Fashion Revolution Day #handmadeinsideout

“On 24th April last year, 1133 people were killed and over 2500 were injured when the Rana Plaza factory complex collapsed in Dhaka, Bangladesh.”

Today the Fashion Industry is being confronted with a “Revolution” to raise awareness on the poor working conditions of the vast majority of its workers. The poor wages, the unsafe, crowded buildings and toxic chemicals, which they work with… Another XXI century calamity, that unfortunately is far from seeing and end.

It’s a day to honor the memory of those who tragically lost their lives or became injured for life a year ago. And it’s a day for us to let the Fashion Industry know that they can do better, we all want and need them to…The challenge proposed by the Fashion Revolution Organizers is to wear your clothes inside-out and “help start the beginning of an industry-wide transformation towards a more sustainable future”. So check their website and see all the ways in which you can get involved.

Some of the bloggers I follow decided to promote a parallel event called HandmadeInsideOut. So I knew I had to take part and make something to myself and wear it inside-out.

 IMG_6150 cópia

I decided to time how long it would take me to make a simple tunic and share it with you; I did this as an exercise for all off us to think twice the next time we go out to buy a 10€ shirt.

Sure you will say that mass production allows prices to be really low, but at what cost? And sure I’m not the fastest “seamstress” and they have industrial machines but this is just my way to say I value and appreciate the work of those who actually sew and put our clothes together; they truly are one of the most important links on the chain and they’re definitely undervalued throughout the world!

IMG_6155 IMG_6157

It was the first time I was making this pattern and so I had to pay more attention, but from cutting to ironing it took me 4 hours. And I was comfortably in my home, with space to work… The next time you hop on to a shopping spree think of the people that make your clothes and try to buy at least one piece that is Fair Trade, Handmade or made with Organic Cotton; so that the Industry starts understanding that their consumers are aware and want to make better choices once they’re available.

IMG_6160 IMG_6162

Please don’t get me wrong, I loved doing this, I love to sew! And I’ll probably buy clothes that are not so ethical as I wished in the future. But step by step, and with small changes in our consumer habits we can all make a better future…

Don’t miss Raveena Aulakh’s article The Clothes on Your Back, it’s a really eye opener…

I used Liesl + Co’s Cappuccino Dress + Tunic pattern which is great and I totally recommend; I’m definitely making the dress version which looks awesome! The fabric is a lightweight cotton that I bought on my local fabric shop, originally to make an Ash Jumpsuit for Madalena… And yes she already complained about it!!

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8 thoughts on “Fashion Revolution Day #handmadeinsideout

  1. What a fantastic post, Ines! Your idea of timing yourself to make something that so many would pick up in a shop and not think twice about is brilliant. And I’m impressed by your 4 hour accomplishment – that’s four hours well spent! Oh, as a bonus you’ve used a pattern that I’ve been wanting to try! This is the first version I’ve seen apart from the official photos! I love it – great work and thanks for getting involved. x

    • Thank you Laura! It really is a quick pattern to sew, and I’m dying to make the dress version! What a great initiative, lets hope that we can start seeing some changes in the future… 🙂

  2. Awesome post! I loved that you timed yourself. Thank you so much for taking part, we definitely need to think twice.

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