NOSH Women Summer Collection

LaFolie_NOSH Women Summer Collection

When NOSH contacted me to see if I wanted to try some fabrics of their newly released Women Summer Collection I was like: Wait what? Is this email really in my inbox?

You see I was spending a few days at my parents’ house in Alentejo (located on a really remote place with zero internet connection or phone reception gahh) and had climbed the hill a little bit, as I do every morning when I’m there, to check my emails because I have a little bit of an addiction. hehehehe I opened mail and there it was… I confess I jumped of happyness and may have giggled, alone in the hill, like a silly little girl! 😀 😀 I just LOVE LOVE LOVE (like in LOVE A LOT :D) NOSH fabrics. I had already tried some of their fabrics for another project, that NOSH was so kind to collaborate with me in, so I knew what to expect: Pure Amazingness!!

LaFolie_NOSH Women Summer Collection

LaFolie_NOSH Women Summer Collection

NOSH Organics is a super cool Organic Clothing and Fabric brand, with beautiful products that are produced sustainably and ecologically, could we ask for better? I was asked to choose a pack with some fabric from the New NOSH Fabrics and the photo above illustrates my choice. It contained super lovely jersey in the options Kide Powder and Mini Stripes black/natural, some 1*1 Rib in Powder and some of this pretty twill tape in black/natural. They are all amazing, incredibly soft, come in great colors and are organic, which I confess is one of my soft spots! In the perfect world I would only sew with organic fabric.

LaFolie_NOSH Women Summer Collection

LaFolie_NOSH Women Summer Collection

Little  bit of a dorky face there but we are here for the fabrics right? 😉

LaFolie_NOSH Women Summer Collection

So about my makings… I decided to use the Kide Powder Jersey to make a top. I used Liesl&co Bento Tee pattern, I had already used it for another two tops and I’m really liking it (I’ll talk more about the pattern itself in a future post). I used a little bit of the Powder rib to finish the neckline, this is one of my favorite methods I just love that thin line it creates around the neckline. This print is super cute and has the perfect weight for this type of project. But I just felt the uncontrollable urge to make Named Alexandria peg trousers in the blue version of the print… Will I dare?

LaFolie_NOSH Women Summer Collection

LaFolie_NOSH Women Summer Collection

LaFolie_NOSH Women Summer Collection

Fancy a Cinderella pose anyone? hahaha

LaFolie_NOSH Women Summer Collection

As soon as I saw the mini stripes I couldn’t stop thinking about making a knock off of a  Billabong skirt I own (sorry I couldn’t find a link for it). And so I did. I drafted the pattern pieces and went straight to the fabric – I know I know I’m crazy, I should make a muslin but this gives me such a high and you already know how I hate making muslins (don’t get me wrong, I know all their value and I will do my best to start making them in the future, it’s a promise heheh). Lucky enough all went down well and I’m super happy with the result!!!

LaFolie_NOSH Women Summer Collection

LaFolie_NOSH Women Summer Collection

LaFolie_NOSH Women Summer Collection

I love to see the stripes in all those different directions. And all these panels surely contribute to a good twirl factor. I’ve told you im still a silly little girl. Madalena already required a mini version obviously!!! 🙂 Once again I live the drape of the fabric, just perfect!

LaFolie_NOSH Women Summer Collection

LaFolie_NOSH Women Summer Collection

I’ve also decided to make a simple strapless top to go with it using the Powder rib, adding to the mix a bit of their Dark Yellow rib for some color blocking (generously given to me by NOSH Fabrics for that other project I referred before).

LaFolie_NOSH Women Summer Collection LaFolie_NOSH Women Summer Collection LaFolie_NOSH Women Summer Collection

I’m really happy with the pieces I made, bet I’ll be wearing them lots this Spring/Summer and basically forever!! 😀

These fabrics are all perfect and I’m dreaming of more already. The new collection has so many great options, I’m really swooning over this one, and this and also this one for the girls!! But seriously all Organic NOSH fabrics look fabulous! I totally recommend checking it since they are a joy to work with and amazing to wear!

