Flared Pullover

La Folie - Flared Pullover

The first item of clothing I sewed when I first started “self teaching myself” a few years ago, was from a Japanese pattern. I didn’t know a thing about sewing techniques so I just traced the pattern and guessed my way trough it with the help of the few construction steps that showed on the images. I think I didn’t even add seam allowance, Ha! But I was happy, and a big love was born. Ever since then Japanese sewing books are one of my biggest inspiration sources and I don’t really know how I only bought my first Japanese book with women’s patterns last year… But I’m happy I did because it’s a great one. 😀

It’s called Clean and Natural and I bought it at Retrosaria Rosa Pomar; I prefer to actually see the books for real before making my choice, so whenever Rosa tells me new ones arrived to the shop I do my best to drop by and have a look. ❤


You can see a more thorough review of this book over at Japanese Sewing Books blog here, but I took a photo of the project list to give you an idea. I want to make almost everything in this book. I already tried Pattern E, the cover pattern (here), Pattern M (here) and I dream of making pattern Y soon.


I’ve been wanting to try pattern A, Flared Pullover ever since I got the book. You see I had this beautiful and super soft eyelet from Michael Miller piece left from my STYLO spread (you can see that post here) and I knew it was just perfect for it.


Last week I finally did. 😀 The pattern comes in two sizes and from measurements I went with the largest size L/LL, though it’s a loose fit style better safe than sorry right?

La Folie - Flared Pullover

I’m happy with how it fits and the fabric really works beautifully for it. I had to carefully plan my way trough cutting the pattern pieces on the fabric since I had a limited amount. In the end I had to cut the top back part in the opposite direction from the rest but it’s hardly noticeable and I don’t mind. If someone asks it’s a design feature, heheh! Actually the back piece is the only one cut according to grain hahah For some reason I like it best in the opposite direction and since I had sewn it before like that, I knew it wouldn’t be a problem. 😉

La Folie - Flared Pullover

I completely lost track of my Project Sew It challenge of sewing one item for me each month this year, but I hope to get back on track now that both, wait what?! Yep both my girls are at school now; F. just started pre-school last week and it’s going great so far. ❤

La Folie - Flared Pullover La Folie - Flared Pullover
It was really hard to photograph this fabric with my current skills ahaha but I hope you can get a good feel on how the pattern and the fabric work together. I can tell you I’m very pleased and that it will be used tons for sure. 😉 Successful makes are such a motivation right? Next I’ll be dwelling on pants Pattern Q… Eeeek hope it works…

You can see the whole collection of Michael Miller Eyelet here.

La Folie - Flared Pullover

Thanks for stopping by. Hugs! ❤

The fabric for this top was given to me by Michael Miller, but all the opinions are my own.

4 thoughts on “Flared Pullover

  1. Oh, this top is beautiful! I have a new but full blown love for eyelet and I’m dying to make something for myself. A top like this could be a good bet. LOVE it! And I love to hear that you are going to sew more for yourself! ❤

  2. The top is beautiful. Love the shape of it. A true example when less is more. I recently discovered that I can boron Japanese sewing books from library! Gotta check out our local library 😀

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