New favorites

NOSH just launched a new collection and, as usual, I’m dying with all the gorgeousness. Seriously the colors they used are totally in line with what I like to wear, as soon as I saw the new fabrics I was drawn to the big leaves print. Initially I was aiming the blue green (this) ho make a dress (that will probably still happen) but then I thought about making a jumpsuit and I just had to get the Olive one (this) instead. 

The past Summer I bought a jumpsuit from Zara, it was one of the few moments of weakness last year in buying something for myself from “fast fashion brands”… I’m almost achieving my goal of making all the clothes I need but I really loved it and couldn’t help myself, no one is perfect right?! I’ll be wearing it for long because the quality seems good so far, so that makes me feel a little less guilty… Anyway as soon as my eyes crossed those green leaves it just felt like I had to try and copy that jumpsuit; and so I did. 

It’s definitely not perfect because my experience with drafting patterns is almost zero/nada/zilch heheh but the result is totally and absolutely wearable and I’m sure it will be in heavy rotation once it gets warmer. The main reason for me to say it’s far from perfect is the fact that the inner leg seams are twisting to the front in all craziness. I’m not sure if it was a grain problem, “pattern” or sewing but I’ll do my best to discover. 😛

The construction was rather simple and straightforward, apart from the binding that also forms the straps on the top. Seriously I almost gave up on the whole project (no I didn’t but it was close heheheh). I decided to make it in rib knit, also from NOSH (material that I love and used successfully many times before), unfortunately I believe it wasn’t best choice for this particular design since I didn’t want too much elasticity on the straps. Even worse when I topstiched the first time using a regular stitch it stretched out the straps a bit. First take on unpicking the whole thing to make the straps smaller. Sigh… I should have changed, right at that moment, the binding to jersey but I was so fond (and still am) of that contrasting color…

The second time my topstich was so miserable that I just had to unpick it all again. I seem to recall other sessions of partial unpicking, so there may have been some other issues like bobbin thread all tangled up on the first stitches and all those wonderful things that happen to us sewers from time to time; particularly during projects that are already going wrong… not sure why this happens hahaha Ohh the joys of unpicking stretch stitches…!!

Anyway I then (FINALLY) decided to hand baste the binding first and then topstich which worked good enough for me to be able to wear with without shame. Hehehe 😀 In the end I’m happy I sticked to the rib because I really love the contrast.

Ohh I hate the behind photos… heheh

Fit wise I’m happy too, however the top could use some changes, it comes a bit too low on the underarm and has a bit of excess fabric. I think next time I’ll taper it a bit from the waist up. I may even change the top a bit to avoid the thin straps… Ideas… Ideas… For a moment I considered turning this into a pattern but then I remembered I’m not a pattern maker… hahah That little detail… 😀

Ohh boy! How awesome does this pair with my Morris Blazer from last year?!! Totally unplanned but super cool! ❤ (you can see more on that project here)

Well now you now what are my new favorite things: this perfect fabric, super soft as usual in a print that stole my heart; and this jumpsuit which I’ll wear a million times for sure. ❤ You can check out all the new NOSH fabric collection here; Lumo Olive Jersey here and Rib knit here.

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The fabric I used in this post was given to me by NOSH, but all the opinions are my own.

Bento Tee and dress

So this post happens because last week Rita shared a gorgeous version of this pattern, seriously go check it out because it’s fab (here), it’s my favorite so far! But her post also reminded me that I love this pattern and that since I’ve sewn it 6 times already I could forget that I don’t have decent photos and show the ones I made so far.

The Bento Tee is a pattern from Liesl&Co and I only have good things to say about it. The fit is perfect, instructions and pattern pieces are perfect, and it’s a fast and easy sew. Definitely my type of thing. The pattern comes with three sleeve lengths and I still have to give a try to the lovely version with pockets, but for now here are these simple ones. The first version of this was made has a gift but I liked it so much that I made an exact copy for myself. 😀

LaFolie - Bento Tee - sewing pattern by Liesl&Co

I used a thin knit pre-cut  from my local fabric shop (Feira dos Tecidos) in blue and white. I don’t remember if I added the white for fun or because I didn’t have enough fabric to make it (and by this I mean to make two of them, because I already knew I’d be making one for myself when I was cutting it has a gift for my  sweet cousin heheh).

