Grey Foxes Robe

Two weeks ago started another edition of Kids Clothes Week (for my non sewer readers – you do exist don’t you? – this is a super fun online event where you are supposed to sew clothes for your kids an hour a day for a whole week). After not being able to sew anything for the last two seasons (spring and summer) I managed to find a few hours to accomplish some projects! YAY

La Folie - Grey Foxes Robe_05

As some of you might have seen on my instagram feed I decided to transform a coat pattern, from one of my precioussss (Yes I’m a Lord of the Rings fan) Japanese Sewing books, into a robe; this particular one, titled A Sunny Spot, was a birthday gift and was bought at Retrosaria. By the way this is a lovely brick and mortar/online shop, which besides a beautiful selection of fabrics, sells amazing knitting yarns some of which produced in Portugal and designed by the very talented shop owner/blogger Rosa Pomar.

La Folie - Grey Foxes Robe_07

This was the first pattern I sewed from it, and naturally I feel like making all of them! Madalena was in need of a new robe since the one she’s been using is coming too small and when I saw the coat on the book I immediately thought it would be perfect.

La Folie - Grey Foxes Robe_01

I new I had to make a few changes to the original pattern to make it snugger, so I raised the neckline, added long cuffs on the sleeves and added a bit of elastic on the back to cinch the waistline.

La Folie - Grey Foxes Robe_02

I used this lovely flannel with foxes designed by Rae Hoekstra for Cloud9 (that I won on Mie’s Organic Cotton giveaway this summer, YAY!!!) as my main fabric and grey polar fleece for the cuffs and lining (I had it on my stash since I made M. a squirrel costume when she was two – it ended up looking more a cute wolf but she loved it anyway). I skipped the facing pieces and lined the bodice but not the sleeves to guarantee freedom of movements.

La Folie - Grey Foxes Robe_03

I’ve used this flannel in the past in various prints, and despite I love the prints and the fact that is organic cotton I have to let you know that last year one’s pilled a bit, I’m hoping that this one stays pretty a tad longer.

The buttons are from I honestly don’t know where I got the buttons, help anyone?? I also used another print from Rae’s collection for the pockets (which are lined with fleece for extra coziness) and for hemming the robe.

La Folie - Grey Foxes Robe_04

The photos ended up pretty dark or overexposed and out of focus, it was the end of the day here when Madalena agreed on wearing it for 5 minutes since it was still pretty warm in Portugal when I finished this. But I hope you can get an idea on the final result. 😀

La Folie - Grey Foxes Robe

The theme for this edition of KCW was Storybooks and though I didn’t manage to make anything related, I love Children’s books so we had to take a few photos with some of our favorites! 😉 By the way we totally copied this image as inspiration for the girls room makeover this summer. The original color is much softer and I like it way better, but this is what you get when you think you’re an architect and you can pick colors with you eyes closed hahahah. 😀

I also managed to finish another Aster Cardigan this time for Francisca, in the same cherry print I used for Madalena here. I know I’m biased but I think she looks adorable in it. ❤

La Folie_Cherries Aster

14 thoughts on “Grey Foxes Robe

  1. Inés, this is so lovely. I think was a very good idea to used the coat pattern as a base for the robe. It looks so stylish!!! I love the elastic detail in the waist. Also the fabric is so pretty!!!!

    • Obrigada Patricia!!! ❤ eu também tento sempre que o que faço seja confortável senão já sei que não vai ter uso. 😉 sim é o Presos, é maravilhoso!! Sou fã do oliver, até fiz um bolo do Perdido e Achado para a Madalena! Ainda hoje é o meu bolo preferido 😀

  2. O robe ficou mesmo giro Ines! Adoro os detalhes dos punhos XL e do elástico nas costas!
    Com um robe assim a Madalena mal pode esperar para que fique finalmente frio!

    • Obrigada Marta, fiquei contente apesar de achar que devia ter feito o numero acima porque nao vai chegar ao fim do inverno lol também tenho de arranjar uma técnica mais pro para o elastico das costas mas deu para disfarçar 😉

    • Thank you so much Mie!!! You’re too kind with my little projects. ❤ and I still have 3 more yards of other yummi fabrics to use from the giveaway 😀 😀 so thanks for that too!!! We switched rooms with the girls because they needed more space and I decided we would plan it, since all the other rooms of my apartment sort of happened and have no particular vibe to them. 😉

  3. Whoops, I didn’t realize at first this was a robe. Very cute!! Love how snuggly and soft it must be from those fabrics. And my indoor photoshoots are always blurry for that same reason! Limited light, limited participating! 🙂

  4. ainda há dois dias olhei para o robe que fiz para a gabriela o ano passado… acho q está na hora de fazer um novo. o teu ficou tão giro e parece tão comfy! o aster é lindo.

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