Thank you NOSH for having me in this release, it was immense pleasure.

LaFolie_NOSH Women Summer Collection

LaFolie_NOSH Women Summer Collection

Madalena really wanted to say hello too! 😉

LaFolie_NOSH Women Summer Collection

Thanks for stopping by! Hope you aren’t tired of my face by now! hahahah 😉 I have to thank my very sweet husband ❤ for all the photos on this post.


 (All the fabrics I used for the items in this post were given to me by NOSH, but all the opinions are my own.)

42 thoughts on “NOSH Women Summer Collection

  1. Looooooove that skirt! The fabrics are beautiful. You’ve done such a wonderful job of bringing them to life. You look beautiful! I’ve made up my mind and am ordering some fabric.

  2. Wow!! You look amazing! Love everything you made and the fabrics look so good. Love them all but the one you used for the top… I need to get some for me!! and the stripes one as well… 😉

  3. I love those fabrics!! Ive never heard of nosh before but im checking them out right now!!

    P.s you should make a pattern for that skirt. I would totally buy it!

    • Thank you Jessica. I’m so glad I’ve introduced you to NOSH, their entire collection of fabrics is purely amazing and the quality is fabulous.
      And I’m really happy you liked the skirt! I’m not a pattern maker and this is a total copy and not my design so… But who knows maybe I can be persuaded in a free tutorial someday… 😉

  4. You really did an amazing job with these beautiful fabrics. I love the pale pink with the bold black and white stripes, and the colour blocking on the top works so well. You look gorgeous and well done Bruno for the photos.

    • Thank you so much my friend! ❤ I really liked seeing the yellow with the pink too. 🙂 And yes Bruno deserves some support after having to deal with crazy blogger wife heheheh 😉 xxx

  5. Oh wow! You are on another level, these are just so amazing! Beautiful fabric combos and patterns, I love everything, especially your smiling face!

  6. OH Myyyyyyy I don’t even know where to begin….I LOVE THIS SO MUCH!!!! You look AMAZING, the fabrics are stunning and the clothes you made with them are even better. And look at you rocking a twin needle WOW!!! I can never get mine to work! Absolutely perfection! And please give dear Bruno a pad on the back for those photos….they are really really GOOD!

    • Thank you so much my sweet sweet friend! Your approval means the world to me ❤ ❤ ❤ you know I've been having the best private teacher that's really making me try harder 😉 ❤ and could you tell I was proud of the double needle? Heheh it went really well this time. Heheh Bruno was a real trouper 😉

  7. Simplesmente Fantástica!!!!!As peças que fizeste são lindas,ficas mesmo uma Cinderela,muitos parabéns 🙂 Beijinhos grandes

  8. Every single peice of garment yu made is amazing, Ines. I can´t even pick the one I like the best!
    I must get some Nosh fabric right now! (I actually have a piece and I hope I can sew with it very soon but, after seeing what you have done, I might need some more…)

  9. Oh Ines, you are so funny and gorgeous and talented 🙂 Love all the pieces. They go so well together! And I totally get jumping the joy at receiving the e-mail 😉 high five from one big girl to another 😉

  10. Adorei!
    Desde os tecidos,padrões,cor até aos cortes e espectáculo.
    Num mundo perfeito eu também usaria algodão organico sempre!xxx

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  12. I never would have chosen the same bundle of Nosh fabric as you. I wasn’t keen on the soft pink. But your outfit has made me change me mind. It all works so well together, and suit you a lot.

    Particularly like the mustard and pink together. I’ll remember that combination 😉

  13. Essa saia está uma perdição Inês! Ficava tão bem ali no meu roupeiro… hehehe… e o último look, com um touch the mustarda e pronto, mataste-me de vez! =D

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