London Sew Social . It’s Giveaway time!

Hello sweet people, today I bring you an awesome giveaway generously sponsored by some great companies as part of our London Sew Social meeting back in April. You can read all about it here in case you missed it. 😉

But I also wanted to show you some things I already made with the patterns and fabric I got from the Sew Social goodie bag. You may have seen them already in IG but here’s a recap. 😀


Groove Dress by Madeit Patterns in dotted jersey from The Sweet Mercerie


Groove Dress by Madeit Patterns in dotted jersey from The Sweet Mercerie


Lunch Box Tee; pattern from Oliver+S


Lunch Box Tee; pattern from Oliver+S

IMG_3862 cópia

Racerback Tops in jersey from The Sweet Mercerie; and skirt in jersey from Girl Charlee Uk


Rowan Tee with appliqué in Liberty courtesy of Sewbox

There will be 4 very lucky winners!
Here’s what the goodie packs include:


Pack 1

Pretty Panda fabric from Poppy
B inspired sewing pattern magazine by Poppy
2m of your choice of fabric from Girl Charlee
3 spools of thread from Aurifil
25% off voucher for Joyfits
By Hand London Holly Jumpsuit paper pattern
Stylish Dress Book from Tuttle
Sewbox goodies includes: Hot Patterns babydoll nightgown, robe and panties. A small piece of Liberty lawn and a few haberdashery items.
prize 2

Pack 2

Pretty Panda fabric from Poppy
B inspired sewing pattern magazine by Poppy
2m of your choice of fabric from Girl Charlee
4 spools of thread from Aurifil
25% off voucher for Joyfits
Sewbox goodies includes: Hot Patterns Deco Vibe Shadow Woven T-shirt & Tunic, Hot Patterns Mini Me essential dress and top for kids, 2 small pieces of Liberty lawn and some haberdashery items
prize 3

Pack 3

Pretty Panda fabric from Poppy
B inspired sewing pattern magazine by Poppy
2m of your choice of fabric from Girl Charlee
3 spools of thread from Aurifil
25% off voucher for Joyfits
By Hand London Victoria Blazer paper pattern
Sewbox goodies includes: Hot Patterns 1152 – Fast and Fabulous Origami Knit Top,
a small piece of Liberty lawn and a few haberdashery items.

pack 4

Pack 4
£50 voucher to spend at The Village Haberdashery
2m of your choice of fabric from Girl Charlee
Alfa goodies including: 2x Do it Yourfelf pattern kits and 1x Do it Yourself Patchwork Sewing Accessories box.

But also…

UpCraftClub is offering a 20% discount for all our blog readers, just enter code 20SEWSOCIAL at the checkout. Happy Sewing!
A very big THANK YOU to all our sponsors!
Good luck to eveyone!
Winners will be notified by the end of July.

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And check what all the other London Sew Social ladies are making this week too:

London Sew Social

Sew Social is a super cool sewing blogger meet up organized by Annika from Nah Connection and Gioia from Dotta, its first edition was last year in Paris and this year it happened in London.


I  was beyond excited for being invited this year and a few weeks ago I had the amazing opportunity to join a group of super talented sewing bloggers from Europe for London Sew Social. It was AMAZING! Seriously so cool, I can’t even tell you how happy I was to be able to take part. It’s like meeting old time friends, super fun!

I got to meet Annika, Gioia, Trine, Andreia, Eva, Maria, Toya, Victoria, Maartje, Olu, An, Liesl, Marta, Laura and sweet baby Willow, just the cutest baby, adorable and always in a good mood. It was also pretty cool that Rachel from House of Pinheiro and my sweet friend Maria João from Fairies Bubbles&Co joined us on the first day.

London is a great city with plenty to discover, this was the first time I went to check fabric shops, apart from Liberty where I had been before. They do have pretty great ones but honestly I’m the worst when it comes to shopping in group. I just want to hang out and I can’t even focus on what I’m seeing, so as you can imagine I didn’t buy much. Heheh Not even cheaper Liberty at Shaukat, whahh?! I suck at shopping haha But that’s ok, I don’t really need it right now, ahem… Did I just commit “sewing blasphemy” for saying I don’t need Liberty right now?! hahahah


And this is why I didn’t get any Liberty, I was busy taking selfies with these sweet ladies! ❤

From the first moment I felt like we already knew each other before, well some of the ladies had met last year already but you know what I mean right? I really enjoyed having time to talk a bit with everyone, I just wish we could do it more often. I also suck at taking photos in these occasions, I didn’t even took my camera just my phone, sorry… Now I wish I had some good ones… yeah I know…


Cloth House is a wonderful shop, beautiful fabrics trims and more. I was in Love with the organic knits.


Sewing Gangs are the coolest!!!


Silly me on the left, Olu , Annika and Andreia. Already miss you ladies! ❤


Seriously need more time with you my sweet sweet friend! ❤


The Style Guru – amazing Trine sorting pretty fabric. ❤ Love you my dear, I’ll never forget “our” jingle. eheheh

We saw some great shops, had lovely dinners and nice walks around town. I also got to see Spitalfields Market and Brick Lane area which I had never been before, Loved it! Just writing these few notes on our meeting makes me realize I’m missing the girls already! It’s great to be able to connect with people that share your “nerdiness” although we talked about many other things besides sewing…

Here’s some photos I borrowed from my sweet friends. Please check Annika’s lovely post (here) ❤ to see pretty photos and read some more about our weekend in London. 😉


Seriously! What an amazing group. ❤ I just wish we had a photo with all at the same time, missing here are Toya, Laura, Marta and Olu.


