“She Wears the Pants” – Pom Pom Blouse

Tuttle Publishing has been editing english versions of Japanese Sewing books for a while now. Their collection includes great titles but somehow I never tried them. However we were lucky to have Tuttle as one of the sponsors of our London Sew Social goodie bag and each got to choose one Japanese book from their catalog, so here we are.

I ended up choosing the book She Wears the Pants from Yuko Takada. I really like to look at this book and love most of the patterns, but after browsing it a few times I became questioning if the styles would suit my body type. Since I couldn’t figure out what pattern to try first I kind of forgot about this tour we’re having this week. And then when my friends started discussing their posts this Sunday, I knew I had to pick something. Something fast, something easy, something that I knew I would be comfortable in.

Pom Pom Blouse from "She Wears the Pants"

That said, my choice went to pattern N10 Pom Pom Blouse. It’s designed for wovens but you know I’m a knits addict and when I saw this striped tricot knit in my stash I knew it would be perfect for it. The only changes made were skipping the pom pom trim and giving it a smaller hem. According to measurements I made size M.


Yep I sewed this Sunday night and took photos the next morning… An absolute first! heheh So if you need a last minute top to go somewhere I can tell you this is a great choice. 😉

I’m happy with the final result, well it’s a bit boxy for my wide shoulders but I don’t really care… Lol I bet it will be worn loads when the weather cools down. Its 40º celsius as I’m writing this… Gahhh I love warm much more than cold so I’m not complaining… seriously I’m not… I just want a pool… Sigh

Pom Pom Blouse from "She Wears the Pants"

Pom Pom Blouse from "She Wears the Pants"

If you love Japanese sewing books but get a bit afraid of “flying without instructions” from not reading Japanese 😉  these are a great place to start. It sure felt good to finally be able to read the instructions for the first time. hehehe

Pom Pom Blouse from "She Wears the Pants"
My good friend Marta is hosting this series and also sharing her makings from the book she choose, so be sure to stop by DoGuincho to get all the info. She and sweet Eva from Eva Maria shared stunning creations yesterday! ❤

Pom Pom Blouse from "She Wears the Pants"

Thanks for stopping by. Hugs! ❤

7 thoughts on ““She Wears the Pants” – Pom Pom Blouse

  1. Oh your smile is contagious ❤ This top looks fab in knit fabric! I too have a Japanese sewing book and keep on looking at patterns I like wondering if they will fit me… I guess I will just have to pick something quick and easy and see what happens 😉

  2. That’s the perfect fabric for this pattern Ines and the fitting looks spot on.
    Love it so much I might make one for me too, since I am almost sure I have the exact same blue/white striped cotton on my stash. (Didn’t we buy it together?)

  3. Adoro! Tenho o livro (em japonês ;)) e ainda não fiz nada dele! (shame on me) Tenho a mesma dificuldade, adoro tudo, mas não sei se me ficam bem. Enfim… tenho que pôr mãos à obra. Gostava de este mês conseguir participar no Sew Japan. Fica-te lindamente e para este calor realmente não há melhor! Linda como sempre! Bjs

  4. I LOVE it in knit! I have not looked at this book at all, but now you’ve got me intrigued. I don’t think I would have thought to make this shirt, but your version is making me want to head over to the bookstore… And I totally agree with Jenya. You have the best, sweetest, smiley-est smile!

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