Project Sew It – January

La Folie - Project Sew It - January

My Project Sew It goal last year was to sew one item of clothing for myself each month. Yep, you guessed right, I totally failed… This year I have the same goal but I’ll try to do better hehehe. Celina added optional themes to each month this year and I decided to embrace them to make it even more fun. If you don’t know Project Sew it you can check out Celina’s post announcing it last year (here). Everything happens in our FB group but I’ll do my best to keep my makings up to date here no the blog; I share pretty much every item I sew on IG but I’m a bit more lazy to get them here… ahem 😉

La Folie - Project Sew It - January

This months’ theme was Sweaters and since my sweater knit stash is currently pretty limited it was almost a no brainer to choose this lovely light grey wool sweater knit (actually I’m not really sure on the contents of this, it feels like it might have a bit of acrylic but I may be wrong).

I had just a small amount of the fabric so trust me when I say I used pretty much every single bit of it to make this Hemlock Tee. Was it a hard decision, what to sew this month? (You might be tempted to ask) Nope hahaha The pattern was right there, cut and ready looking at me hahah and I already knew it would probably work in this fabric… Me as usual… hahahah I did dream of making this one here for a while but laziness (Gosh I use this word to describe myself so many times, whats wrong with me? hahahah) and the fact I don’t have much feedback on their patterns won. But I may be giving it a try because I really love the design.

La Folie - Project Sew It - January

I made two minor changes to the pattern. For the neckline, and since I only had a tiny strip of fabric left (not even wide enough for a band), I sewed it on the neckline right sides together as close to the edge as possible, turned over to the wrong side of the fabric and stitched it in place with a zigzag stitch (don’t forget pressing, yeah I’m a good girl now heheh). I usually prefer finishing stretch seams with a double needle but lately it hasn’t been working; I bought a new one, good thread, all the usual things I do to make it work and still nothing, so I decided to keep it cool and just go with the flow… 😉 I do like the result so all good.

La Folie - Project Sew It - January

I had limited amount of fabric has I said before so I had to cut the sleeves shorter and add cuffs, I’m really pleased with how it turned out though. I also cut the front and back bodice pieces 10 cm shorter, the same I did on my first take on this pattern which became one of my favorite sweaters since I made it (you can see it here).

The Hemlock Tee is a free pattern by Grainline Studio and you can get more details on how to get it here. It only comes in one size but I know for a fact it works great on many different body types, just check this post here. Don’t forget to check out Project Sew It FB group, it’s a super fun and full of inspiration, best part: you’re totally free to set your own Project Sew It goal.

Thank you sweet Andreia for finding this cozy lovely fabric for me, you’re the best! ❤

La Folie - Project Sew It - January

Thanks for stopping by! Hugs! ❤


3 thoughts on “Project Sew It – January

  1. Ahhhh, this looks SO good. I LOVE the fabric! And you look as always gorgeous! I also totally love that sweater you linked to. I have never heard of that brand before I think. Maybe we should do it together 😉

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