LaFolie - Bento Tee - sewing pattern by Liesl&Co

Yes, this is the real hair and not the fancy curls that usually show when I decide to take proper blog photos hahahah. And the loose curls above only lasted like 5 minutes because I can’t really deal with having hair near my face… I have issues people, I know hehehehe My family says that when I was around five or six I would enter the bathroom curved so that I wouldn’t see my hair in the mirror… hahahaha I know, even has a child I was weird. 😀 😀 Anyhooo, lets get on with the post right? 😉

LaFolie - Bento Tee - sewing pattern by Liesl&Co

This one was another gift, made in a thin flamé jersey also from local fabric shop. Please don’t be offended by the unmatched stripes on the sleeves heheh. 😀

LaFolie - Bento Tee - sewing pattern by Liesl&Co

Yep, also a gift and the fabric came from the same place, apart  from the pocket in beautiful Nani Iro, that was bought here. Oh and I promise the pocket isn’t crooked, it’s just looks because of the hanger photo. 😉

And then the last one I made so far was this dress version. It was inspired by one Liesl shared on her IG, has soon has I saw it I knew I had to try it. I really like the black and blue jersey (it’s from local shop yet again) and I’ve used this dress a million times.

LaFolie - Bento Tee - sewing pattern by Liesl&Co

To make this I just extended the pattern in length and drafted a scooped neckline. It’s a pretty basic dress but I really like it. 😀 And I want to make more.

This is one of those patterns I know I’ll be using a million times, so hopefully in the future I’ll copy Rita’s version give it another go and take some proper photos. hehehe

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Young Maleficent costume

Happy halloween!!

Ok, the truth is, here in Portugal we don’t really have a big halloween tradition, the fact that it started being celebrated is mostly due to shops that see it as an opportunity to push consumerism… Nevertheless the kid in me still remembers really well all the magic and fantasy that goes into dressing a costume, so whenever I can, I make them. At Madalena’s school they are allowed to dress up in costumes on the halloween day or the day that precedes it, in cases it happens during the weekend, and she told me a couple of months ago that she wanted to go as young Maleficent (this happened right after she saw the movie but she really stuck to her choice).

La Folie - young Maleficent costume

I’ll be honest, I wasn’t feeling this costume at all. I didn’t want to make it, period. I tried to make her change her mind, but there was no going back… (I’m pretty sure her choice was mostly about being able to wear red lipstick hehehe) I could have said no but I know she will wear this a million times; both my girls love dressing up and spend lots of time “dressed as something” when they are home. So I just went for it.

La Folie - young Maleficent costume

The fabric came all from my local fabric shop, four pre-cuts that suited what I was imagining perfectly, and they only cost 10€, score! 😉

I used a Japanese pattern from the book A Sunny Spot (already used it here) has a starting point to make the dress. I have to send a big thank you to Toya who helped me figuring out a faster way to cut the wing “feathers” because I was dreading it. She made an amazing dragon costume by the way.

La Folie - young Maleficent costume

Yep, I sewed every single one of those feathers… I’m a crazy person, I know… 🙂

La Folie - young Maleficent costume

The horns were another thing I was dreading, I’m not really crafty, I’m not good with the hot glue gun or with spray painting, and stuff like that. Again I have to thank Toya, but also my friend Cláudia who told me to make it in cardboard or paper. I went with paper and duct tape, covered with special double sided tape, and finally with fabric. Not perfect but good enough. 😀 And she was so happy this morning!

La Folie - young Maleficent costume


La Folie - young Maleficent costume La Folie - young Maleficent costume La Folie - young Maleficent costume La Folie - young Maleficent costume La Folie - young Maleficent costume

I bet she’s spending her recess time flying!! ❤

La Folie - young Maleficent costumeLa Folie - young Maleficent costume La Folie - young Maleficent costume La Folie - young Maleficent costume

Little F. also decided she wanted to dress up this morning, so she chose a squirrel (yeah looks like a wolf but whatever) costume I made for M. a few years ago. It was actually the first one I made, and it shows… hehehe But I think she looks adorable. 😉

 La Folie - costume La Folie - costume La Folie - costume La Folie - costume La Folie - costume La Folie - costume

Thank you for stopping by and Happy Halloween! Have Fun!