Fashion Revolution Week


As a maker I couldn’t let pass the opportunity to raise awareness on Fashion Revolution cause. It’s been 3 years since the Rana Plaza tragedy, where lives were lost  and others got injured while doing something that is supposed to be as safe as possible: working to make a living!
Fashion Revolution Organization set as their goal to change the mind of consumers and Fashion brands, promoting a fairer, Eco-friendly, sustainable chain of production.
Have your ever stopped to think how is it possible that one T-shirt costs 3€? There’s absolutely no business magic that can make that happen; I believe that it’s only possible with underpaid workers throughout the chain of production, poor work conditions and poor raw materials! Have you ever stopped to think why the sweater you bought looks like crap after you used it twice? Yeah it’s because it’s meant to be that way. It keeps the cycle alive, you just have to go buy another one and since they’re so cheap there’s no problem right? We are so wrong in that…

Even if we can’t afford expensive clothes, that’s not a quality warranty anyway, we should definitely rethink our strategy as consumers. Things used to be different, people used to buy, whenever they could afford, but they bought things to last, not to be replaced the next month. People valued good materials, things like bed sheets lasted a lifetime, we still see those vintage ones being UPcycled all the time and referred to as great raw material.

La Folie - Fashion Revolution Week

How did we end up here if not for greed?
I’m not putting myself out of the equation! I’m a daughter of the 80s, I grew up in the consumerism galore era! Bad habits are hard to break… I have my share of bad buys, and probably there will still be moments when I won’t be able to resist those 2€ leggings for my kids; they’re even made with organic cotton right? Yeah right…
But I can tell you this, since I first took part on Fashion Revolution (here) I have been much more contained on those buys. I know it’s hard to buy all the clothes from Eco and sustainable brands or local makers because they’re more expensive, particularly with kids outgrowing clothes in a blink of an eye, but if we all start making conscientious choices things will hopefully improve. And we should definitely make whatever its in our power to make companies respect workers and stop seeing them as an opportunity to raise their profit…

La Folie - Fashion Revolution Week

For us makers, a great way to have a more sustainable approach to our craft is to choose organic or eco fabrics, but we can also make an effort to reuse materials. Upcycling clothes you’d no longer wear for this or that reason but that still can be turned into something else and look good. Yesterday, as part of the Fashion Revolution Week event we are having at Petit à Petit and Family, I shared some great tutorials and projects to inspire us in putting our UPcycle pile to good use (you can read it here). When I started sewing I did it more often that I do now and I should definitely go back to it.

And this brings me to this dress I wanted to show you today. It was made using the fabric of an old tunic of mine; I made it for M. right when I started sewing. It shows right? Hehe It was one of the first garments I sewed so please look at it with kindness. 😉 The fabric started to rip in the arm seam (sometimes I buy things thinking I wear a different size LOL) anyway, I absolutely loved the fabric and I could not part with it so I decided to use it.

La Folie - Fashion Revolution Week

La Folie - Fashion Revolution Week

The project is from this Japanese book and I bought it here.

The special thing about this dress for me is that is was worn by me, by M. and now it’s being used by F.; it feels so good to know we can prolongue the life of that material and not throw it prematurely to a landfill. And it will probably still be good to be worn by another child, or maybe I’ll be able to reuse it for a small accessory… These are the changes we can make, these are all in our reach… This will be my commitment for this year, I want to use all those materials that lay forgotten on my UPcycle drawer and I hope you feel inspired to do it more often too because it’s totally worth it!

La Folie - Fashion Revolution Week

That is M. wearing it 5 years ago. 😀 She was a year younger than F. is now when I made it.

La Folie - Fashion Revolution Week

La Folie - Fashion Revolution Week

La Folie - Fashion Revolution Week

 I still think Raveena Allah’s article The Clothes on Your Back is worth a read, it’s a really eye opener… But over at Fashion Revolution website (here) you can find a lot more information and keep up with the changes being made towards a more sustainable atitude from all the involved in the Fashion Industry.

Don’t forget to link up your “I made my clothes” or “mom made my clothes” to our link party at Petit à Petit and Family. Check it out here.

La Folie - Fashion Revolution Week

Be a Revolutionary however you can!!!



4 thoughts on “Fashion Revolution Week

  1. “Please look at it with kindness.” You crack me up, lol! It looks wonderful and how special to have a garment that you all three have worn – or the fabric but you know what I mean 🙂
    She is the most adorable girl, seriously!

  2. CHIC girl’s dress & fabulous that another can wear this dress! The fabric is gorgeous indeed! Unique pattern too. Thanks for sharing.

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