😀

La Folie - STYLO 04

For the purse I used NOSH dark yellow flame knit, black piping and a super cool twill tape ribbon (that NOSH was so kind to send me as a surprise) for the strap. The lining is made in voile with the other summer citrus print I used for STYLO courtesy of Design on Textile. I’ve made a free pattern and tutorial of this “KOI” purse for the Sewing Rabbit in case anyone else feels like sewing little bags for little girls treasures. 😉

Well that’s all about these outfits but if there’s anything else you’d like to know please tell me about it. I’ll finish with some more photos (some are good enough others not so much heheheh but I felt compelled to share them all hehehe).

La Folie - STYLO 04 La Folie - STYLO 04 La Folie - STYLO 04 La Folie - STYLO 04 La Folie - STYLO 04 La Folie - STYLO 04 La Folie - STYLO 04 La Folie - STYLO 04 La Folie - STYLO 04 La Folie - STYLO 04 La Folie - STYLO 04 La Folie - STYLO 04 La Folie - STYLO 04 La Folie - STYLO 04 La Folie - STYLO 04 La Folie - STYLO 04 La Folie - STYLO 04 La Folie - STYLO 04 La Folie - STYLO 04

La Folie - STYLO 04 La Folie - STYLO 04 La Folie - STYLO 04

Thanks for stopping by! ❤ I’ll be sharing all about the white Summer Citrus looks soon. 😉

All the fabrics used were generously given to me by different sponsors. You can read more information about it here.


Say what? Wait let me say it again: I’m a contributor on this edition of STYLO!!

Nope didn’t work, I’m still pinching myself… But its real, it happened, and I’m super excited for finally being able to share this with everyone!

La Folie - STYLO 04

When I got the invitation I couldn’t believe it… STYLOs’ extraordinary editors Celina and Jess have been super kind to me and have been sharing with me amazing opportunities, but I was really honored and a bit proud (I must confess) to know that they like my sewing projects enough to have them on their fabulous magazine!

Oh yes, for those of you who may not know STYLO yet, let me tell you its just the most amazing and cool online kids style sewing magazine in the world! Ever since the first issue came out it has been a great source of inspiration, from the outfits made, to styling, to incredible photos so if you’re new to it go ahead and have a look on the past issues as well, after seeing the current one obviously! 😀

La Folie - STYLO 04

You already know I’m a bit crazy, so guess what was my first thought after getting the invitation (and perhaps also some happy dancing and silly giggling)? I have to ask Andrea Lauren to make a special print for this!!! Oh yeah, I did it… I asked… (honestly I wrote the email and just closed my eyes to hit send because otherwise I wouldn’t have had courage to do it.)

Can you imagine how I felt when she replied saying Yes to my crazy idea? I was beyond happy. There are no words… It was just one of those perfect moments… And then a bit of panic in between obviously because Andrea is one of my favorite designers ever and I could make clothes with her prints FOREVER! She was so kind in wanting to take part in this with me, I can’t thank her enough! ❤ ❤ ❤

 Andrea created a super cool collection of prints, exclusive for my spread (yes I still feel like it’s not real has I’m writing these words) on STYLO called Summer Citrus in various color ways. I chose pink and white for my projects, but honestly I wanted them all!! heheh 🙂 And the best part is that they’ll all be available on her print shop!! YAY

La Folie - STYLO 04

I’ll be sharing full posts on the outfits I made soon, and I’ll talk about in detail about the fabrics and patterns used. For now you have all the information about my makings in the magazine.

I really wanted to take time to thank all my wonderful fabric sponsors for this spread.

A big Thank You to:

Spoonflower – pink Summer Citrus print in Organic Cotton Knit and Silky Faille Design on Textile – white Summer Citrus print in voile Petite Couture – Nosh Organics Jersey in Green and Pink Stripe NOSH Organics – Flamé Cotton Knit in Dark Yellow + Organic Rib in dark Yellow Michael Miller – Lattice Eyelet in Black



Michael Levine – Cotton Voile in CyanCotton Lawn in Ivory  – Michael Levine is generously sharing a 10% discount on your entire purchase by using the coupon code ‘STYLO4‘.

La Folie - STYLO 04

This was such an incredible experience!!! The only thing I regret is not being better at taking photos because lets face it STYLO deserves it! 😉 Do I hear anyone volunteering for and if I ever get invited again? hahahah Just raise your hand! 😀

I’m so honored to be among that incredible group of contributors!! I have no words! Now go on and see the entire issue because it’s super fabulous as usual.

Thanks a million Celina and Jess for all the opportunities you bring me! You girls are in my heart forever! ❤ ❤ ❤