Refashion Month @ House of Estrela

Today I’m “bringing home” a post I made for Refashion month, a cool series hosted by my sweet friend Magda from HOUSE OF ESTRELA. Hope you like it, in case you didn’t catch it last summer. 🙂

Hi Everyone! I’m so happy to be here posting chez Magda’s today, and during such a cool series, along with so many talented ladies. I absolutely love this idea, refashion makes total sense to me, though I’m more of an up-cycler than a “refashioner”, since I never buy thrifted or any kind of cheaper clothes with the intent of making alterations (mostly because it’s not natural to me, but I do love to see what other people can do in those types of projects); well I sometimes buy giant sweaters/T-shirts to make stuff but even that is pretty rare.

So I today I have two quick up-cycle projects to show you that have been on my “to up-cycle drawer” for more time than I like to admit!! 😉 Gladly Magda invited me for this or they would still be there…

The first thing I made was turning a Boden dress (I may or may not have bought it from the girls section for me a few years ago – insert the I’m shocked emoji here – and I may even have used it for a while before realizing I wasn’t 10 anymore hahaha) into a skirt. Easy peasy. I adore the fabric so much, and I knew that it wouldn’t take much to make a cute piece of clothing, yep Lazy old me as usual hehehe.

LaFolie - Refashion Month @ House of Estrela

I only have this really bad photo of the dress, forgive me I’m not used to this heheheh, but you can get an idea of how it looked, and please don’t imagine how I looked in it!!! hehehehe

LaFolie - Refashion Month @ House of Estrela

To make the skirt I simply cut bellow the pink trim and back zipper and added a rib waist in pink. I have no photos of the rib, M wasn’t in the mood for photos so I had to be quick, sorry. But it’s the same I used on this Rowan Tee. (new edit – and on the skirt of my last post here)

LaFolie - Refashion Month @ House of Estrela

I felt the need to add patch pockets (I used ones from the Japanese book 1 pattern 1 week, and Michael Miller’s black eyelet seemed the perfect choice. I finished the top seam with visible bias in black.

LaFolie - Refashion Month @ House of Estrela

LaFolie - Refashion Month @ House of Estrela

These type of projects are so very gratifying, it’s really cool how quickly you can turn a forgotten piece of clothing on something wearable again. YAY

Well this was such an easy make that I decided to make a second quick project using a maternity nightgown I wasn’t using anymore (it wasn’t really a proper maternity nightgown I just bought the large size and used it during pregnancy and after).

LaFolie - Refashion Month @ House of Estrela

I used the nightgown to make… Surprise Surprise, a nightgown for Madalena. WOW My creativity amazes me every-time LOL

LaFolie - Refashion Month @ House of Estrela

To make it I just cut the bodice, and ended up with a large rectangle (sorry I have no photo, I have lots to learn when it comes to refashion posts); I drafted the armholes front and back to each side of the top piece using Mingo&Grace Charlie pattern to do it (no particular reason other than it’s a good pattern and I had it on hand in the needed size). I also drafted the neckline using Charlie has a guide, though later on decided to make the front a bit lower than the original pattern.

LaFolie - Refashion Month @ House of Estrela

After finishing the armholes, I finished the neckline just by folding and making an elastic casing, adjusted the elastic to her size and it was done. I also added a little bow to the front just for cuteness. 😀

LaFolie - Refashion Month @ House of Estrela

There you go, two super quick modifications, hope you like them. I had the best time making them, easy gratification!!! 😉

Thanks a million Magda for having me. xoxo

You can see the original post here on House of Estrela.

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