Christmas PJ’s 2015

So this is it. I finally decided something. It’s nothing definitive, I really don’t know, but I do know this: I love this blog, it makes me happy; I love kids style and I won’t abandon it. I’m not resuming normalcy without giving this subject a lot of thought trust me; and I’m not even absolutely certain my choice is right, or that my girls won’t be offended with me later in their lives for sharing some bits of their lives, we will deal with that when time comes. For now I can say that this makes me happy. Am I being a bit selfish? Maybe… I just know that what I share comes from a place of joy and aims to inspire first myself to keep sewing and, if its not too presumptuous of me, maybe others. I’m not even saying I know what I’m doing because this high tech world presents us so many dangers that its overwhelming to think about the future… But I know I aim to live the present, and if there is anything in the world I love to do is sewing and sharing that passion with others. I ask you with all my heart not to judge me, I’m not saying my decision is the absolute right thing and I have total and absolute respect for everyone who wants to make different. Thank you for being here.

Moving on.

or trying

La Folie - Christmas PJ 2015

There is always a first. This was the first matching Christmas PJs I ever made for the girls. In Portugal the presents are usually open on Christmas Eve so no one is yet on pretty PJs to take cute photos hahah. But since we always spend Christmas eve at my moms or with my husbands family we always leave some presents Santa always delivers some presents during the night at our home and the girls unwrap them in the morning. I really like that tradition, though I didn’t think that way when I was a kid. ahem Sorry girls its just way cuter this way! hahahah Anyhow, I went with my friend Andreia to a shop in the beginning of December and she bought some fabric to make PJs for her kids, and it got me thinking I should do the same. 😀 Peer Pressure working LOL

La Folie - Christmas PJ 2015

I made a first attempt but quickly realized I wouldn’t be able to make matching ones, so I diverted and ended up using a much treasured Andrea Lauren Constellation print I had in my stash. It is Spoonflower Organic Interlock, and though the quality feels really good, my machines don’t really like to sew it. Nothing that would keep me from buying again though, just mentioning it because I had to completely change tension settings on my serger, and it can be helpful if anyone faces the same issue.

La Folie - Christmas PJ 2015

For the top I used Safari Raglan Pattern from Titchy Threads in dress length, no changes. Size 6 for M. and size 2 for F. For bottoms I went with Dressage leggings from Jennuine Design, size 8 for M. and 3 for F.; I went up with the sizes on the leggings because I was using a sweatshirt fleece (not heavy) with very little stretch, which is not recommended for this pattern but it went perfect with the Andrea Lauren print. I don’t regret it, worked perfectly and M. didn’t want to take them of because they are really soft. 🙂 I absolutely love both patterns, they are everything perfect by my books and totally recommend them.

La Folie - Christmas PJ 2015

I usually don’t use decorative stitches but I think these worked great for hemming the leggings.

La Folie - Christmas PJ 2015 La Folie - Christmas PJ 2015

(ahem sorry for the green photo I tried to remove it but wasn’t successful has you can see, and I know you don’t expect good/perfect photos over here sooo… who cares hahaha seriously I do but sometimes its just not that important :D)

For the neckline I used a really thin rib knit, which is perfect to finish the neckline like you were using visible bias tape. I’m usually not a fan of using zigzag stitch but this particular fabric made me scared of using the double needle. I think it looks great like this too, and its definitely less stressful. heheheh

La Folie - Christmas PJ 2015 La Folie - Christmas PJ 2015

I’m really pleased with the result, and though the fabric isn’t really Christmasy lol, the girls loved having matching PJs, WIN! 🙂 And Andrea Lauren prints always wins my heart to everyone is happy heheheh

You can get the:

Safari Raglan Top & Dress here – Dressage Leggings pattern here – and beautiful Andrea Lauren print here

La Folie - Christmas PJ 2015 La Folie - Christmas PJ 2015 La Folie - Christmas PJ 2015 La Folie - Christmas PJ 2015 La Folie - Christmas PJ 2015

Thanks for stopping by! Wish you all an amazing 2016! ❤ ❤ ❤



15 thoughts on “Christmas PJ’s 2015

  1. I’m glad to have you back, ever with all the “what if”‘s. I hope time helps to organize your thoughts and your heart 💕 And I’m glad I was the reason that made you do these perfect pijamas, because I ended up not making any hahaha!! 😂😂

  2. So glad you are back my friend ❤ Ninguém tem o direito de julgar ninguém, as decisões boas são as que nos fazem bem, os outros que … vão passear macacos! 😉 ❤ Pijamas lindos nessas miúdas maravilhosas! ❤

  3. Welcome back! I’m sure your girls will look back one day and be very proud of their mamma! We can see and feel all the love you put in your sewing. That’s a beautiful thing to share. No one has the right to take that away from you! Love the pj’s! The little embroidery on the hem is just perfect! Wishing you and your family all the love and happinness for 2016!

  4. I’m so happy that you decide to keep going for at least a bit longer. These pajamas are way cute and the fabric is stunning. Those action photos are too fun!

  5. I am so glad you decided to continue with the blog — I find so much inspiration from everything you make and I love your pictures (what are you talking about, woman!). These pajamas are so lovely; makes me want to sew a pair for my girls. Maybe someday, ha ha ha. And that Safari Raglan is the perfect pattern for it!

  6. You can always change your mind tomorrow- that the beauty of having your own blog and that is that it’s yours and you do what you want. You def inspire me, so in a selfish way I am happy you are back 😀 Now these pj’s and photos are adorable. These girls are very lucky to have you. ❤

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