Keeping the Groove with NOSH

La Folie - Groove Dress in NOSH Fantasia Collection 2016
I think the perfect start to this post is a series of OMG OMG OMG OHHH MY GOD, because this is just one of my favorite fabrics ever!!! NOSH just released the Fantasia collection and I have no words for how perfect the fabric I had the privilege to try first hand is. It’s so soft and has such a beautiful drape, absolutely delicious!! ❤

Has soon as I saw the collection I had my heart set on this jersey in black (see it here), and I knew I had to make a Groove Dress for me, I was done with being jealous of my kids hahaha, seriously I was… And nothing better to make it in than beautiful organic jersey right?

La Folie - Groove Dress in NOSH Fantasia Collection 2016

The Groove Dress for Women’s from Madeit patterns is exactly as perfect as I was expecting, I want to make a million versions for me too, I think I must make a hooded one for winter.

La Folie - Groove Dress in NOSH Fantasia Collection 2016

I decided on the straight hem option with scoop neckline; I shortened the dress by 18cm because I’m short. Yes, I know it’s a surprise hahah. I always thought (and still do) you could tell by my photos that I’m not on the tall side and was quite surprised when a few of the girls I met on Sew Social mentioned they thought I was taller. I’m short and still trying to accept that my adolescent dreams of runway model heights didn’t come true; damn you mixed genes (my mom is 1,58cm and my dad is 1,82cm)!! Hahah I really like this length on the dress but I think I’ll try something a bit longer for my next one.

La Folie - Groove Dress in NOSH Fantasia Collection 2016

Gahh this fabric is absolutely my cup of tea!! I want to hoard it in all colors! Actually I just bought some more black because my sister loved this dress and asked for an identical one. Yes sisters in matching outfits never gets old hahahah! I also bought it in blue and I’m dreaming of pants. ❤

La Folie - Groove Dress in NOSH Fantasia Collection 2016

I had some fabric left and I decided to make a Bento Tee from Liesl&Co, yes I know another one, but I just can’t say no to something I already know it will fit and most important for which I already have the pattern pieces ready to use. hehehe

La Folie - Groove Dress in NOSH Fantasia Collection 2016

And so I did a slightly hacked version, since I didn’t use the sleeve bands, and I added Groove Dress neckline instead of the original Bento Tee neckline. Love the result and this is my new favorite tee. (sorry for my creased skirt that should have been properly  ironed before these photos ahem…)

La Folie - Bento Tee in NOSH Fantasia Collection 2016

La Folie - Bento Tee in NOSH Fantasia Collection 2016

These photos were really though to get. I had asked my sweet husband to take some photos but I was still trying to sink in my 36th birthday and on that particular day I felt ancient hahahaha I know I know I’m not even 40 and already complaining… bahaha Seriously I rarely feel bad about birthdays because I really appreciate life but there’s always those days when one just doesn’t feel right you know? And so after seeing the result of that session I decided to give it another try. This time with a bit of help from my sweet daughter. We had so much fun just being silly that everything just “sounded” much better and though I’m still 36 already going on 37 hahaha I’m back on my usual happy about being alive self! 😉

La Folie - Groove Dress in NOSH Fantasia Collection 2016

And how cool that my new dress looks great paired with my Morris Blazer?! Win!

Check out the New collection from NOSH here, they really are superb quality. You can find the Groove Dress pattern here and the Bento Tee pattern here.

Thank you so much for stopping by! Hugs. ❤

Thanks a million NOSH for giving me the opportunity to try these first hand, it was a pleasure!!

All the fabrics I used for the items in this post were given to me by NOSH, but all the opinions are my own.


7 thoughts on “Keeping the Groove with NOSH

  1. I’m sooooo jealous of your Groove Dress. Absolutely perfection! And all the outfits and photos are so good. You don’t look at day over 36 hahaha. xoxo

  2. There’s nothing more to say except I NEED that fabric! Perfect… all of it! I’m always amazed how good your neckline looks. That double-needle stitch looks flawless (I need tips!). So glad you enjoyed the second photoshoot. Love that M as matching nail polish! 😀

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