Little Mermaid . Carnaval

In Portugal “we” celebrate Carnaval. The kids get a small school break and usually wear costumes on Friday, the last day of school.


M. always gets super excited to choose her costume, but tends to change her mind a million times so I’m never quite able to prepare things in advance. Well, that added to the fact that I’m the biggest procrastinator ever, always means I’m sewing costumes the day before. Yeah this time I can’t really blame her, ahem, she made her mind more than two weeks ago.
I had shown her Petit à Petit’s mermaid tail many times. I confess I really wanted to make it so I may have brainwashed her a bit in the last couple of years, Bahaha, no seriously, what kid doesn’t want to have a mermaid tail?
La Folie - Mermaid - Tutorial by Petit à Petit
Disney’s The Little Mermaid was my first movie obsession. I think I was maybe ten when the movie become available to the video stores in Portugal. Sigh I’m old… Video tapes… What’s that? hahah
My friends and I saw it to exhaustion, we knew (I still do LOL) the lyrics by heart and sang them non stop, Brazilian version was perfect! 🙂 We also knew the funny lines and applied them to our daily lives, Hahha good times people. I still use them to tell the truth, and I make a really accurate impersonation of the seagull singing. hahaha
La Folie - Mermaid - Tutorial by Petit à Petit
La Folie - Mermaid - Tutorial by Petit à Petit
This is a pretty easy make, the tutorial is really easy to follow and everything comes together quickly. The most time consuming part was getting the shape of the tail right. Particularly because I didn’t have big paper sheets that would have helped trying it out. You should have seen my face when I realized there was no sewing involved in making the top. hahaha I love sewing but when you’re making things in the last minute… You get the picture right? heheh
La Folie - Mermaid - Tutorial by Petit à Petit
I can tell you that M. was pretty happy with her costume. She woke me up saying it was 1000% perfect! ❤ She really wanted something similar to what Celina made for the tutorial, red hair and all, but she really dislikes wigs so I made the mistake of allowing hair spray paint. (insert panic emoji here) Yeah you should have seen my house!! lolol
Now I have to make one tail for F. too. 😀
La Folie - Mermaid - Tutorial by Petit à Petit
The tutorial is available here, in case you want to keep it for later. You totally should, every kid should have a mermaid tail. ❤
Thanks for stopping by.Hugs. 


5 thoughts on “Little Mermaid . Carnaval

  1. This idea really is genius and your take on it is beautiful. Such a good Mommy! I would have died of a heart attack starting the day before haha. You rock!

  2. Your tail is absolutely gorgeous!! And what?? You did this the night before? You are amazing!!! I’ve been wanting to try this tutorial for ages — might have to do this for Halloween this year! Now I’d better sign off before my daughters see it and start demanding it “right now”, hahaha.

  3. And the coolest mom of the year award goes to you!!! {clap, clap, clap, clap, clap} A mermaid tail AND spray painted hair?! My girls would freak! So awesome. And you and I are pretty much the same age and I remember that very same thing about the Little Mermaid. I played “Under the Sea” for my fourth grade piano recital – dressed up as Sebastian.

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