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NOSH just launched a new collection and, as usual, I’m dying with all the gorgeousness. Seriously the colors they used are totally in line with what I like to wear, as soon as I saw the new fabrics I was drawn to the big leaves print. Initially I was aiming the blue green (this) ho make a dress (that will probably still happen) but then I thought about making a jumpsuit and I just had to get the Olive one (this) instead. 

The past Summer I bought a jumpsuit from Zara, it was one of the few moments of weakness last year in buying something for myself from “fast fashion brands”… I’m almost achieving my goal of making all the clothes I need but I really loved it and couldn’t help myself, no one is perfect right?! I’ll be wearing it for long because the quality seems good so far, so that makes me feel a little less guilty… Anyway as soon as my eyes crossed those green leaves it just felt like I had to try and copy that jumpsuit; and so I did. 

It’s definitely not perfect because my experience with drafting patterns is almost zero/nada/zilch heheh but the result is totally and absolutely wearable and I’m sure it will be in heavy rotation once it gets warmer. The main reason for me to say it’s far from perfect is the fact that the inner leg seams are twisting to the front in all craziness. I’m not sure if it was a grain problem, “pattern” or sewing but I’ll do my best to discover. 😛

The construction was rather simple and straightforward, apart from the binding that also forms the straps on the top. Seriously I almost gave up on the whole project (no I didn’t but it was close heheheh). I decided to make it in rib knit, also from NOSH (material that I love and used successfully many times before), unfortunately I believe it wasn’t best choice for this particular design since I didn’t want too much elasticity on the straps. Even worse when I topstiched the first time using a regular stitch it stretched out the straps a bit. First take on unpicking the whole thing to make the straps smaller. Sigh… I should have changed, right at that moment, the binding to jersey but I was so fond (and still am) of that contrasting color…

The second time my topstich was so miserable that I just had to unpick it all again. I seem to recall other sessions of partial unpicking, so there may have been some other issues like bobbin thread all tangled up on the first stitches and all those wonderful things that happen to us sewers from time to time; particularly during projects that are already going wrong… not sure why this happens hahaha Ohh the joys of unpicking stretch stitches…!!

Anyway I then (FINALLY) decided to hand baste the binding first and then topstich which worked good enough for me to be able to wear with without shame. Hehehe 😀 In the end I’m happy I sticked to the rib because I really love the contrast.

Ohh I hate the behind photos… heheh

Fit wise I’m happy too, however the top could use some changes, it comes a bit too low on the underarm and has a bit of excess fabric. I think next time I’ll taper it a bit from the waist up. I may even change the top a bit to avoid the thin straps… Ideas… Ideas… For a moment I considered turning this into a pattern but then I remembered I’m not a pattern maker… hahah That little detail… 😀

Ohh boy! How awesome does this pair with my Morris Blazer from last year?!! Totally unplanned but super cool! ❤ (you can see more on that project here)

Well now you now what are my new favorite things: this perfect fabric, super soft as usual in a print that stole my heart; and this jumpsuit which I’ll wear a million times for sure. ❤ You can check out all the new NOSH fabric collection here; Lumo Olive Jersey here and Rib knit here.

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The fabric I used in this post was given to me by NOSH, but all the opinions are my own.

Project Sew It – March

Spring has arrived and I can’t think of anything else but warm sunny days. Unfortunately someone forgot to tell Mother Nature because its super cold, windy, and rainy here in Lisbon… sigh Nevertheless I’ve set my brain to spring/summer sewing so my March Project Sew It make is definitely in tune.

This month the theme was Pants, which was scary because up until now I only had made one pair for myself (you can see them here). I quickly decided I wanted to try a Japanese pattern from the book “Clean and Natural”; ever since I got the book I wanted to try them in some sort of stable knit and as soon as I saw this gorgeous blue flamé jersey from NOSH (available here) I knew it was meant to be. You can see a review of this book over at Japanese Sewing Patterns (here).

