1st Japanese Sewing Week

A few months ago Sara and Monica decided to create a facebook group where Japanese sewing book fans could share their makings and be inspired. And soon enough Sara had the idea of creating this event (read more about it here). I had to jump in naturally. I love sewing Japanese patterns. The very first garment I sewn was with a pattern from the book Handmade for babies. I’m kind of a snob and still buy them in Japanese lol, though it makes my life much harder because well I don’t speak Japanese hahah But that will probably change soon with all the great titles being released in english. And for once I’ll be able to know exactly what I’m doing without having to be “creative”. heheheh

La Folie - 1st Japanese Sewing Week

It was only this summer that I bought my first Japanese book for Women and I only used one pattern so far (you can see it here). The book is called Clean and Natural and I bought it at Retrosaria, they always carry a beautifully curated selection. I really love pretty much all the styles on the book so this event was the perfect excuse to give it another go.

La Folie - 1st Japanese Sewing Week

La Folie - 1st Japanese Sewing Week

I decided to use pattern E, which is a peplum pullover. I’m not certain I could pull a peplum off so I decided to turn it into a dress. Yep I like to complicate stuff… hahahah Why not just sew a pattern for a dress?! I know… But truth be told this is a basic alteration, just added length to the peplum and its done. 😀 This pattern only has one size and I was really happy to fit in it. I couldn’t figure out the size it was and I did not make a muslin, yes I’m absolutely crazy, but it’s a loose fit style so it’s probably good for a few sizes.

La Folie - 1st Japanese Sewing Week

Besides adding the skirt part, I also changed the neckline finish; I preferred to make a facing for the front but also for the back, since I opted to cut the back piece on fold and not two separate pieces has instructed. So my back facing had to include the neckline opening.

La Folie - 1st Japanese Sewing Week

Yep I have to change that elastic on the button loop since its way too stretchy… I new what would happen but sometimes I just can’t help myself and my stubbornness on going for the easy path… lol

La Folie - 1st Japanese Sewing Week

La Folie - 1st Japanese Sewing Week

And now the psychedelic fabric… I’m loving it! 😀 Perfect for a crazy person like yours truly hahah No seriously, I bought it this summer clearly under the influence of Farrah’s amazing spread for STYLO Magazine (see it here). It’s probably rayon crepe or something (yeah again I don’t have a clue – I’m a terrible blogger heheh), great drape and much easier to sew than what I expected. Yay!! It’s from local fabric shop Feira dos tecidos – portuguese people don’t go there because I want all the good stuff for me ok? hahahaha 😉

La Folie - 1st Japanese Sewing Week

La Folie - 1st Japanese Sewing Week

La Folie - 1st Japanese Sewing Week

To my sweet friends who I nagged talking about my lack of appropriate shoes, thank you for listening… heheh I finally remembered I had boots, crazy boots that I never ever wear but that were fine for taking the photos, or at least I hope hahaha I have zero trend sense lol…

La Folie - 1st Japanese Sewing Week

I really love the sleeves. 😀 If I saw a dress with a similar print on a clothes store rack I would probably never would have tried it on because its a bit out of my usually “plain” wardrobe :D, but I’m really happy that when I’m buying fabric I’m less judgmental and give myself the opportunity to try different things… Yay for sewing! hehehe

La Folie - 1st Japanese Sewing Week

I was planning to call this one “The Rufus” since I made it to wear to Rufus Wainwright concert on the 27th. (ha ha I’m a crazy fan and made a special dress… hehehe What can I say I never go out anymore so going to a concert is considered a night out heheh, particularly if it’s from one of my heart favorites in the great company of my beloved sister right?) But now that I see it finished I know this dress is a “Beetlejuice“. hahah I had so much fun making this! I think there will be many more “Beetlejuice” dresses in my future. Don’t make me say it 3 times… 😉

La Folie - 1st Japanese Sewing Week

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There is also a giveaway running along with this tour thanks to our amazing sponsors!
There will be three lucky winners among all of our lovely readers. Each winner will win one of the following prizes:
– One pack of 2 two Japanese Sewing books from Tuttle Publishing
– One pack of 2 two Japanese Sewing books from Tuttle Publishing
– A $40 fabric voucher from Urban Sew
All you have to do is to try your chances by entering the Rafflecopter bellow. The more entries you validate the more chances you have to win! The giveaway will be open from Nov. 16th to the 25th.

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Thank you so much Sara for organizing this. I had the best time. ❤

And as usual I leave you with some silliness, just to keep that psychedelic 60’s vibe going ok? hahaha

La Folie - 1st Japanese Sewing Week

La Folie - 1st Japanese Sewing Week

Thanks for stopping by. Until next time.



24 thoughts on “1st Japanese Sewing Week

  1. My goodness Inês you look ABSOLUTELY AMAZING in this dress!!! And I’m glad you told us about the boots or I would definitely have accused you of lying about your ‘claimed lack of shoes for this dress’ hahaha. These boots are so perfect for these photos and you should wear them to the concert too!!
    This whole thing is so so good!!!

  2. Love the print! I thought it was a knit… Anyway, looks perfect on you, not crazy at all! And you have loads of style! You look beautiful for a night out. Enjoy the concert! (how I miss going to a concert…)

  3. Wow, that’s such an impressive dress (and print) and you wear it so well!!!
    Absolutely gorgeous on you 🙂
    Although, I’m not sure if we will manage to stay out of FdT (I’m counting the days already for my next visit …)
    The last two pictures are so amazing – peace and love, for sure ❤

  4. O tecido é muito giro e muito bem escolhido para esse vestido, que é lindo e te fica super bem. E, como já tinha dito, esse estilo fica-te muito bem! Botas incluídas!

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