Hoppe Jumpsuit in NOSH

Well Hello Everyone!! Yes its me, I’m back to sewing and posting more regularly, YAY! Sorry for the unforeseen absence but you know how life gets in our way sometimes… But what matters is that I got my sewjo back so hopefully I’ll be on track from now on. heheh πŸ˜‰

I just started M’s A/W wardrobe, and after realizing that the girl will be needing so many things this season gahhh, not sure how I’ll handle it all hahah, I decided to start with a favorite pattern and easy sew, the Hoppe Jumpsuit from StraightGrain Patterns.

Since I had sewn it last year for the girls I already knew that the pattern was perfect and I went on without looking back. Just made a few changes to the neckline finish by skipping the facing pieces and adding rib bands, yours truly the sucker for easy hahahah!

I was obsessing with this print from NOSH the first moment I laid eyes on it, and on thursday as I contemplated what would be my first sew for M I looked at it and it was clear it had to become a Hoppe! heheh It’s PYRY in Pheasant and Black and you can see it here, its perfect as every single fabric I’ve seen from Nosh so far. The rib is also from NOSH and you can see it here, I usually buy their 1×1 rib but this 2×1 looks really cool for some projects.

This is size 8 for my 8 year old and I’m really pleased with how it fits, it’s a bit long still because I want it to last, these kids grow too fast!!

You can get your Hoppe Jumpsuit here.

Hoppe you’re just has happy as me with this comeback! heheh πŸ˜€

Thanks a million for stopping by! Hugs! ❀





5 thoughts on “Hoppe Jumpsuit in NOSH

  1. So happy you’re back my dear! This is perfect, I love the changes you made, that black ribbing goes so well with the print. I am hoping I have enough of the blue colourway of this print left for a similar Hoppe for Willow.

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