Gym Class

La Folie - Gym Class

 Ever since I sewed M’s Groove Dress in NOSH autumn collection (here) that I’ve been wanting to make her this outfit.
School just started and usually we have warm days for a while longer, besides that M. gives preference to gym shorts over sweats pants in a heartbeat for as long as I allow. Unlike me she’s never cold that girl… So yep shorts and T-shirts still make total sense around here. hehehe

La Folie - Gym Class

I had my heart set on this OTTOBRE shorts pattern ever since my sweet friend Olu made them a while ago (see them here). I Loved her version and knew I wanted to give it a try sometime. As soon as I realised I would have some NOSH striped fabric left there was no way back… 😉

The pattern (nº 12 from issue 3/2014) is pretty straightforward and despite not being able to read more than a few sentences in French (in Portugal we usually only find the French version) and being my first time sewing this type of shorts everything went pretty well. Well I didn’t manage perfect stripe matching…. (Eye roll…..) but apart from that I’m happy with how they turned out. This is size 116cm and I’m pleased with how they fit. You already know by now that I’m lazy so you won’t be surprised if I tell you that sometimes I pretty much select size by height and go with that, without looking at the rest of the measurements… I know!! Big time sinner… Eeek heheheh

La Folie - Gym Class

The pattern comes with front pockets and a back pockets that I skipped for pure laziness… sigh I’m the worst… hahah

For the T-shirt I didn’t have to think much either. I went with my favorite raglan pattern from Titchy Threads – the Safari Raglan Tee and Dress (you can get it here). This is size 7 (one size up from her height measurement), maybe still a bit long for my girl but she’ll grow to it. 🙂

La Folie - Gym Class

Both fabrics are from NOSH and although these were given to me for the autumn collection post, I totally “practice what I preach” here; most of the knits I use are bought from them exactly because the quality is fantastic.

La Folie - Gym Class

Ha, those teeth are killing me with cuteness! ❤

La Folie - Gym Class

La Folie - Gym Class

Yep, F. also started preschool this year, I can’t wait for her reaction regarding Gym classes. I bet she’ll love it, my little crazy gymnast/daredevil/ballerina. 😀

Thanks for stopping by! Hugs. ❤


6 thoughts on “Gym Class

  1. You didn’t manage perfect stripe matching??? I’m not sure we are looking at the same post because it looks pretty darn perfect to me! This outfit is super cool and I have a shorts loving girl in this house too. I very rarely sew them though….strange! Maybe next year I’ll get it together and sew what my girls actually need and use…maybe 😉 Both your girls are seriously beautiful…no wonder when I see their parents of course! ❤

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