Waterfall Shirt – Pattydoo Patterns

A few weeks ago I was contacted by Pattydoo to see if I was interested in trying their patterns. (Funny thing I saw this email on the same trip to the hill from when I saw the NOSH email – it totally felt like Christmas heheh) I had never heard of Pattydoo as I never heard of most pattern companies because I’m not a natural researcher 🙂 (lucky me I have super cool friends who keep finding new exciting things) but I’m really glad to know them now. Pattydoo is a German pattern company but they just launched an English version of their website along with translated patterns and videos. The website is really easy to use and you can learn all about their offer in a video on their main page.

LaFolie_Waterfall Shirt

Unlike most PDF patterns that bring all options included when you buy them, with Pattydoo you can choose what you want to buy, so if you know that you only like a certain neckline or sleeve option you can save and just buy what you need, and this is a cool feature by my books!! As soon as I looked around their website I knew I wanted to give a try to the Waterfall Shirt “Scarlett” version because the draped neckline is one of my favorite styles. I chose the long sleeves, regular hem options and started working.

Assembly wise the pattern pages are great, everything is easy to follow and they all match perfectly.
For this project and as advised on the fabric recommendations on the pattern I used a really lightweight jersey (in a cotton blend of some sort but I really don’t know what 🙂 hehe) to really have a good flow on the draped neckline. It was a piece that I found (as usual) on the remains bin of the local fabric shop and I think it worked perfectly for this. However it was cut slightly off grain as so many pieces that we find there, so to have enough fabric I had to embrace it. I kind of love it and think it worked lovely for this project.

LaFolie_Waterfall Shirt

The pattern includes all the needed information to make the project successfully (measurement guide, fabric requirements and recommendations, cutting diagram, sewing tips, instructions on raising the neckline) and though it doesn’t have a tutorial with images/illustrations has do most patterns we’re used to, they have the sewing steps and direct links to their really pro videos (FYI I’m not a video person at all but I may be changing that after having made this). It was so easy to understand the techniques used and all the steps after watching the video that this was a breeze to sew. I loved it, I want to make ten! Really this is just the type of top I like to use. Did I mention the seam allowance is 0,7cm? Perfect for using the serger!!! YAY  I was between sizes and decided to size down, I’m pretty happy with the fit. Other than that I only had to adjust sleeve and hem length because I’m short, and that really is something I have to do with most of the patterns.

LaFolie_Waterfall Shirt LaFolie_Waterfall Shirt LaFolie_Waterfall Shirt

I loved the techniques used on the neckline, and I really like how neat the back neckline looks too, not that you can really tell by my out of focus photo (SORRY – these were taken with auto timer along with some help from Madalena). 😀

This was a great experience and I’m definitely looking forward to try other patterns from Pattydoo.

LaFolie_Waterfall Shirt

I bet you’re tired to see my face this week right? hahaha I promise the next post will feature the precious kids instead. 😉


(This pattern was offered to me but all the opinions are honest and my own.)


11 thoughts on “Waterfall Shirt – Pattydoo Patterns

  1. A knit pattern with 0.7 cm SA….I’m sold….YES! And what a great idea with links to tutorial videos. You look stunning and that top fits you PERFECTLY!!!

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