Madeit Fashion Week . Drop

La Folie - Madeit Fashion Week - Drop

If there’s something I never imagine  I’d be doing one day was to be part of a Fashion Week, even a virtual one. But here we are hehehe It’s Madeit Patterns Fashion Week and I’m so very happy to take part. I had so much fun!

La Folie - Madeit Fashion Week - Drop

For this Fashion Show we were asked to sew their latest pattern called DROP. It’s a knit dress or top super easy to sew but that looks super cool and stylish, so do I want it? Yes please!!!! The perfect fabric for it was already in my stash and all; who cares that I bought it to make some hopefully cool pants from a Japanese pattern? I didn’t even blink, it was destiny! Haha 

La Folie - Madeit Fashion Week - Drop

Just reading through the instructions made my day and I couldn’t help myself from sharing a silly photo for #droptashtic, yep we are starting a movement; it’s impossible to resist! Check out the hashtag on IG and laugh with us. 😉 I laughed so hard, Olu really has a wonderful sense of humor!! 

La Folie - Madeit Fashion Week - Drop

Sooo back to Drop. From the first moment I knew I wanted to go with the dress version and luckily I had enough of my choice of fabric to make it. I don’t really know how long it took me from printing to pressing the final seams but it felt like a blink of an eye. Seriously so fast and such a perfect result! Yes!! I want more! 

La Folie - Madeit Fashion Week - Drop

The fabric is NOSH jersey Fantasia again, which I become obsessed with after making a Groove dress this summer (here). I love it so much! I do think I might have messed up a bit while placing the pattern according to grain but I still Love it anyway. You know I can leave peacefully with most of my mistakes heheh 😉 (although that sure doesn’t mean I don’t notice them)

La Folie - Madeit Fashion Week - Drop

La Folie - Madeit Fashion Week - Drop

The pattern asks for a lighter weight fabric but this one still works great, if only I had some more of this fabric in black… I think I need it… for a DROP top, totally legit basic need IMO hahah I keep asking Santa for fabric but he never listens sigh… hahaha You think maybe he doesn’t read my blog?! hahahahah 

La Folie - Madeit Fashion Week - Drop

La Folie - Madeit Fashion Week - Drop

Where did I Drop those pins? If I don’t pick them from the floor Bruno will kill me… hahahah This is a classic pose if you have to take photos of your DROP. 😀

We were asked to photograph our DROP’s with some cool backdrops… Humm taking photos outside isn’t one of my favourite things particularly of myself. Even with my sweet husband helping me, so I went with my boring white wall again… yes I know… don’t be disappointed with me, we all have our strengths hehehehe If you’d know me a few years ago you’d never even imagine I’d be keen on taking and sharing photos of myself… soo this already feels like a big victory hehhehe 😀 

However you know I’m a sucker for having fun with photo collages so here you go: the most amazing backdrop is mine!! Bahaha Because I’m part alien and can turn into a giant, who can just fly to the moon  (superman style but no cape needed) and survive without atmosphere! You love it right? Hahahaha just look at those pretty stars! Amazing! Hahahaha

La Folie - Madeit Fashion Week - Drop

Ok I’m so silly hahahah I hope my kids don’t be embarrassed by their mom when they go through this blog one day hahahah

But then again today is the first day of December so yeah I’m feeling Christmas vibes people!! Hope you like my new Christmas Card! hahahah 😉 This is so Fashion Week appropriate don’t you think? hahahah

La Folie - Madeit Fashion Week - Drop

There are some incredible ladies taking part in this Fashion Week so check Olu’s tour posts to keep up with everything (here). Ohh and be sure to have a look at Madeit Patterns pattern shop since they’re offering 20% off DROP during Madeit Fashion Week by using code ‘MFW2016’.


Or if you’re feeling lucky today there’s also a giveaway! Only one comment allowed per person. Good Luck! 😉


Thank you so much Anna and Olu for inviting me to Madeit Fashion Week. I love DROP a lot and I can’t wait to get some cool fabric to make another one! 

La Folie - Madeit Fashion Week - Drop

And since I’m always in silly mode I just can’t help myself from sharing this song (go on and press play! just do it ok? Indulge me please Bahah) I know Olu already shared it but I’ve been singing it ever since I got the invitation so I had to do it! hahahah

You can get your copy of DROP here.

La Folie - Madeit Fashion Week - Drop

Thanks for Dropping by! 😉 Hugs! ❤


23 thoughts on “Madeit Fashion Week . Drop

  1. Oh Ines, you are the BEST. I was giggling all the way through your blog post. And smiling because you look stunning. You really know how to ‘Drop it Like You’re Hot’. So hot, on fire, smokin’.

    Thank you so much for being part of Madeit Fashion Week.

    P.S. I’m still smiling.

  2. Hahaaha! I love your post and your dress, I can’t believe you went to outer space to take pics!! Thanks so much for taking part you look awesome in your Drop 🙂

  3. You are just too funny!!! I love the dress and I love this post. Awesome. And now I want some of that fabric. You think if we both wrote to Santa together, he might finally respond?? 😉

  4. Hahahaha I love you so much!! And you are such a BABE!!! Don’t you ever say again that you hate your hair…my goodness it is incredible!!! And you look seriously fantastic in this dress….it is definitely on the top 3 of my favorite things that you have made yourself. (I have a feeling I have said that before haha). Love love love!

  5. So I meant to come back and be the 8th person to comment and then completely forgot 😀 You’re hilarious and you look absolutely fantastic in this, another amazing fabric choice and the pattern is perfect for you. You make me want to buy all the Nosh fabric.

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