Eleena Dress – tester version

Pattern testing is always big fun. Sewing the same project along with some sweet friends and many other super talented ladies is just perfect time by my books. I really love to see how everyone has different styles, and how fabric choice results in really diferent takes of the same thing. These last weeks I’ve been testing a new sewing pattern being released today. I’m talking about the Eleena dress by Coffee and Thread. As soon has I saw Olga’s photos on this dress I knew I wanted to try it. It’s such a pretty  design, the inverted front pleat and the collar… Love them!

La Folie - Eleena Dress - Tester Version

Being a tester version this dress has some diferences from the final improved pattern. Here the sleeve length wasn’t yet perfectly adjusted so it was a bit short for F., don’t worry its perfect on the final version of the pattern. The other thing that is different from the design is the dress length, which I totally messed up and made too short. heheh Yeah the second one I made is good. I think I said I would try and bring this one down a bit with the fabric I have but hummm will lazy me ever do it? LOL

La Folie - Eleena Dress - Tester Version

For this dress I used some lightweight denim from my local shop, well I call it lightweight because it’s not jeans material, but it is heavier than a quilting cotton, I think its kind of the same weight as twill. But clearly the collar is the star here, I’m so happy I changed my first option to this Liberty print. ❤

I should have changed the lining pieces too, the ones I used were matching the previous collar but I was lazy… and it shows duh! hehehe No worries I still love it, you know I love perfect but I can live with imperfect. There are two beings conflicting inside of me and the lazy one always wins, go figure! bahahah

La Folie - Eleena Dress - Tester VersionLa Folie - Eleena Dress - Tester Version

Sooo biggest fear of yours truly, sewing invisible zippers!!! I asked the mighty sewing Gods for inspiration (aka Ryan Gosling and Mie, and for those who read my facebook post sorry if it wasn’t perfectly clear who they were hehehehe). And I kind of managed it, apart from a 3mm diference, yeah I notice it big time, but F.’s hair will cover it most of the time and hide my bad sewing hahahaha. No seriously, I was pretty happy because the zipper itself is pretty much invisible, so definitely a win!

La Folie - Eleena Dress - Tester Version

Say hello to Queen Elsa. 😀 Yes I’m dreading Frozen two already… ahahah we have a total of 3 Anna’s and 3 Elsa’s dolls in different sizes (yes two of them sing – insert some sort of panic emoji here), 1 Olaf, 2 Elsa dresses and 1 Anna dress in the girls sizes; original soundtrack (because if I have to listen to Disney songs at least it has the educational purpose of improving their english hahaha – ok I confess I like to sing them too, who am I kidding) , the dvd, and two sticker albums… bahahha

OMG this is all my fault, I know that!! What am I doing to my kids?! LOL Oh, and there may or may not exist a photo of sweet daddy with a giant Olaf, that he took specially for the girls when he was in London during last fall. 😀 😀 😀 Seriously people we have issues! hehehe

La Folie - Eleena Dress - Tester VersionLa Folie - Eleena Dress - Tester Version

Has you can see, I still have to be more gentle while sewing invisible zippers because I ended up with a bit of puckering, but you know practice makes perfection or something like that! heheh 😉

The pattern features 3 sleeve options, I made long sleeves, but there are pattern pieces and instructions for short and flutter sleeves. Perfect for more summery versions. You can also opt to make it collarless.

La Folie - Eleena Dress - Tester Version

I hope you liked my take on Eleena, I really recommend this pattern and I’ll share a second, more cloudy version 😀 soon.

You can get your Eleena pattern here, it will be on a special price until Friday so don’t miss out! 😉

La Folie - Eleena Dress - Tester Version

Thanks for stopping by.

Hugs. ❤


13 thoughts on “Eleena Dress – tester version

  1. Haha you do have issues but I think your girls appreciate them! ❤ Who am I to say something, even my boy has 2 Olafs and sings "Let it go" like he´s on X Factor hahaha! That liberty collar is the perfect add and your zipper is perfection!

  2. Beautiful, beautiful version and I’m VERY proud of your invisible zipper that is indeed invisible!! YAY, I knew you can do it! And for the top difference…well, now you have learned to always check that before you keep on sewing so that has a great purpose right there!! 🙂

  3. I think you already know how much I love this dress — and if you don’t, then I’m telling you now: I LOVE THIS DRESS SO MUCH!!!!!! That collar is the perfect touch!

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