Here comes another Charlie!

If you’ve seen my July 1st post about Charlie with the tester version I’ve made, you already know I Love this new pattern by Mingo&Grace. But to celebrate the launch of the pattern on Mingo&Grace’s shop I decided to make a new dress this time for my young daughter Francisca.

And if you are a frequent reader of this blog you also know that I was planning to make her a dress for her birthday (theme related) that never came to be since my special fabric didn’t arrive in time. Well my awesome fabrics from Spoonflower arrived shortly after her birthday and I couldn’t be happier! For a long time now I’ve been obsessed with Andrea Lauren’s work, ever since Celina wrote this post for Babyccino! Andrea is a super talented designer that also turns some of her gorgeous work into fabric prints available at Spoonflower.


It took me a long long time to have the courage to buy some fabric from them since it gets crazy expensive with postage and customs fees. But I just had to have some “Andrea Lauren” clothes on my girls closets. Seriously I have so many ideas for her prints, I Love them all. Andrea if you read this (lol) could you please please please consider working with an European digital print service, for the sake of us crazy obsessed European fans?



Well back to the dress; Since I was having a cloud cake for her party, I chose this adorable yet super modern cloud print in white and black. The fabric came more of dark grey but I actually Love it more like that. As soon as it arrived I knew it had to become a Charlie, it had the perfect weight for it. It’s a cotton poplin, a bit more stiff than I was expecting but that actually had a great drape for this project.  Ok, sorry for not having ironed the dress before the photo shoot, I’m so lazy… 😉



I’ve already told you how awesome this pattern is and size 12m really fits great on Francisca. When I finished I was afraid it would be big on her since she is smaller than the average 12m sizes but it looks good already and it has some room to grow, which is perfect to go trough summer since babies grow so fast. Oh wait I have to start calling her toddler now, it has been a year, what???


To celebrate the launch Mingo&Grace has set up a promotional code so that you can grab your copy at a special price. Just use CHARLIEFRIEND at the check out and you’ll get 2$ off the pattern’s standard price until July 31st.

Well I truly hope that I inspired you in making some Charlies with my versions of it. I couldn’t recommend it more and I’m sure you’ll see more of them around here!


Once again I want to give my congratulations to Mingo&Grace for this great pattern and thank Farrah for allowing me to test it!

I Love Charlie!

26 thoughts on “Here comes another Charlie!

  1. ADORABLE!! That cloud fabric is amazing!! And your daughter – ohhhhh so so cute. Happy one year birthday to her. Sometimes I get overwhelmed with the millions of prints at Spoonflower. I will check out Andrea (of course she reads this blog……or at least she should!! 😉 Did you know I live like 20-25 mins drive from Spoonflower. I have not been by yet though. One day.

    • Ohh Mie thanks you are so sweet! I’m so glad you liked it!!! Can you believe I’ve only looked at andrea’s prints on spoonflower? I know they have lots of other cool stuff but it can really be overwhelming… 😉 and you’re so lucky you totally have to go there and check all their fabrics, and let me know which ones are good! 😉 🙂

    • Obrigada Marta! Fico mesmo feliz que tenhas gostado. 🙂 O tecido é muito giro mas a popelina é um pouco mais pesada do que estava à espera e talvez um pouquinho rija, para a próxima vou experimentar o organic cotton satten ou o voile. Também comprei uma malha bio que é fixe! Cuidado porque aquilo é um mundo, para além de que dá para fazeres os teus próprios tecidos… 🙂

  2. Absolutely adorable, it’s so nice to see a little girl in a color other than pink 🙂 I think Spoonflower is expensive and I’m in the US – I wish I’d used it when my son was tinier so it wasn’t as expensive to get the yardage I need. Love the dress!!

    • Thanks Stephanie!! I love to see girls in black, but my older daughter is not that into it 😉 Yes Spoonflower is really expensive like every custom digital fabric shop, but I love Andrea’s prints so much I saved a bit to get some… 😉 And yes the one yard factor really helped in the making of this dress… hehehe 😀

  3. Thanks a million, Ines, for your kind words and choosing to feature my print on this lovely dress; your daughter is adorable! I am working to get my prints onto a print on demand site based in Germany and this should avoid the import headaches. I will send you a note when they are up and available. Many thanks and all the best, -Andrea

    • Ohhh Andrea thank you so much for coming here and read my little blog!! I’m so glad you liked what I’ve done… I have other 4 yards of your gorgeous prints already here just waiting for me to have some time to sew them up!! And YAY for the German site, best news ever!! 🙂 🙂 Thank you so much for sharing your incredible talent with the world! xxx

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  5. Darling photo shoot featuring your clouds print dress for your year-old toddler! A truly simple, classic & cute-as-can-be “Charlie” pattern– love the drop-waist gathered skirt! Thanks for sharing. Sarah in Minneapolis

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