Willow & Co Tester Tour . The Elm Poncho

Well I’m still in awe with all the support I got on my first day here! Seriously I feel so blessed, thank you all so much!

But guess what I’ve tested not one but two patterns from the amazing Willow&Co Wanderlust pattern collection! Yes it’s a Petit a Petit & Family pattern again in case you’re wandering. What can I say I truly love Celina’s style! She just keeps making the most stunning outfits and gorgeous clothes, and every time she creates a new piece I immediately start thinking if she’s going to release a sewing pattern for it. Like what she created for the final week of PR&P, just stunning!

She did an amazing job at this week’s signature style challenge. You have to go there and vote for her right now! Just go there now!!! Have you voted yet?

Ok, lets continue… So today’s pattern is the most adorable poncho/raincoat ever!


(I know that this photo is overexposed but I just love it)

See I told you so… I never ever thought that I could sew something that looks so complex, and yet it’s so easy to put together.

IMG_5916 IMG_5919 IMG_5928 IMG_5921

I got to do the welt pockets, lined version with ears, as my sweet Madalena asked for; I’m telling you she was never this excited an anxious for me to finish a project before! I was a little afraid that she wouldn’t want to wear it since her grandmother knitted her a lovely poncho a year ago and she always refused to wear it. I guess she’s a sleeves girl… But this pattern as got that covered with the snaps that form the sleeves and so she loved it!


Well I have to come clean with you guys and reveal that even though this a pretty easy pattern to sew, I must have my pregnancy brain still installed and so I had a few bumps on the road… Like sewing all of my lining pieces in wrong positions (I think I didn’t even look at the pattern at that point) total brain meltdown!!! And I might have caused a little headache to Celina with some poorly cut hem facing pattern pieces, hope she won’t put me in her blacklist of testers for that! 😉 but in the end it all worked out and the result was amazing! I just Love this pattern and I’m definitely making one for a little baby soon to be toddler that will look damn cute in it! 😀

IMG_5878 IMG_5876 IMG_5887 IMG_5883 IMG_5892

The Poncho as the coolest options like patch pockets, a visor or Big ears. And I’ve heard that it might even be a collar for a no hood version… A stylish pattern suitable for boys and girls of an essential item to any wardrobe! I used a laminate fabric for the outside, picked by Madalena herself, and some pink lightweight cotton for the lining. I must say I love how the two fabrics work together; they’ll be such a happy sight for those ugly grey rainy days!

So you already know that you can get these amazing patterns at Willow & Co from the 22nd forward, and trust me the whole collection is pretty amazing.


Don’t forget to check out my fellow testers versions for this great pattern, you’ll be amazed by all the different takes on it, and how great they look. You can see some of them here, here, here and here for now.

Thanks once again Celina for allowing me to test yet another awesome pattern!!


15 thoughts on “Willow & Co Tester Tour . The Elm Poncho

  1. Another amazing poncho. Love love absolutely love this. And how cute is your daughter!! Love the action rain shots too 🙂 Great job!!!

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  3. Ficou tão giro!! A escolha de tecidos foi excelente! Não me candidatei para testar este porque não tinha nenhum tecido impermeável à mão e nem sítio onde ir comprá-lo… Só conheço algumas lojas online que vendem e não ne quis arriscar a atrasos dos CTT com prazos de teste tão apertados… A tua versão é a minha preferida…!

    • Obrigada Sara! Pois eu encontrei este laminado numa loja em campo de ourique… Mas também não conheço muitas lojas que os vendam… Sei que o Corte Inglês costuma ter umas duas ou três opções, tu vives no Porto? Tens de experimentar a pattern quando puderes! Fiquei mesmo satisfeita com o resultado, e apesar de dar trabalho é bastante fácil… Eu ainda não consegui ler todos os teus posts dos pattern tests, mas estou a gostar muito do que vi até agora!! 😉

  4. can you be any sweeter? seriously i am at lost for words. I am in love with your poncho. It’ just perfect. And your daughter is the cutest. Thank you for EVERYTHING. xxx

    • Thank you so much Celina!! I Loved testing your patterns, they’re so awesome; looking forward to see the next collection!! Can’t wait to make the new improved version of the poncho… 🙂 🙂 🙂

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  6. Vim aqui parar através do Blog da Carla e adorei ver as tuas versões! A capa está mesmo gira (as orelhas são o máximo) – claro que imagino o trabalho que deve ter dado, mas ficou mesmo o máximo.

    • Obrigada Ana! Gosto muito do teu blog!! Fico mesmo feliz que tenhas gostado… E que tenhas vindo espreitar… 😉 Acredita que é muit mais simples do que parece, a pattern é muito boa!

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