If you follow me on IG you may already have seen this gorgeous print designed by the super talented and very sweet Toya. Spoonflower kindly sponsored it and I think it’s just the perfect souvenir from this trip; I have it hanging on my tiny sewing space. ❤



We also got a pretty cool goodie bag, kindly sponsored by some great companies. Besides the ones on the photo there are still some fantastic patterns so it seems I have plenty to keep myself busy for a while. 😉


Here’s a list of all the amazing ladies I was privileged to meet. Thanks a million ladies I had the best time and I can’t wait for next year! ❤ ❤ ❤

Annika – Nah Connection, Gioia – Dotta, Trine – Groovy Baby and Mama, Marta – Do Guincho, Maria – My Cozy Co,  Victoria – As it Seams, Laura – Titchy Threads, Maartje – Huisje Boompje Boefjes,  Olu – Needle and Ted,   Toya – Made by Toya,  Eva – by Eva Maria, Andreia – In a Manner of Sewing, Liesl – Oliver + S, An – Straightgrain.

Thanks for stopping by. Hugs! ❤

From my mother to me


 From my Mother to me is a series organized by the sweet Victoria from As it Seams and it has been one of my favorites series to read ever. I had the great pleasure to meet Victoria a few weeks ago at London Sew Social, it was so cool and amazing, but more on that soon. When I read through the first series, two years ago, I was really moved by all the lovely stories, my heart melts with old photos and great memories. I wish I had a more romantic story to share but I do hope you still have fun reading. Moms always deserve some Love! 😉


My mom in the late 70’s I think.

My beautiful mom has been throughout her life, much by need but also because she enjoyed working, a career woman. She was devoted to it and extremely competent. This meant she often worked Saturday’s, and that most nights she brought work home or was improving her studies; so not much time left for craft projects or to make me or my sister interested in anything sewing related. She was taught by her grandmother and mother to do all the traditional things women would learn but her generation was definitely pushed in a different direction. And we should be grateful it happened because now we can enjoy sewing and crafting because we love it and are passioned about it and not because its our role in society.

She does have impeccable style and I remember she used to buy most her clothes at a special boutique downtown Lisbon where she had them altered to fit her perfectly. She was also really particular about the way my sister and I dressed when we were little (at least when it came to pretty dresses; anything before I turned six was cool then the 80’s style came in all its glory hahahah) and she liked to buy good quality clothes. I think my love for kids style may have it’s roots there.  I used to be a better dressed kid than I am an adult, what happened to me? heheh


I’m not sure if this was handmade but its pretty, and I’m sure you’re loving this photo of me with ice-cream all over! hahah

 All my grandparents died young too, before I was even born, so I din’t have a grandmother or grandfather to pass me some knowledge either. My aunt and two of my uncles  definitely were the big creative influence when I was growing up. My aunt sews sometimes and makes beautiful embroidery, she even did some traditional Portuguese tapestries, they did ceramics, some jewelry (if I remember correctly) and painted, so I can’t say there wasn’t an “arts and crafts” vibe going on around me. But lets not forget I was born in 1980; by the time I was ten, Lisbon was entering the “buy all things on malls and giant supermarkets era” and I guess that took its tole on the “will to make things” around our house. We had a sewing machine at some point but I don’t really remember anyone using it.

Yep my mom din’t really knew how to handle my hair! bahahah

I do remember my mom knitting when I was little and there’s even a fun story regarding a hat that I wanted, but it only works in Portuguese so I’ll skip it heheh. I remember to love that sweater she made me on the photo above, and just looking at this makes me realize how much my mother is far more patient than I; I just don’t have what takes when it comes to knitting. My sister was luckier in getting some hand-made pretty dresses from her; lucky older sisters hahaha, hope F. never feels neglected by her mostly hand down handmade closet… 😉 But I have to be honest and face that growing up there weren’t that many handmade projects in our home.

She’s always been very fond of decoration though, and she even designed the rebuilt of her house at the country side by herself;  I can tell you that she does have pretty good sense of space. That is her big never-ending craft project, I believe that that house and surrounding garden are her creative outlet. 😀 I remember having fun going through her decoration magazines, I guess its fair to say she influenced my interest in architecture.

It was only when my oldest nephew was born that I really realized my mom liked handmade projects. By then we were all excited preparing things for the new baby and it was when I learned cross stitch,  which I really like as you may know. 😀


Muslin squares I decorated with cross stitch for my daughters. The person who did this no longer exists in me! hahaha well maybe she returns if I ever have grand-kids… 😉

From then on, she made some things for my nephews and my daughters when they were born like pretty embroidered bed sheets and she taught me to knit a few years ago but for some reason I never really asked her for advice regarding sewing. I honestly think she’s not that into it and that she prefers knitting, crochet and embroidery to sitting in front of the machine.  But I definitely feel that she passed me the love for embroidery and more delicate work. I don’t do it often because I’m always so eager to finish things quickly, ahem but I love the end results and I do know it makes certain projects much more special.


Dress made by my mom for F.

We actually have plans for a project together, a dress for M. with a crochet top similar to the one she did for F. in the above photo, we bought  fabric and yarn two years ago already! hahah Mom lets do this! 😉 And I totally have to ask her to teach me how to crochet, so you see there’s always time to learn more from our mothers!


I also want to say if there’s something my mom did pass on to me, is the importance of family. We are one big crazy loud family but we really stick together; and that my friends requires a hole lot of creativity sometimes! heheheh

❤ ❤ ❤

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My mom and baby me. ❤