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LaFolie - Nosh Autumn Womens Collection 2015Welcome. I’m Inês, and I’m in love with sewing. I’m mother to two wonderful girls whom I adore and are my inspiration.

Crafts and artisanship have always been present in my life, particularly through one of my aunts who is an amazing maker, from painting to embroidery to baking, she definitely inspired me. I ended up studying architecture and worked as an architect for a few years before choosing to stay at home with my kids.  Sewing only entered my life six years ago, but it quickly became a passion, I knew right away I had found my “thing”; that special something that gets all the creativity flowing.

Since I started La Folie many amazing things happened, and I’m really grateful for being part of such a wonderfully supportive community. I’ve been part of the super cool Sewing Rabbit team, you can find my contributor posts here, and last year along with some amazing friends I founded an online sewing magazine in Portuguese called Cose+. I had to make the decision to leave this project behind but its still going strong in the hands of my talented friends, you can check it out here.


I’m currently part of Petit à Petit‘s super cool Family and I’m super excited to be working with Celina on Petit a Petit Patterns. It’s totally a dream come true for me! Hope you enjoy this little space of mine and feel inspired to Sew. ❤

Five random things about me:

My great grandfather was a tailor. I like to think the ability to sew was a genetic inheritance.

I’m a self-taught “sewist”. The very first time I used my sewing machine I thought I broke it.

 When I was 12 I made a test to discover who I had been on a past life, and the result was that I was a 13th century weaver. I should start believing in reincarnation.

My life’s dream was to become a bass player on an awesome band!

I hate hand stitching and my knitting projects take forever to finish…

9 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Olá Inês, que grande surpresa chegar até aqui pela Rosa Pomar e reconhecer-te da foto de perfil!
    Será que te lembras de mim, da faculdade de arquitectura?
    Comecei no ano passado a tricotar e a fazer crochet e gostava tanto, tanto de me aventurar tb na costura.
    Adorei os teus trabalhos e andarei certamente mais vezes por aqui.

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  4. So happy to meet you here! I love hand-stitching a perfect hem, or a lining. It is therapeutic for me, and somehow a validation that I make beautiful things and I do it well. (I don’t always hand-stitch my hems, but sometimes I want to.) Looking forward to following you.

    • Hi Felicia, thank you for taking the time to comment. ❤ I like embroidery, sashiko and cross stitch (anything decorative) but I'm so terrible with regular stitches that I really get bored when I have to make them. I do appreciate and value the work that's into it though. 😀 I wish I was more patient hehehe xo

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