Ottobre Cardigan

La Folie - Ottobre Cardigan

This Ottobre Design cardigan was definitely my favorite pattern from their latest Autumn issue (number 4/2016). I still think I need to make more because I love it so, and I absolutely wish that the pattern came in my size… 😀

La Folie - Ottobre Cardigan

After searching online for fabric without settling on any, I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw this off cut on my local shop, Love at first sight I must say…  ❤ It’s a wool knit of some sort, a bit on the heavy side. I think it worked beautifully, although my girl says its a bit itchy and I’m afraid of how much use she will give it… gahh Lets pray people, lets just pray… heheh I kind of regret not having chosen a different (non itchy) fabric for the neck facing since I think it would solve the problem. Maybe there’s still time to change it… 😀

La Folie - Ottobre Cardigan

La Folie - Ottobre Cardigan

It’s still kind of big for her since the smallest size of the pattern is one size up from what she wears but I couldn’t help myself… She’ll grow right?! 😉 I desperately have to improve my pressing skills for wool, but I was so afraid to ruin it even not pressing directly; I kind of have a history of ruining everything I make out of wool, i.g. all my knitting projects… lol So my fears are reasonable… 😀

La Folie - Ottobre Cardigan

La Folie - Ottobre Cardigan

The fabric has some pinkish notes throughout so, after Roni suggested the use of a contrasting color, I gathered some courage and used a similar pink for the topstitching; I’m happy with the result and grateful the topstitching came out good enough. 😀 Regarding button/buttonholes, I’m still deciding on what to do. My machine totally refused on making them, automatic buttonholes feature isn’t always that good… I’ll have to borrow my moms machine for it, since my second machine, the one that has a regular buttonhole making function isn’t working… to be honest it stopped working one day for whatever reason and I decided to open her up to see what was wrong and naturally it still lies there on the floor with the pieces I removed on a bag… because obviously I don’t know how to assemble them again. LOL “She” needs a machine doctor that one… hehehe

La Folie - Ottobre Cardigan

The pattern is great and the result is as cool as I imagined it too be, I’m pretty sure it will be used again. ❤ I’ll share some more on the outfit underneath soon. Thanks for stopping by.

Hugs! ❤


8 thoughts on “Ottobre Cardigan

  1. Está tão mais giro assim do que quando vi o molde na revista. Adoro as roupas que fazes para as tuas filhas! Têm sempre um ar tão fixe! ☺

  2. omgomgomg I WANT THAT CARDIGAN!! It is seriously SO cool! It is one my favorite of your makes. Definitely top 3 I think…because obviously my memory is not very good, haha.

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