Sewing for Kindergarten

Wait what, for kindergarten? Yes I know Madalena started first grade this year, but:
a) this is the most cool series to take part in blogland IMO
b) I didn’t get the chance to be part on the series last year when M. started kindergarten

Sooo my sweet friend Mie from Sewing Like Mad the host and creator of this great series, gave me a wild card and so I can take part this year! YAY You can’t imagine how happy I was when she invited me, this series has been such a great source of inspiration, it really is a huge thrill to take part.

La Folie - Sewing For Kindergarten 2015

This is my first take on Madalena’s Autumn/Winter clothes. I managed to make almost everything I had planned for the series, missing here is a black/dark grey cardigan to coordinate with most of these pieces. But I can say I’m really happy with these outfits.

La Folie - Sewing For Kindergarten 2015

First I made this green dress that I love so much, sorry for the lack of modesty but I really do and there’s no point in denying it heheheh. I knew what I wanted to make with this fabric has soon as it arrived. It’s another Andrea Lauren print from her Ink Spots collection; I got it from Spoonflower in their Modern Jersey, which is a lightweight jersey with good stretch.

La Folie - Sewing For Kindergarten 2015

I used Titchy Threads Rowan Tee pattern as a start point and adapted it to dress (I love making dresses from the Rowan Tee, you can see one of them here; but I already made 3 more just never blogged about them).

La Folie - Sewing For Kindergarten 2015

These are the changes I made: added length and bit of width, kind of an A-line shape on the bottom part; added something like 4 cm total to the center front of the Tee front pattern piece to create a bit of gathering and raised the neckline by 1 cm; elasticized the sleeve seams and the waist. Super easy! 😀

La Folie - Sewing For Kindergarten 2015 La Folie - Sewing For Kindergarten 2015

Look at her so focused while fake writing! 🙂 Since school started she already told me she wants to become President of Portugal when she grows up, a dramatic change from her last choice which was DJ heheheh!

La Folie - Sewing For Kindergarten 2015

Next, I made a skirt with this adorable bulldog print also from Andrea Lauren and also bought at Spoonflower (the fabric is voile). I used Mingo&Grace latest sewing pattern, which features this skirt and a super cute crop top. I made no changes to the skirt itself but added a lining since I was using voile for the main fabric, Madalena is super happy because it added to the fullness of the skirt. I already have another complete set of skirt and top cut waiting to be sewn, and I can tell you that Farrah did a great job as usual with this pattern. I feel like making tons.

La Folie - Sewing For Kindergarten 2015

For the top I made a Safari Raglan also from Titchy Threads, and if you follow this blog you already know how I feel about this pattern (if you don’t just click here or here).

La Folie - Sewing For Kindergarten 2015

Yay for almost matched stripes hahahah! 😉 The fabric is super soft, amazing quality organic jersey from Nosh, available here. I think I have to get some more because I absolutely love it!

La Folie - Sewing For Kindergarten 2015

As you can see she loves the entire outfit so much she even hugs it! 😀

La Folie - Sewing For Kindergarten 2015

I was super happy to see it looks great with this fur vest from last year H&M collection, perfect for when the days get a bit colder.

La Folie - Sewing For Kindergarten 2015

I could not be part in this series without using a pattern from my friend Celina, both her posts for Sewing for Kindergarten previous editions were beyond epic and, as everything she makes,  absolutely inspiring to me! I’ve been wanting to give a go at the final version of the beautiful Tip Top pattern since it was released (I had already made a quick pre-test version that I’ll blog about soon) and so I did.

La Folie - Sewing For Kindergarten 2015

The pattern offers many beautiful options but this time I opted for the top version with elasticized neckline. To tell the truth I wanted to make a dress but didn’t have enough fabric. I had my mind set in using this beautiful double gauze Nani Iro print (yes I finally caved and shared a bit with Madalena heheh) because I just new it would be perfect match to this pattern, and I couldn’t change my mind about using it even after realizing I didn’t have enough, soooo I made a top. I love it! I mean those sleeves… ❤ ❤ ❤ This is a really beautiful design and a great pattern, no doubt  it is a must have.

La Folie - Sewing For Kindergarten 2015

You’d think this is a spring/summer pattern but actually I think it works beautifully layered with a long sleeve top as you see in some of these photos, so I’ll probably end up making the dress version soon too! 😀

La Folie - Sewing For Kindergarten 2015

I think the top works perfectly with this denim skirt, no I did not make it because I’m still trying to find courage to sew denim again, last time my machine had to be serviced sooo yeah… maybe when Laura releases the lovely skirt pattern she made for her STYLO spread I’ll give it a go. For now we’re ok with the RTW one. hehehe 😉

La Folie - Sewing For Kindergarten 2015

I’m a huge fan of out focus photos!! heheh I just had to show some twirling action. 😀 Seriously combining PERFECT patterns with perfect fabric (I bought this Nani Iro at Retrosaria, they don’t have this one anymore but they have others just as beautiful) is a no brainer and you know how I like to keep it simple. 😉 Madalena naturally didn’t want to take it off after the photos were taken… I’m seriously jealous of her top! 😀

La Folie - Sewing For Kindergarten 2015

Finally a super quick self-drafted skirt and another Rowan Tee, this time with no modifications. For the Tee I used the very last piece (insert cry me a river emoji here) of Nosh dark yellow flame jersey, the same I used on my STYLO spread. Gosh I love this color so much,  it’s the same Tee used as bottom layer in the previous outfit, it goes well with so many things, WIN.

