Nosh . Autumn Womens Collection

Ohhh NOSH… I Love you so!

I’ve had the opportunity to try first hand the New Women’s Autumn Collection from NOSH Organics and I tell you they are sooo perfect! I received a pack with beautiful super soft organic cotton – stretch college black + diagonal stripe in soft gray/black + black rib.

LaFolie - Nosh Autumn Womens Collection 2015

I’m sure you know by now (if it’s not your first time here at La Folie) that Nosh Organics is a really cool apparel and fabric brand, whose products are produced sustainably and ecologically. And you may already know that perfect quality organic cotton is my dream come true, so working with them is a joy!! 😀

I knew right away what I wanted to make with the black college. This is a pattern from a Japanese book I bought this summer at Retrosaria. A shipment of new books had just arrived and Rosa (the owner who I’m sure needs no introduction) was super kind and allowed me to browse through them even before they were added to the shop. Their selection is always really really good and I would buy them all if I could! Heheh My choice went to a book called Clean and Natural; this is the first Japanese book with women’s patterns I bought and I’m pretty sure I’m going to sew most of them.

LaFolie - Nosh Autumn Womens Collection 2015

I had to make a few changes to the pattern because my fabric cut didn’t allow to cut it all in one piece as supposed. So I added a seam on the shoulder line and made the sleeves about 8 cm shorter.

LaFolie - Nosh Autumn Womens Collection 2015

I tried to add some more length to the sleeves as intended on the original pattern by adding a “cuff” in black rib but gladly just sewed one because it was a total fail. The sleeve ended up too structured and weird so I cut it off and just serged the edge. I think it looks good like this! 😀

The black college is such a nice fabric, I had already tried it in a different color here, and  this makes a perfect warm layering piece for fall. I’m happy, I’ll be wearing it tons!

LaFolie - Nosh Autumn Womens Collection 2015

I finished the neckline with black rib, creating a neckband, another small change to the original pattern. 

I just could not let go of these amazing embroidery images I’ve been collecting on Pinterest of a Japanese technique called sashiko so I decided to make some gold embroidery around the neckline (I’m not saying this is sashiko because it’s clearly a fable attempt hehehe). I really like how it turned out though and I’m keen on giving this technique a few more tries.

LaFolie - Nosh Autumn Womens Collection 2015

This beautiful diagonal stripe was trickier to use. Not that I didn’t know what to make with it but more that I wanted to make a million different things and could not decide. I spent a whole morning going back and forth with my decision and finally settled on making another Julia sweater, a pattern by Compagnie M (finally with no almost no alterations and in the proper fabric type heheh).

LaFolie - Nosh Autumn Womens Collection 2015

I made the cuffs a bit longer and used the black rib to make them. I absolutely love the result. This is definitely a great addition to my wardrobe, which is desperately in need of new tops and new everything for that matter.  🙂

LaFolie - Nosh Autumn Womens Collection 2015

My fabric cut didn’t allowed me to cut the back piece on fold so I decided to cut two pieces and assume it as a intencional detail by adding a thin grosgrain ribbon in black. Win! heheh 😉

LaFolie - Nosh Autumn Womens Collection 2015

I’ve been using NOSH fabrics for a while now, and I’ve been witnessing how good they still look even after the intensive use my girls have been giving the clothes I made so far with them (also I’m terrible at complying with wash and care instructions and they are surviving me too); this really is a quality choice and the really great colors and cool design options they have makes them irresistible. I love the entire collection!

LaFolie - Nosh Autumn Womens Collection 2015

The neckline was also finished differently than what the pattern instructs, by adding a small facing instead of the band.

I’m super happy with both makes and absolutely dreaming of getting more of these precious fabrics to improve my wardrobe. ❤ Hope you like them too. You can check the New NOSH fabric collection here, you can thank me later. hehehe 😉 Yes Rita I’m thinking of you. 😀

LaFolie - Nosh Autumn Womens Collection 2015

LaFolie - Nosh Autumn Womens Collection 2015

Yeah I seem to be fond this pose bahahah!

LaFolie - Nosh Autumn Womens Collection 2015

LaFolie - Nosh Autumn Womens Collection 2015

LaFolie - Nosh Autumn Womens Collection 2015

Sorry I couldn’t resist my cute photo bomber! ❤

LaFolie - Nosh Autumn Womens Collection 2015

Oh added this little detail too just because I liked it! heheh 😉

LaFolie - Nosh Autumn Womens Collection 2015

Thanks a million NOSH for giving me the opportunity to try these first hand, it was a pleasure!!

All the fabrics I used for the items in this post were given to me by NOSH, but all the opinions are my own.


21 thoughts on “Nosh . Autumn Womens Collection

  1. This is just so so perfect!!! Both pieces are great separately and together…..just a match made in heaven!!! Love love love the details you added (the embroidery and the grosgrain ribbon – simply perfect touches!)
    You look absolutely stunning ….. Total BABE!!!!

  2. Oh my gosh you are gorgeous! And I just loved both items and such amazing details that really make the difference. You just keep getting better when I don’t thinks it’s possible. You are such an inspiration. Keep it up, please. ❤

  3. You look gorgeous! The 2 tops works so well layered together. I just love all the details you added – the gold stitching especially is such a great feature. Love the pictures of you too.

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