Baby Gift Set . We (heart) Patricia

Today I’m sharing a special project that hopefully will make my dear friend Patricia really happy!!
Patricia blogs at Pequeno Mundo a Três and I tell you that pretty soon she’ll have to rethink her blog tittle because she’s presenting this world with another beautiful child.
So to let her know we love her lots, our group of friends decided to throw her a virtual baby shower.

Baby Gift Set _ La Folie Sewing Booth

I opted to make a romper, pants (these were supposed to be footed but you know me – something had to go wrong obviously bahaha) and a small decorative pillow.
I used jersey from a local fabric shop (not the shop this time haha) in two shades of blue and a lovely floral, they are really soft and wonderful to work with.

Baby Gift Set _ La Folie Sewing Booth

For the romper I used this pattern, which is really cool and I’ll probably use it to make some rompers for Francisca too.

Baby Gift Set _ La Folie Sewing Booth

 For the supposed footed baby pants I used Sew Much Ado’s free pattern which is great too. It’s pretty obvious that mine ended up not being footed…

Note to Self: not following pattern directions the first time you’re making something may not be a good idea!!

Good thing they’re still cute hahah. 😉 let’s hope Patricia shares my opinion. 🙂

Baby Gift Set _ La Folie Sewing Booth

And finally the rabbit softie/pillow. I made it using the template I created for my latest Sewing Rabbit post, just scaled down. It was my first second (bahhaha) go at stuffed things; let me tell you friends I have lots to learn!!

 I really hope Patricia likes this little gift set, because I’m pretty sure she’s going to Love all the other amazing things my dear friends made. Be sure to check them out following the links below.

Constança . Marta . Sara . Magda . Rita+Fatima . Carla . Soraia . Ana Sofia . Maria João

Congratulations dear Patricia. Wish your baby, you and your family all the best the world has to give. ❤ ❤ ❤

18 thoughts on “Baby Gift Set . We (heart) Patricia

  1. Inês, gosto imenso de tudo o que fizeste. E fartei-me de rir com o texto! 🙂 Estou mesmo contente por ter participado convosco nesta surpresa cheia de boas energias!

  2. I actually like the non-footed baby pants – these will be perfect for showing off little baby feet 🙂
    I’m sure Patricia will love it as well (and I love that you’ve used blue. My favorite color;)

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  4. I love the blue-ish combination! And the romper looks much better not footed, cause babies’ feet are the best to see and kiss! Everyone knows! 🙂
    I’m mad about that rabbit pillow… I want it for me!

  5. Que fofura! Quase dá vontade ter outro bebé, só para fazer uns fatinhos como estes. Adorei o facto de teres escolhido o azul. (Entretanto já me passou a vontade de ter outro, porque o meu mais novo, está aos berros na cama, em vez de dormir a sesta! :P)

  6. What a cute set! And I think the pants are just as great without feet :). No one will ever wonder where the feet are, lol (unless they read this ;)). You have a very lucky friend!

  7. Inês, a tua escolha de cores foi a minha preferida (desculpem-me as restantes!). Tudo tão giro e o coelhinho para fazer companhia ao elefante da Marta… heheheh

  8. BABY romper and pants in solid blue & tiny floral jersey knit you’ve sewn are precious shower gifts for Patricia’s baby girl. What a surprise she’ll see the bunny pillow sewn in the same blue tiny floral print! THANKS for sharing. Sarah in Minneapolis

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