La Folie - Sewing For Kindergarten 2015

And then the skirt… Just a really basic jersey skirt in this super cute zebra print from my local fabric shop, that place is my doom. hahah I wanted to make pants with this fabric but I know it’s dangerous ground with Madalena, trousers/pants can be severely neglected by her… She really needs clothes because I’m aiming to buy very few items and make most of her wardrobe sooo better safe than sorry. I’m really happy with how it turned out and I’ll probably make a few more of these skirts (I have a giraffe print of the same fabric in mustard, yeah I definitely should have bought more of both prints heheheh).

La Folie - Sewing For Kindergarten 2015 La Folie - Sewing For Kindergarten 2015

If your still here after all my blabber and feel like wasting some more time with me 😉 here are a few questions Mie asked and my answers.

Is this your first time sending a child to Kindergarten? If not what number child is this? Yes, Madalena is my oldest daughter and the first to go kindergarten and now first grade.
 Do you feel like crying or celebrating? Celebrating definitely! I love to reminisce on the past but I never feel sad for the years to be passing. It’s a joy for me to see my girl grow and become more and more the unique person she’s destined to be.
And what about your child? She was super nervous before the school year started, but from the first day she has been super motivated and always happy!
What kind of school does your child attend? (public, charter, private, homeschool) She attends a private school, she started there when she was 3 so she’s pretty familiar with everyone and everything by now.
Question to your kindergartner: What has been the best and worst part so far? “The best is learning maths and there’s nothing bad. I love it all!” hahah Yeah that’s my girl! 😉 ❤
La Folie - Sewing For Kindergarten 2015 La Folie - Sewing For Kindergarten 2015
La Folie - Sewing For Kindergarten 2015La Folie - Sewing For Kindergarten 2015
 I really hope you like my makings! Thank you so much Mie for the wild card. Can’t wait to take part again when Francisca starts Kindergarten too (yes I’m totally making myself invited for the 2018 edition hehehe).
Since this is the last day of the Series I’m pretty sure you have already seen all the amazing outfits my fellow bloggers made but here’s the tour calendar just in case. 🙂

21 thoughts on “Sewing for Kindergarten

  1. The green and black dots dress stole my heart! ❤ Perfect wardrobe and I was eyeing Mingo´s skirt pattern too and i´m sold! LOVE IT ALL! (and I must warn you I have zebras and giraffes too waiting for my lazyness to go away haha)

  2. SERIOUSLY!!! My heart started beating faster when I read through the post. All the clothes are SO perfect…like perfectly perfect. That first dress made from the Rowan Tee – eeeeeekkk! And the Mingo&Grace skirt in the Andrea Lauren print OMG and…and…and…..Gosh, I love it all SO much!!
    And how absolutely cute and beautiful is Magdalena. She has a hint of shyness in her eyes which just makes her even more adorable. And from DJ to president hahaha….maybe she can be the first president with a side job as a DJ?! Hehe.
    Thank you SO SO much my friend for taking your wildcard and, together with amazing Karly, delivering an amazing finish to this series!

    • I cannot believe how amazed I am with this post, I should know by know that they, M and I, are both beautiful and amazing. Imagine “I” running around and complaining about lack of time and ideas and M complaining about taking pictures, and then you read and see the pictures and you just don’t believe that they , M and I , did another great job and I am so so proud of being the Father and the Husband of such an amazing artist and very very beautiful and lovely child
      Love you I
      Love you M

  3. Everything is so SO perfect sweet Inês!! You totally rocked this tour!
    I think my favorites are the dress and the Tip Top! ❤ ❤
    I also have the zebra and the giraffe knit. LOL 😀 I think we Portuguese bloggers should have a blog tour to show off those fabrics. Like that spread on Stylo when several bloggers are given the same fabric to make something out of it. It would be so cool! 🙂
    And I am totally amazed that you made 4 (!) outfits for this series! You're amazing!

  4. Wow Ines, you’ve outdone yourself again. So many amazing pieces here and I’d be quite happy to have them all in my size. The green dress is beautiful and I love that you started with the Rowan Tee. The Tip Top is beautiful and that zebra skirt is so cute. Francesca is a very lucky (and adorable) girl. I guess I better hurry up with that skirt pattern to get you back to sewing denim again, well once Willow lets me put her down 🙂

  5. This is soooooooooo fabulous! Your daughter is so lovely and poised ❤ Just when I thought nothing could top that Ink Spots green dress, each and every outfit gets better and better! Everything knocks me out! I love love love it all. Lucky girl. 🙂

  6. I thought I commented on this, but I guess not :/ I know I read the post since I get them all in my emails. Anyways, I am in love with every single piece- by far my favourite kindergarten sewing post. I totally wish these all came in my size too and I am totally jealous- I wish E’s wardrobe was as cool.

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