As per my measurements I choose size L, with no changes apart from adding 2cm in length; I quickly realised I could have sized down but I still like this relaxed fit and I’ll wear them plenty for sure. They’re similar in style to the ones I made from Named, except they have less fabric on the front which I like. Since I was making them in knit I changed a few things construction wise but the final result is pretty much the same thing. 🙂 I’m super in love with this color, I think I have enough left for a sleeveless top, maybe mixed with some off white flame from my stash… ohh ideas ideas, I need more time or maybe less procrastination. Heheh

It seems I should have pressed better that center seam before taking photos, that weird shade… whatever LOL looking at this makes me think that maybe I shouldn’t size down after all. 😀

As I was thinking on what to wear with the pants to take these photos I remembered this top, made back in January, that I had only shared on IG. Gosh I’m digging this outfit, totally random match because it didn’t cross my mind when making the pants but I think the two pieces really work good together.

This is from a previous photoshoot, I figured there was no point in making another post for this top. 🙂

It’s a free pattern from Nani Iro, well it’s actually measurements for you to draft but I promise it’s super easy and totally worth it if you’re into this style; it only comes in one size but I believe it’s pretty easy to adjust.

The only thing I changed was the knit binding on the neckline, which is one of my current favourite things. It’s easy to make and to put on, double win! 😀 Fabric wise I choose a rayon something off cut from my local fabric shop, with a kind of ethnic print, it’s super flowy and I really love the colours.

And that’s it, so far I’m really sticking to my Project Sew It commitment, so much that I just finished a second pair of pants, actually it’s a jumpsuit, in similar style but more fitted, stay tuned. 😉  You can check out NOSH fabrics here; a great selection of Japanese sewing books here and the Free Nani Iro top pattern here.
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Project Sew It – February

La Folie - Project Sew It - February - Waterfall Raglan

This month on Project Sew It the theme is blouses so Yep I made another Waterfall! 😀 I know what you’re thinking this blog is turning into the Waterfall Raglan versions blog hahahah sorry but this pattern won my heart and I told I would have to copy the beautiful woven version that Toya made (here) so here we go. Last week Chalk and Notch had a blog tour for this pattern and some other woven versions showed up like this stunning dress from Nicole (here), be sure to check the tour posts because they’re filled with super inspiring versions.

La Folie - Project Sew It - February - Waterfall Raglan

For my take on it I choose a beautiful light crepe fabric that came in the London Sew Social “goodie bag”, courtesy of The Sweet Mercerie. It’s a bit “see through” but I think it works perfectly for blouses, just see these beautiful ones from Eva and Trine.

To make this I used the same size as for my knit versions (size 6), I knew I’d be ok since the pattern has enough ease on the bodice pieces. The sleeve would be ok for me on the bicep area too, since mine measures closer to a size 4, but since its designed to be a fitted sleeve around the forearm I changed it a bit. Basically I added 2cm to each side at the wrist area and redrafted the sleeve from the bicep area down. I’m pretty sure this must be a totally lazy/don’t copy what I’ve done method, but I’m here to tell the truth so that’s how I did it hahaha Please don’t hate me sewing masters!! 😉 I also removed the hem allowance for the sleeve and finished it with a narrow hem.

La Folie - Project Sew It - February - Waterfall Raglan

After finishing the neckline with bias bound in the same fabric, it started to funnel a bit so there was some unpicking involved and some free style cutting to get it to a point that made me happy. After that I didn’t have more fabric to finish it in woven so I decided to use navy rib matching some parts of the fabric. 😀 I know you keep seeing this neckline finish from me, but I love it so and I’m excused because I did try to make it all in woven!! heheheh

La Folie - Project Sew It - February - Waterfall Raglan

It took me a long time to cut all the pieces on my fabric because I din’t have enough which lets face it keep happening around here LOL, in the end I had to make the front ruffle shorter by a few cm, I think it was about 8 cm but I’m not sure anymore, sorry. The good surprise was that this fabric was a breeze to cut and much easier to sew than I expected, so its definitely a great one to start with if you want to move from up your game a notch.

La Folie - Project Sew It - February - Waterfall Raglan

I’m super in Love with it and I can definitely say its one of the prettiest things in my closet right now. ❤ I have to make more hahaha But next time I’ll probably copy Celina’s version (here), its so GOOD! LOVE IT ❤

You can get the Waterfall Raglan here; the lovely swallows crepe I used here and you can join us on project sew it here.

La Folie - Project Sew It - February - Waterfall Raglan

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