Waterfall Raglan + Ash Pants

La Folie - Waterfall Raglan + Ash Pants

Yep I’m not done with the Waterfall… heheh I made this one back in November along with these super cool (pardon my lack of modesty here heheh) Ash pants from Petit a Petit patterns. This was one of my favorite outfits from last year.

La Folie - Waterfall Raglan + Ash Pants

M. was really needing pants and after I saw the gorgeous ones Rachel made for Petit a Petit tour (you can see them here), I knew I had to make a pair too. As you may know I have a special relation with the Ash Jumpsuit pattern, it was the reason this blog came to be,  so I always go back to it from time to time. ❤  The fabric is another awesome find from my local shop, some kind of knit/denim thing, medium weight and just perfect for this.

La Folie - Waterfall Raglan + Ash Pants

I think the Waterfall Raglan from Chalk and Notch will be used a million times around here, both kids and women’s version, just warning you. 😀 The fabric is gorgeous jersey from NOSH, seriously you may think I’m biased from having blogged for them from time to time, but this is really GOOD fabric, totally my first choice whenever I can afford it. This color is no longer available but they have so many great ones, I can’t open their page without wanting to buy a million things, you’ve been warned! hehe

La Folie - Waterfall Raglan + Ash Pants

La Folie - Waterfall Raglan + Ash Pants

Ohh good times when my double needle wasn’t playing tricks on me. ❤ See that little mistake on the part where the ruffle joins? Yeah my sewing isn’t perfect but I always try to believe it is better to let go… hahaha Who has time to unpick a serged seam anyway? To tell the truth I sometimes do but its only when I just can’t get pass it and I can totally live with this one… maybe I shouldn’t… but I can… 😀

La Folie - Waterfall Raglan + Ash Pants

La Folie - Waterfall Raglan + Ash Pants

La Folie - Waterfall Raglan + Ash Pants

You can get the Ash Jumpsuit pattern here, the Waterfall Raglan pattern here and check out gorgeous NOSH jerseys here.

La Folie - Waterfall Raglan + Ash Pants

Thanks for stopping by! Hugs. ❤


8 thoughts on “Waterfall Raglan + Ash Pants

  1. This combination is perfect. I am hoping my daughter (she’s 8) will start liking pants. I love sewing dresses for her, but there are so many cool pants outfits I’d like to make her!

    • Thanks a million Felicia! I thought my girl would never like pants but all of a sudden it’s all she wants to wear. 😀 don’t loose hope hehe Oh and the ash Jumpsuit also makes a great dress if you replace the pants for a basic skirt. I’ve tried it and it was one of my girls favourites. 😉 xo

  2. This is an awesome kids outfit that I bet will get tons of wear! And I’m not even going to mention that black overlock thread ;-)) (you know I love you! hehe)

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