Julia Sweater . a bit of a remix

Marte from Compagnie-M was really kind and shared with me her newest pattern The Julia Sweater so that I could give it a try. I really loved her versions and the ones from the Pattern Tour so I was excited to sew it. I didn’t have any knit on my stash that I felt was special enough for this project, but then I saw this image on Pinterest and decided I’d venture in making a bit of a remix.


I used a grey jersey I bought at my local fabric shop (when fabric shopping with some cool sewing blogger friends btw) and paired it with a piece of Nani Iro Mountain Views I had left from this project and that was bought here.


Marte’s pattern is really really good, clear instructions, perfect pattern pieces, lots of options and a great fit, in sum a real pleasure to work with. I’ll definitely use it many more times; in fact I already have a second version planned (this time with no alterations to the original design) and the kids version is on my wish list.


I can tell you that my lazy/optimistic nature that avoids making muslins almost cost me my precious Nani Iro. The bottom of the sweat (mimicking a shirt underneath) was a challenge and I ended up short on fabric to make a real button placket as intended. I have so much to learn when it comes to pattern drafting and alterations that I better start doing it on cheap fabric right?… But you know my motto: next time will be better. 🙂
I still like how it turned out and will try to make a more perfect one in the future.

Julia_06 Julia_09

This year I’m determined to sew one piece of clothing for me each month, I was never good at keeping new years resolutions but lets see how this goes. 😀 I should call it my 12 months project! This seems a cool challenge, if it weren’t for the use of the word architect I would even consider giving it a try hahaha!!!

Julia_07 Julia_04

Hope you liked my little remix and that I inspired you in trying out this cool pattern.


Sorry for having the same expression in every single photo, you see this is my only camera friendly one hahaha seriously I could crop my face from my wedding photos and paste them in these and you wouldn’t notice lololol Who am I kidding you’d notice since it’s been 7 years and two kids… 😀

Happy new year friends!!

Disclaimer – The photos on this post do not portray my everyday hair 😀 😀 😀

40 thoughts on “Julia Sweater . a bit of a remix

  1. Ooooohhhhhh this is genius – love love love! I have seen this some places but never thought to make this detail myself. I’m definitely going to copy you 🙂 And the fabric pairing is PERFECT!
    You look stunning in each and every photos – nothing wrong with that!!

    • Oh my dear friend I’m thrilled that you liked it. Can’t wait to see your version of it 😀 I really love to see the knit and woven together but I have some stuff to learn about blouses, I almost ruined the fabric yikes 😉

  2. This Julia is amazing! I love the fabric choice, Nani Iro is pure luxury and really love the mix you made. It really works so nicely with the pattern. The pictures are wonderful and you look beautiful!

  3. Hi Ines, I love how you changed the bottom part of my Julia sweater! What a great alternation! Thanks a lot for sharing these great pics! M

  4. Está fantástica! Parabéns! Os teus remixs são sempre tão originais. Também ando a querer participar no wardrobe architect, mas não sei se vou conseguir cumprir.

    • Obrigada Constança, fico super super feliz que tenhas gostado. Tenho de estudar um pouco sobre blusas e talvez faça um tutorial mas tenho a certeza que consegues fazer esta alteração sem problemas 😀 o Nani Iro também fez toda a diferença porque torna tudo mais especial 🙂

  5. Love the photos
    but specially love the model
    And one of my all time favorite new years resolution
    Go For It
    Once again you can’t Stop surprising me for your amazing work!
    Love you love
    Kisses n’ Hugs

  6. Inês, como sempre li o post com um sorriso do início ao fim. Para além do que costuras, adoro a forma como escreves/descreves. A blusa ficou lindíssima, adorei as mangas e a tua combinação. Quanto Às alterações, a prática leva à perfeição, por isso, queremos ver sempre mais.

    • Oh Magda obrigada! Fico tão feliz por saber que partilhas o meu sentido de humor. Não há volta a dar eu não consigo ser séria quando escrevo! 😉 E não há dúvida que cada peça que fazemos serve para melhorar mais um bocadinho ou aprender algo novo e isso torna tudo mais divertido :d

    • You know there are no words I can write here that can describe how I feel when you like my projects! You inspire me in creating the best I can and I’m so blessed that our paths crossed. Thanks a million my friend! ❤ ❤ ❤

  7. Gosto tanto desta tua versão – é mesmo a minha versão preferida deste molde!
    Fiquei tentada a experimentar (não fosse o medo que ainda tenho de coser com malhas). A gola ficou impecável (como consegues que assente tão bem? É feita com a mesma malha?) e a barra dá-lhe todo o charme (se fizer, faço com a barra).
    Ah, e tu estás uma top-model. Linda 😉

  8. Ficou mesmo muito gira a tua Júlia! Adoro os tecidos e o novo corte que lhe deste. Tal como a Ana Sofia, fiquei tentadas experimentar este molde ao ver a tua versão… Usaria uma sweat assim dia sim dia sim!
    E as fotos estão o máximo! (Vou precisar em breve de dicas para que os caracóis da Teresa fiquem assim tão giros.)

  9. oooh, I love this! Perfect for a ‘make your own wardrobe’ kind of thing!! And I love your expression, you have such a beautiful smile! So warm and friendly, gorgeous shoot!

    • Thanks a million Monica. So glad you liked it 😀 you have to try this pattern! Smiling is the only expression I can get away with when taking photos 😀 the camera doesn’t love my not smiling face hahahah

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