Mustang Skirt

Or that time when Madalena got to play Alice.

 A few weeks ago we took the girls to a park that has miniature replicas of Portuguese traditional houses. It was a sunny day and seemed perfect for Madalena to wear her brand new (at the time) skirt. We’re calling it the Mustang Skirt, well obviously because its made with one of the prettiest fabrics that were released last year. The Mustang Collection from Melody Miller for Cotton&Steel had been on my mind since I saw this beautiful dress and I new I had to make something with it.

La Folie - MustangSkirt

So I finally bought half yard from Miss Matatabi to make a skirt, I also bought half yard of the Xoxo print for another skirt but still don’t have photos of that one. 😉

It’s a really simple skirt from the Japanese Book 1 Pattern 1 Week, project number 15. I’m loving this book a lot and already made another skirt and a dress from it, but I’m really eyeing the coat patterns which seem really cool.

La Folie - MustangSkirt

Well I really don’t have much to say apart from I LOVE THIS FABRIC, it’s beautiful and amazing and I want more of it! This probably isn’t blog post material but I was kind of missing sharing something with you my dear readers. ❤ You do still exist don’t you? 😀

La Folie - MustangSkirt La Folie - MustangSkirt La Folie - MustangSkirt

Francisca went too as you can see heheheh and she’s wearing a hat I made when I first started sewing a few years ago. It’s kind of cool to get to use all this stuff again. 🙂 I don’t know how I’m going to free myself of all the handmade stuff I’ve made… Help?!…  😉


14 thoughts on “Mustang Skirt

  1. LOVE this photo shoot–unique setting! Darling mustang print fabric featuring red & pink horses with a pure white background. The bright turquoise T-shirt adds pizzaz! Thanks for sharing. Sarah in Minneapolis

    • Thank you so much Sarah. I do Love to see the turquoise tee with the skirt too. The girls loved visiting this park with all the small houses. Too bad it’s a two hour drive from our home or we’d go more often I’m sure. 😉

  2. Japanese patterns and Cotton+Steel fabrics are THE perfect match. 🙂 Everything you make is blogable my sweet friend. Even the most simple thing…
    I love Portugal dos Pequeninos – it is such a cool place! We go there from time to time (I’m lucky to be only half an hour away) and the kids always have such a great time.

  3. Gosto tanto desse tecido! Não comprei nada dessa coleção, mas quando vejo coisas feitas com os tecidos, acabo por me arrepender 🙂
    Muito boa escolha para uma saia. Ela deve adorar (e sim, esta também vais ser para guardar!)

  4. YES, we are still here and that IS a super cute skirt and some lovely lovely photos of your super lovely kids 🙂

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