mg 2716 or Womens Blake dress has I like to call it

First I want to thank with all my heart to every single person who reached out to me during the past weeks. I’m still thinking but all the support is making my heartache a little less painful.

LaFolie - mg 2716 - Pattern by Mingo&Grace

And now for some uplifting post I felt it was time to share my tester version of the Blake dress for women or has it is now called mg 2716, a new sewing pattern by the super talented Farrah, designer of all the really cool things at Mingo & Grace.

I had made the girls version in the beginning of the year (here), and really love it, so when Farrah asked for testers I immediately jumped in. It’s such a beautiful design that I had to give it a try.
I missed testing. It’s always kind of crazy but fun! 😀

This is a great dress with a fit and flare silhouette, with sleeved and non sleeved options, lined bodice and two skirt variations. And pockets, I love how they are hidden by the pleats, it’s a great design feature! I absolutely love the design though I’m still a bit unsure about how I look in it. I’ve worn it already though and got compliments so I should believe in them!? LOL heheh

LaFolie - mg 2716 - Pattern by Mingo&Grace

I swear I ironed the dress prior to photos but… gahhh

I had to adapt the princess seams a bit, because my bust is smaller than what the pattern was designed for and I removed some length because I’m short but these are pretty easy modifications. I do recommend you make a muslin bodice first to check fit. Fitted garments require a bit more love but they make you feel like a real seamstress. heheh 😉
The fabric is a crazy shine lightweight denim fabric from the local fabric shop (yep Feira dos Tecidos). It was really inexpensive but I think it looks great on this. I wanted something lightweight because of the invisible zipper on the back… Yeah no photos on that, I wonder why that is… ahem It’s not so bad, but not good enough for me to show you. hehehe
I’m absolutely feeling like making a skirt with this pattern. heheh 😀 If it ever happens and works I promise I’ll share.
LaFolie - mg 2716 - Pattern by Mingo&Grace LaFolie - mg 2716 - Pattern by Mingo&Grace
Farrah’s attention to detail is fantastic. I love how she matched the princess seams on the bodice to the pleats on the skirt. ❤ Makes wonders for the architect that still lives here and loves perfectly aligned things… hahah
And that’s it. Love the pattern, can’t wait to give a try to the final version because it must be great! Thank you Farrah for allowing me to test. ❤
You can get the pattern here.
LaFolie - mg 2716 - Pattern by Mingo&Grace
Silly twirling photo just had to be here! 😀 I’m still a little girl that loves twirling in pretty dresses! hahaha
LaFolie - mg 2716 - Pattern by Mingo&Grace
And my best Fado singer impersonation, because If I sang fado I’d definitely be making some of these for my shows! 😀 (and I love to sing but you don’t want to hear it hahaha)
Thanks for stopping by. Wish you all Happy Holidays! ❤

9 thoughts on “mg 2716 or Womens Blake dress has I like to call it

  1. You know how much I adore you, i’m always so honored to have you test with me. Thanks again and you look fantastic. I have been experimenting with the sleeve length a bit, I think I prefer the sleeve a bit shorter or below the elbow. All very easy modifications.
    xo, Farrah

  2. Absolutely gorgeous, Ines! But I know to expect nothing less from you ❤ You look beautiful in that dress and I am looking forward to seeing the shirt version!

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