Willow & Co Tester Tour . The Ash Jumpsuit

Today I have a very special project to share with you. For a while now I’ve been a major fan of Celina Bailey from Petit a Petit & Family; honestly she’s one of the most amazing and creative bloggers in the “sewing community”, and I have to confess she’s my favorite, I just Love her style. 

I got super excited when she and some other amazing ladies announced the launch of a new pattern making collective called Willow&Co. And so when I saw Celina’s call for pattern testers I immediately decided to sign up… Never in a million years I thought I would get picked to test it, and if you know me you know that it’s true… But guess what I was… And so with no further delay I give you my version of the Ash Jumpsuit!
Ash Jumpsuit 06

I’ve tested the separates version of it, the cutest pair of pants and a lovely top. Seriously this is one of the best patterns I’ve ever worked with. The instructions are very easy to follow and it all comes together perfectly. I just love the cute detail of the ruffle on the waistband. And the neckline is so pretty!!

Ash Jumpsuit 02
Ash Jumpsuit 03
I already bought another fabric to make the Jumpsuit for Madalena, and I’ll definitely make one for Francisca too. It’s a perfect summer outfit. It just looks great, right?! I also have been thinking that it would give a really cute dress with an elastic waistband… So I guess you’ll be seeing much more of this pattern around here!
Ash Jumpsuit 04
Ash Jumpsuit 05
Ash Jumpsuit 07
Ash Jumpsuit 01
I used a lovely voile from Koka that I bought at Retrosaria for the top and some lightweight denim for the pants.
Well I must say that this was one of the most fun experiences I’ve had in a long time. And it definitely was great to work along an amazing group of talented seamstresses and see they’re awesome versions first hand. Not to mention how thrilled I was for Celina to let me test it…
Don’t miss the official launch of this incredible Spring/Summer collection of patterns on April 22nd at Willow&Co. I’m sure I won’t!

16 thoughts on “Willow & Co Tester Tour . The Ash Jumpsuit

  1. Oh wow! I am speechless. I am just so happy I’ve gotten to know you and I am soooo excited about your new blog. I think I have a new favorite 🙂 Love the name too. You are one amazing and talented lady. I am soooo excited for you! Yay! and thanks you for making my pattern looks so damned cute and awesome. xxx

    • Oh my Celina, you are too kind! Thank you for being such a creative force, and inspiring me!! I’m so happy I got to test your patterns, and I can’t express how grateful I am that you came here to show your support!!! xxx

  2. Lovely!
    Fico muito contente que tenhas avançado com o blog, Inês! Fico a aguardar muitos e bons posts da tua sewing booth, com muita folie! 🙂 Estou a terminar a minha publicação sobre o ASH (ai a edição de imagens…) e vou colocar um link para o teu blog, se não te importares. Parabéns!

    • Obrigada Sara! O teu comentário e da Celina no grupo do Ash deram-me o empurrão que faltava!! 🙂 Estou muito curiosa por ver o teu post também, especialmente dos testes em que não participei!!

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  4. WOW! your blog looks incredible, congratualations (I only started mine a month ago so I know what hard work it is!). I love your version of the Ash too, great work! Lx

    • Hi Lucy, thank you so much! Yes a blog is such hard work and I’ve decided to try WordPress instead of blogger (my first blog was on blogger) and I’m still learning everything… When I finish replying to all the nice comments I had, I’m surely going to show you my support too since I just loved your vintage sari version!!!

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