A Sunny Spot – Shirt and Culottes

La Folie - A Sunny Spot - Blouse+Culottes

As promised on my last post, today I’m sharing the outfit underneath the Ottobre cardigan.  The shirt and culottes are both from the same Japanese book – A Sunny Spot Girls Simple Clothes. I’m smitten to almost every project in the book so you’ll probably see more garments from it in the future.

La Folie - A Sunny Spot - Blouse+Culottes

As usual I went with height and turns out the shirt is a bit wide for M., particularly on the sleeves. No surprise there since I ahem barely looked at the other measurements (lets pretend I didn’t just confess to that… sigh heheh).  The patterns are perfect, and even with Japanese instructions sewing went down peacefully.

La Folie - A Sunny Spot - Blouse+Culottes

Both fabrics are from my local shop, great finds again. 😉 The shirt is some lightweight cotton perfect for a shirt; I’m so in love with it, seriously wish I could find more. The culottes are made with some fabric I had left from this project, it’s a dark lightweight denim with a bit of shine but not too much to feel very dressed up.

La Folie - A Sunny Spot - Blouse+Culottes

If you follow me on IG, you probably know that the culottes already have a mend on the back. In fact these photos were taken previously to that mending, hence this post not having back views for you to see. heheh Also it totally shows that the garment was already used and washed before these photos, I always prefer to take photos before washing because everything looks more crisp. But when you decide to sew pretty much all the clothes for your kids, garments can’t really hang around waiting for photos for a long time… 😉

La Folie - A Sunny Spot - Blouse+Culottes

I think she has a rockstar vibe… 😉

La Folie - A Sunny Spot - Blouse+Culottes

La Folie - A Sunny Spot - Blouse+Culottes

Sorry for the overexposed photo, it was the only one I got heheh

The back really shows how I should have sized down on width… Gahh if only you knew how much I dislike fitting alterations… I guess if you follow the stuff I make, you already know that, Ha! 😉 I have to program my brain for couture and not fast sewing… 😀

La Folie - A Sunny Spot - Blouse+Culottes

I think I need to sew for myself now… I’m getting so jealous of her clothes… hahahah it’s ridiculous! But thing is I don’t have half the satisfaction when I sew for myself, I really love sewing kids clothes.

You can read a more thorough review of this book at Japanese Sewing Books (here). I bought my copy at Retrosaria as usual (here).

La Folie - A Sunny Spot - Blouse+Culottes

Thanks for stopping by. Hugs! ❤

6 thoughts on “A Sunny Spot – Shirt and Culottes

  1. O conjunto está muito giro! Eu também não gosto de fazer ajustes às medidas dos moldes, e também gosto mais de fazer roupas para os meus filhos do que para mim. É uma satisfação mais rápida! 😉

  2. So awesome, I love this outfit! I am so the same, I love to sew fast for my kids…I need to slow down and sew for myself more but it’s hard when they looks so darn cute!!

  3. These pieces are both so good. Maybe she can wear the shirt with some skinny jeans/jeggings here in the beginning when it is really wide?! I think that would look super cool too. Love those culottes too!

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