Blush Fabrics Tour

Once in a while pretty amazing things happen around here and being part of a Tour to promote Dana Willard (Yes that Dana, OMG OMG OMG!!! hehehe) new fabric line with Art Gallery fits precisely in that category, right?!

Dana is one of the sewing blogger guru’s of our community, with her SUPER PRO video tutorials and cool patterns and creations, just check out Made Everyday to see for yourself. I’ve been tempted to get her fabrics many times but the opportunity never came up, so when I got her invitation to give her collection a try I was like WHahh?? Is this really for me?!! YES YES YES a million times yes! 😀 Ok, I’m sounding like  fan girl, but I can’t avoid it! hahahahah

Back to the point, which is this beautiful jersey I had the opportunity to try. When I face such a beautifully designed print I kind of tend in using sewing patterns that make “simpler” (in the good sense of the word) garments. I want to showcase the print the best I can without much distractions, so I chose Madeit Patterns Spin Dress, which is one of my favorite patterns.

The jersey is super soft and a breeze to work with, the colors are so beautiful… I’m really tempted to hoard more of this and other gorgeous ones from the collection… Help… heheh Good thing I cleared some closet space lately! bahaha

I’m definitely in Love with this make, and so is M., its her first Spin Dress and I think I’ll maker her another one, maybe with a hood? You can get the pattern here.

Dana’s collection is amazing, just look at all the gorgeous prints!

You can see them in more detail on her website here. The print used for this post is called Floret HoneyDew in knit, but I also got a couple of yards of Floret Sunkissed which is a Rayon, I’ll share my project with it as soon as I finish, I’m LOVING it!

Thank you so much Dana for this wonderful opportunity!

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Rushbrook Dress Pattern Tour

Hello sweet people, I know I promised to blog more often again but life and regular laziness have been in the way of that goal… 😉 However I’ve been sewing regularly and sharing on IG and FB, I just have to get more organized to make some posts here too. eheheh

But today its all about my good friend Laura aka Titchy Threads/Craftstorming new pattern the Rushbrook dress and top. As you may already know by the amount of times I use her patterns that she’s one of my favorite designers and I wouldn’t miss the opportunity to try this one too.

This is like a joke already but I seem to be obsessed with using patterns designed for woven fabric with knits… Ugh, am I getting boring? I hope not because I think I’ll keep doing it hahah, seriously I’m a sucker for it… 😀

So the Rushbrook… a pattern for wovens, with lots of cute options, perfectly drafted and with super pro instructions as you can expect from all of Laura’s patterns. Adapting it to knits was on my plans from the first moment, I started by imagining it in a different fabric, however when F. told me she wanted the ruffled version I looked at this print from NOSH and immediately knew I had to make a new Cloud’s Dress. If you don’t know what I’m talking about just check out this post and this; I think it’s time to start a new tradition and sew her a cloudy dress every year, don’t you think? 😉

To make it in knit I trimmed the neckline a bit, once I wouldn’t be making the placket, and I made a very subtle change to the shoulder curve on the back piece, finishing the seams with rib. Also finished the ruffle with a rolled hem which I think turned out super cute and gave it an even more casual look.

Both the clouds jersey and the black rib knit are from NOSH Organics and I’m pretty sure I need more of both hahahah

I made size 4 for my 4 year old, she would be closer to a size 3 but I want it to last until next summer, I’ll style it with a top and leggings during winter… It just started raining here and I’m already craving for warm weather again, I can’t help myself, I’m a summer kid. 😉

Its definitely on my plans to make this in the recommended fabric, probably a top in some baby cord I have on the stash… But I also have a denim sweatshirt version on my mind so I don’t know which one will win hahahah

Well, I hope to have inspired you in trying the Rushbrook, you won’t regret it trust me, and if you don’t have much experience or feel a bit overwhelmed with the placket, don’t be because Laura’s instructions are perfect, a sewing technique lesson inside the pattern.

You can get the Rushbrook pattern here; NOSH Clouds jersey here and NOSH black rib knit here.

Don’t forget to check out all the amazing makes on this tour, I sure know what my weekend reading will be. 😉 Just look at that cutie on the tour graphic, and that top!!! ❤ ❤ ❤ All the heart eyes!

Thank you so much Laura for having me on the Tour. ❤

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Project Sew It – Farrah Dress

I know I know, its mid May already but better late than never right? heheh Yep I’m talking about my April Project Sew It make; last months’ theme was dresses and I decided to try the new Chalk and Notch pattern the Farrah Dress.

I’m so in Love with this dress, the pattern is perfect, but no surprise there since I already know Gabriela always delivers amazingness. The Farrah comes with two different views both in tunic and dress length and I just adore the ruffles on this one. To be honest I was a bit afraid of how they’d look on me since I have broad shoulders but I’m sold on this look.

I was planning to sew it all in woven but since I didn’t have enough of the main I went rogue and paired it with gorgeous black flamé jersey from NOSH. The main fabric is an organic cotton voile from Cloud9, bought last year at Retrosaria, I was immediately hooked on the print and couldn’t help myself in buying some, happy I did because I really love how this dress turned out, perfect for Summer!

Although my sewing isn’t perfect I absolutely loved making this dress, the construction  of the armhole with the “gusset” piece is so much fun. Also love the asymmetrical side seam, all cool details that make this dress super special. This is size 6 and I only have good thoughts on the fit, yep Gabriela knows what she’s doing. ❤

Unfortunately I don’t have photos on the back, well actually I don’t have many photos of the dress… but I guess you can get an idea from these few. 😀

You can get the Farrah Blouse & Dress pattern here.

Lets see if I’m still able to sew and blog this months’ project sew it make in time. heheh I’ve been delayed since I’ve decided to start selling some of my handmades YAY, if you’re interested you can check out my FB shop here, it’s just a group for now but I’m planning to make an Easy shop soon. 😉

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