It’s September! My little 6 year old already started first grade last week (how did that happen???) and everything is returning to the normal pace around here. This means I finally start having more time to focus on this little blog again and share some of the things I’ve been doing.
I’ve sewn some things for me, Yay! A dress (that you may have seen on my IG feed) a not so successful T-shirt that you’ll probably never see over here (though I used it already) and Named Alexandria Peg Trousers!



Oh boy I’ve been smitten by these since the collection launched and I don’t regret having bought the pattern for a second! It’s really good! It was a first for me using Named patterns and it won’t be last for sure with all the cool designs they carry on their shop.

I used fabric from my local shop, it may be something like a crêpe  or rayon (as usual I forgot to ask gahhh I really have to improve on this heheh), it has good drape and it’s soft but it’s not super lightweight, so perfect for pants IMO. 😉

I wasn’t so sure if I could pull this print off, but my super sweet loving friends encouraged me when I showed them a lousy photo of wearing them after finishing, so I convinced my self and started wearing them outside. heheh I LOVE them! And I feel a bit more cool than usual. bahahah


(look at me trying to look cool hahahahahaahahhahaah)

Ok lets dress the big elephant in the room: MY LACK OF PRINT MATCHING!!! GAHHHH Be kind… This is slippery fabric and you know I’m not a patient person… It already took a loooong time to cut it and I did my best, which apparently is crap… heheheheh I’ll use them anyway, but now at least you know that I acknowledge that they could be so much better. 😉



So these naturally don’t fit me in perfection like they do on the model, theirs seem to be more tapered on the legs than my version, but honestly I don’t really care. I have big/large whatever you call them calves (I call them soccer player calves sniff sniff), so if they were smaller they would feel uncomfortable… Or at least thats what I’ll stick to because I don’t like to make adjustments. hehehe 😀


Love the pocket detail. ❤


 I totally think the pants deserved better photos but “life” gets in the way… 😀 Trust me that these are on my favorites list for sure, they’ve been worn a ton already, and I definitely want to try a knit version.


My little precious photo-bomber! ❤


And some jumping action because that’s how much I Love them! heheheh

Thanks for stopping by! xoxo

14 thoughts on “Alexandria

  1. What are you talking about….they fit you perfectly!!! So SO SOOOO good!! And yes fabric like this is SO hard to cut. Honestly I was looking at how amazing you look and not print matching!!
    I NEED these pants in my life….I know you already have my address hahaha…okay, they are not my size anyway, I guess I have to make my own 🙂

  2. adult trousers! you are my sewing hero! 🙂 and you do look extra cool on them or has they say “down under” you look “sweet as”

  3. Love love love!
    Ficam-te muito bem e…,
    Só os perfeccionistas é que notam que o padrão não está alinhado!!!
    Para os restantes estão perfeitas!

  4. You look really cool!! The trousers fit you so well! If you didn’t mention the pattern matching I wouldn’t have realised 😉

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