Hoppe Jumpsuit in NOSH

Well Hello Everyone!! Yes its me, I’m back to sewing and posting more regularly, YAY! Sorry for the unforeseen absence but you know how life gets in our way sometimes… But what matters is that I got my sewjo back so hopefully I’ll be on track from now on. heheh 😉

I just started M’s A/W wardrobe, and after realizing that the girl will be needing so many things this season gahhh, not sure how I’ll handle it all hahah, I decided to start with a favorite pattern and easy sew, the Hoppe Jumpsuit from StraightGrain Patterns.

Since I had sewn it last year for the girls I already knew that the pattern was perfect and I went on without looking back. Just made a few changes to the neckline finish by skipping the facing pieces and adding rib bands, yours truly the sucker for easy hahahah!

I was obsessing with this print from NOSH the first moment I laid eyes on it, and on thursday as I contemplated what would be my first sew for M I looked at it and it was clear it had to become a Hoppe! heheh It’s PYRY in Pheasant and Black and you can see it here, its perfect as every single fabric I’ve seen from Nosh so far. The rib is also from NOSH and you can see it here, I usually buy their 1×1 rib but this 2×1 looks really cool for some projects.

This is size 8 for my 8 year old and I’m really pleased with how it fits, it’s a bit long still because I want it to last, these kids grow too fast!!

You can get your Hoppe Jumpsuit here.

Hoppe you’re just has happy as me with this comeback! heheh 😀

Thanks a million for stopping by! Hugs! ❤





Project Sew It – Farrah Dress

I know I know, its mid May already but better late than never right? heheh Yep I’m talking about my April Project Sew It make; last months’ theme was dresses and I decided to try the new Chalk and Notch pattern the Farrah Dress.

I’m so in Love with this dress, the pattern is perfect, but no surprise there since I already know Gabriela always delivers amazingness. The Farrah comes with two different views both in tunic and dress length and I just adore the ruffles on this one. To be honest I was a bit afraid of how they’d look on me since I have broad shoulders but I’m sold on this look.

I was planning to sew it all in woven but since I didn’t have enough of the main I went rogue and paired it with gorgeous black flamé jersey from NOSH. The main fabric is an organic cotton voile from Cloud9, bought last year at Retrosaria, I was immediately hooked on the print and couldn’t help myself in buying some, happy I did because I really love how this dress turned out, perfect for Summer!

Although my sewing isn’t perfect I absolutely loved making this dress, the construction  of the armhole with the “gusset” piece is so much fun. Also love the asymmetrical side seam, all cool details that make this dress super special. This is size 6 and I only have good thoughts on the fit, yep Gabriela knows what she’s doing. ❤

Unfortunately I don’t have photos on the back, well actually I don’t have many photos of the dress… but I guess you can get an idea from these few. 😀

You can get the Farrah Blouse & Dress pattern here.

Lets see if I’m still able to sew and blog this months’ project sew it make in time. heheh I’ve been delayed since I’ve decided to start selling some of my handmades YAY, if you’re interested you can check out my FB shop here, it’s just a group for now but I’m planning to make an Easy shop soon. 😉

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Fashion Revolution 2017

Yep, another year has gone by and here am I spreading the word on the Fashion Revolution Movement. Created in sequence of the devastating tragedy of Rana Plaza’s collapse in 2013, Fashion Revolution movement and others similar are finally starting to get traction and I believe slowly but effectively changing collective consciousness regarding the Fashion Industry terrible practices.

This year I decided to share with you my own choices during 2016, the clothes I made and the clothes I bought for myself. A bit of a reality check.

I was definitely surprised when I looked back at all the things I sewn for myself last year, a total of 15 pieces: 1 Jacket, 2 Blazers, 3 T-shirts, 3 Dresses; 3 Tops, 1 Sweatshirt,  1 Sweater and 1 Swimsuit. Most of these were sewn with either Organic Cotton or Fabric bought locally, which I know comes, in most cases, from factories located here Portugal. It makes me really happy that all of those, apart from 2 T-shirts (that I’m not so sure if suit me well) have been on heavy rotation and are getting plenty of use.

I’m getting close to sew all the things I need for myself, I already sew practically all my kids clothes and this year I already started sewing for my sweet husband, but I’m only human (can you believe that? hahaha), “succumbing” to consumerism from time to time and making plenty of mistakes when it comes to my action on this planet; from mostly using a car in my everyday life to not being very good at recycling or taking longer than needed showers with super hot water (I don’t know if I can ever survive without that LOL), there’s still so much I have to adjust…

So last year I still bought a few “fast fashion” pieces: 1 skirt, 1 T-shirt, 2 Jumpsuits, 1 pair of Jeans and 1 pair of Trousers. I feel guilty, yes, and I know I’m very moderate on my consumerism both from natural self-control and family budget constraints. But what troubles me the most is that I’m privileged, I get to make most of my clothes, I get to choose Organic Cotton lots of times, I even get to have time to reflect on all of this. Most people aren’t able to do that or afford buying all their clothes from sustainable brands, and that’s exactly why it’s so important to force big chains to change their business. I really hope this Revolution will have power to set higher standards for the industry and improve worker conditions, I hope brands start caring for basic human rights and I hope we can all benefit from changing our consumer paradigms in the future. Even small steps in our action will definitely make an impact so whenever you can, choose better, I sure will keep trying. ❤

This week check out Fashion Revolution website (here) and ask your favorite brands “who made my clothes” or if you’re a maker join #makersforfashrev, a fun challenge created by Emily from In the Folds, you can learn more about it here.

And don’t forget to Spread the Word. Join the Revolution!