Rowan Tee Pattern Tour

Today I’m part of the Rowan Tee Pattern Tour! YAY (another first here on the blog!) This is the latest addition to the Titchy Threads shop and I couldn’t be more thrilled when Laura invited me to join the tour. I had the pleasure to take part on the testing phase of this pattern and made a hooded version for Francisca (you can see it here), so I already new upfront this was an amazing pattern!!!


I only have good things to say about this pattern. The fit is perfect and it has pretty good options that can be combined in 144 ways, how amazing is that?!!! So not only you have a great basic tee but you can combine the different options to make loads of different garments.


For the tour Laura invited each of us to choose one of the 144 combinations and so I decided to make a long sleeve, shoulder striped, regular neckline, cuffed version for Francisca and Madalena. But since the testing phase I new that this tee would make a perfect low waist dress with minor adjustments, so I ended up making a dress for Madalena while keeping the original pattern for Francisca.


Francisca’s tee is size 6-12m which fits her pretty perfectly since she’s slim, but I added some length to the bodice and sleeves because she’s in between sizes in height. For the main pieces I used this super soft amazing organic cotton interlock from Organic Cotton Plus (I bought it with gift card from Mie’s giveaway and if I lived in the US I‘d buy from them all the time – you can check my last post to see another of my choices).


For the stripe I used this sweet baby whale corduroy from this Valori Wells collection I had on my stash, and since the print was to big I decided to keep only one bird for each shoulder. I think it looks adorable. I only had a tiny bit of the corduroy but I think it went for a good use. 😀


I was able to find a big piece of the perfect shade of pink ribbing for this project on my local fabric store, trust me this is not an easy thing to find in Portugal so I was beyond happy, and can you imagine it cost me less than 2€, what?? Love these findings! But don’t worry because you can totally use regular jersey for the neckline and cuffs (Laura explains all about it in the pattern, I actually used some on my tester version and works perfectly).


Madalena’s dress version of the pattern is in size 4 with no alterations other than adding a gathered skirt to the hem cuff. Well, I had to change the cuff a bit because it wasn’t going to be folded, so I used only half of what the pattern piece stated, adding 1cm for seam allowance, to keep the pattern’s original proportions.


Talking about proportions you’ve probably noticed that the pocket on my version is longer that it’s supposed to… It wouldn’t be my project if I didn’t make a mistake somewhere; yes I screwed up and missed to notice that there are two different cutting lines whether you’re using woven or knit fabric for the pocket, ughh I’m dumb!!!


I used the same striped fabric for all the pieces, just inverted the direction on the shoulder stripes and pocket,  I have to say I really like how it turned out. After finishing Francisca’s version I felt that the pink ribbing was a bit heavy for the interlock I was using, so in Madalena’s version I went for a blue ribbing (another great finding on my local fabric shop) and I think they paired great.


My biggest inspiration to make this dress version of the Rowan Tee was one of my favorite bloggers ever and dear friend, the uber talented Mie from Sewing like Mad. Her knit dresses are amazing, just check out this post to see what I’m talking about (clearly my colour choices were inspired by this one).

I’m really happy with this dress, I’ll definitely be making a lot more of them (I totally wanted to make a hooded one but didn’t have enough fabric), not to mention all the original tee versions I have planed already! And now you know that the Rowan Tee has 144 options + 1!!! 😀


Laura makes really perfect patterns, seriously there are no loose ends, the instructions are super clear and easy to follow, everything matches, it has layers, it has a little guide to let you know which pages you have to print for a given size or style option (amazing right?), it has a cheat sheet with all the instructions in case you already sewn one and don’t need to read trough the full tutorial and I‘m probably forgetting some other amazing features.


But that‘s what you get from Laura‘s patterns a great product that allows you to make store-bought looking garments in a super easy way, so go on and grab your copy now!!

Make sure to keep up with this great tour!!!

Thanks a million Laura for inviting me to take part on the tour! ❤


Sorry for the trillion photos but I couldn’t help myself! 😀

42 thoughts on “Rowan Tee Pattern Tour

  1. Love it! Love it! Love it! I was lucky to test the pattern too… and totally agree with you Ines! This is a brilliant pattern with tons of possibilites! Good Job!

  2. Awe…. Adorable!! I love both pieces… That little peek-a-boo bird is such a sweet detail!… And the dress… Oh my! I’ll have to get this pattern to make a few just like yours… 🙂 Great fabric choice and color combo! You are amazing my friend!
    Inês, estão mesmo uma delícia! Só é uma pena que não tenhas mais tempo para fazeres mais coisas e partilhares aqui… Cada publicação tua é de ficar de boca aberta…

  3. Ohhh Ines you are WAY too sweet and I just LOVE that it was you who won that giveaway. That fabric looks sooooo perfect for this pattern and I have totally thought about doing the exact same thing with the pattern that you did, hehe, yes I’m very predictable :-)) Your girls are the cutest and are going to wear these pieces to threads.

  4. I love this post so much! The photos are gorgeous, your girls are just adorable and the T-shirt and dress both look amazing. The placement of the birds on the shoulders is so cute. Thanks so much for joining the tour!

  5. UaU My love you really Rock, and not just my world!!!!
    Your Amazing!
    And for those who don’t know me I’m the lucky guy who married this genious Woman!!!

  6. ❤ ❤ ❤ Eu quero a colecção de vestidos da Madalena!!!! (This is my six years old self talking) 😉
    Estão lind@s!!!

  7. Uau ! You are so talented, Inês !
    Those beautiful girls of yours look wonderful in the two garments’ versions .
    ( Your blog posts are delicious to read; and they put everyone wanting the patterns )

    • Obrigada. A malha é maravilhosa, super macia mas facil de trabalhar. E o molde é muito bom, e ainda para mais com os dois tutoriais que a Celina vai fazer para os vestidos ainda fica com mais opções. 😉

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