NOSH Spring-Summer Collection 2016

Yep, it’s true, NOSH organics just released a brand new collection of fabrics. They’re all  absolutely gorgeous and I’m really excited to show you what I’ve made.

For those who never heard of NOSH, let me tell you that it is a really cool apparel and fabric brand, whose products are produced sustainably and ecologically. Sewing with perfect quality organic cotton is my dream come true, so working with them is a joy!! 😀

La Folie - NOSH - SPRING 2016

I must admit I had a hard time choosing my fabrics, I had the awesome opportunity to compose my own fabric pack and being an eternal undecided person made me want them all. hahahaha I just kept thinking oh I can do this but I really wanted to do that, and oh that one is gorgeous… you get the picture, it’s like a five year old on a candy store!! heheh

La Folie - NOSH - SPRING 2016

I created two looks, one for M. and one for F., they share the same color palette and are screaming for spring to come quickly. 😉

La Folie - NOSH - SPRING 2016

For F. I choose the Ministar print in coral (see it here) and decided to make a dress from Ottobre Magazine issue 3/2014. Just a cute basic piece that I’m sure will be used tons, it’s pattern number 8 Giant Apple. I made size 98cm for my 92cm tall girl and I’m happy with the fit, the dress is intended to look shorter but I like it like this, it will fit longer! 😉

La Folie - NOSH - SPRING 2016

It has a cute little detail with a small sleeve, but somehow I didn’t quite made it right and it ended up smaller than it should. Gah I have to improve my french to be able to read this issue properly and make things has instructed. hehe 😀 Anyway, I used a bit of navy jersey (here) for the sleeves, and finished the seams with rib in dark blue (here) and coral (here).

La Folie - NOSH - SPRING 2016

It’s been a million years since I made a hat, I forgot how fun they are to make. The toddler modeling the dress in the magazine is wearing one, the pattern also comes in this particular issue, so I felt compelled to make it too. hahah It’s just a simple bucket hat but the pattern comes together perfectly. I used the navy jersey for it on one side and Ministar for the other, I think she looks adorable! ❤

La Folie - NOSH - SPRING 2016

 I’m completely in Love with NOSH fabrics Denim Look College, I want to hoard it in all the colors LOL, this time I choose Coral (see it here) and decided to make a raglan cardigan from the Japanese Book “1 pattern 1 week” that I bought a while ago at Retrosaria; I used it a couple of times already here and here. The cardigan is pattern 27, I made it in size 120cm but I think I should have made one size up, particularly because this fabric has a small stretch percentage.

La Folie - NOSH - SPRING 2016 La Folie - NOSH - SPRING 2016 La Folie - NOSH - SPRING 2016

I swear I pressed the sleeve seam on the photo above, I don’t know what happened eheheh!

The top is from the same book, pattern number 28, it calls for lace to finish the neckline but I went with dark blue rib and have no regrets. heheh 😉 I used Jersey Powder (here), this fabric is so good to work with, really, you have to try it if you haven’t yet. ❤

La Folie - NOSH - SPRING 2016 La Folie - NOSH - SPRING 2016 La Folie - NOSH - SPRING 2016

M. really wanted something in the TIIPII print in coral (here) so I decided to make a skirt. I hacked Brindille and Twig’s Pocket puff pants by adding a few cm to center front of the front and back pattern pieces and not cutting the center curved edge. I gathered the extra length until it matched the waist pieces again and it was done. 😀 For added cuteness I decided to finish the pocket seam and the hem with dark blue rib, the same on the top. I’m loving this whole look a lot and M. is too so big big Win!!

La Folie - NOSH - SPRING 2016 La Folie - NOSH - SPRING 2016

So my advice for you is to go check out the New NOSH fabrics because they’re perfect! I’m swooning over all the stripes and I have to hoard a bit of turquoise college! (This may or may not be a hint for my husband, since today is Valentines day hahahah, hope he reads this one LOL)

La Folie - NOSH - SPRING 2016 La Folie - NOSH - SPRING 2016 La Folie - NOSH - SPRING 2016La Folie - NOSH - SPRING 2016La Folie - NOSH - SPRING 2016 La Folie - NOSH - SPRING 2016 La Folie - NOSH - SPRING 2016 La Folie - NOSH - SPRING 2016 La Folie - NOSH - SPRING 2016

Sorry for the extra blurry photos today, not that they’re usually that good, ahem, but it has been raining nonstop here and I had zero light and no competence to do better… hehe Can I blame it on my poor machine? LOL 😀 Ok I really should finally try to learn how to use the machine in manual mode… Priorities people. 😉 You forgive me right?

La Folie - NOSH - SPRING 2016

Yep F. is wearing shoes that don’t fit her yet and she has them switched hahah I couldn’t say no to her, I think it’s adorable that she wanted to match her sister. ❤

Thanks a million NOSH for giving me the opportunity to try these first hand, it was a pleasure!!

Thanks for stopping by! Happy Valentines day!

All the fabrics I used for the items in this post were given to me by NOSH, but all the opinions are my own.

30 thoughts on “NOSH Spring-Summer Collection 2016

    • Ha I was wishing you saw my post because I couldn’t believe when M. said she needed something to take the photos and came back with the dog heheheh totally her idea. But I will use my Owl the next time I take photos of myself 🙂

  1. Are you kidding me!!! This is amazing!!! Every single piece!! Matching without matching…..perfection!! And I’m obsessed with M’s outfit with the fabric from the top continuing in the top of the skirt….love love love!
    I’m not really sure how I can defend that I have never sewed with Nosh fabrics….I really need to change that!

    • 🙂 yes I’ve made a few tries, sometimes with good results, but my camera isn’t a dslr, so I’m kind of limited regarding lenses which puts me off from learning the real deal hehehe also I’m lazy. 😀

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  3. I totally agree, Nosh fabrics are sooo good! Good quality and beautiful colors and designs. And I am in LOVE with the new Collection. Your outfits are lovely 😍

  4. I always love seeing what you come up with for your Nosh posts! Your fabric choices, patterns you’ve used and the way you’ve combined them is perfection. My favourite is that star print dress, I’m a sucker for stars.

  5. You lucky girl! It really is a dream to sew with these fabrics. I already filled my shopping cart, aka, wishlist. 😀 Love M’s skirt! The Tiipii is beautiful, wish I could have it in every colour!

  6. I’m completely in love with both outfits. A strange voice in my head is telling me I need to copy every details on what you’ve sewn 😁

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