NOSH free patterns . L/S Shirt

La Folie - NOSH free L/S shirt

Last week NOSH released 6 free sewing patterns, 3 for kids and 3 for women, and I really like all of the styles, so over the next few weeks I’ll be giving them a try and share my thoughts here on the blog. They also launched another super cute fabric collection that I’m really tempted on, you can check it here.

La Folie - NOSH free L/S shirt

I decided to start with the kids Long Sleeve Shirt, this was merely because Madalena is still needing tops for the new season and I had the perfect striped NOSH jersey to go with it. Unfortunately this particular color isn’t available anymore but there are many other beautiful jerseys that fit this pattern on their shop (here). Since the instructions are only available in Finnish I also thought it would be cool to share the steps I used to put it together.

La Folie - NOSH free L/S shirt

I’m really happy with this pattern. If you’re looking for a basic regular shirt pattern and you don’t need a step by step tutorial this is definitely a keeper. Printing and assembly is like any other pdf pattern, and all the pages match perfectly. There’s an assembly diagram on the second page, but all the pages have reference to which one they should join with. There’s also a reference square to make sure you printed it on the right scale.

La Folie - NOSH free L/S shirt

The pattern has 8 sizes (68 . 80 . 92 . 104 . 116 . 128 . 140 . 152 cm). I’ve decided to make 116 cm, Madalena’s measurements are: 113 cm height; 56 cm chest; 50 cm waist; 60 cm hip. I think it’s a tad big on her but the previous available size is 104 cm and I was afraid it was too small. No problem she’ll grow into it, which is always something I appreciate, but if you’re in between sizes and want a more perfect fit I would size down.

La Folie - NOSH free L/S shirt

I made a silly mistake while buying this fabric and ordered less 10 cm than what I would normally need to make a shirt for M. right now. For this reason I could not add the 2cm for hem allowance on the main pieces, so this version is shorter than the original pattern by 2 cm. I still think it could be a bit shorter but that is an easy fix for the next time I use this pattern. The pattern has a big hem allowance for the sleeves that I decided to cut in half, just due to personal preference.

La Folie - NOSH free L/S shirt

La Folie - NOSH free L/S shirt

La Folie - NOSH free L/S shirt

La Folie - NOSH free L/S shirt

Here’s a little guide in english on the instructions. These are the steps I used to make this version and they aren’t an exact copy or translation to what the pattern specifies. Please use the original pattern if you prefer, google translate is enough to get you a rough idea of the original steps. I’ve used a serger to make it but it can be made with a regular sewing machine, just make sure you’re using a stitch that is adequate. There aren’t notches apart from the sleeve head, but I still think it is a very good free pattern.

  • Assemble your pattern and trace or cut your preferred size. Since the pattern does not include seam allowance on most seams I prefer to trace. The pattern pieces are numbered: 10 for the front piece, 11 for the back piece and 12 for the sleeves.
  • Add 1 cm seam allowance to all seams except hem of the bodice and sleeves and neckline. Add 2 cm hem allowance on the bodice pattern pieces. No additional seam allowance is required for the hem of the sleeves or the neckline.
  • Trace the pattern pieces on your fabric (1 x front piece; 1 x back piece; 2 x sleeves), don’t forget that the bodice pattern pieces are to be cut on fold.
  • Cut the neckline band 4 x 31.5 / 33.5 / 36 / 38 / 40 /41.5 / 43 / 44.5 cm (second measurement depends on the size you’re making. The pattern recommends you use rib; I used the same jersey so I added an extra 1 cm to my neckband piece).
  • Serge the edges of your sleeves and bodice pieces (only at the hem seams).
  • Pre press the hem allowance on the sleeves and bodice; this makes it much faster to sew the hems later.
  • Align your front and back bodice pieces with right sides facing, pin and sew them together at the shoulder seams. Press the seams toward the back.
  • Take one sleeve and align and pin it (right sides facing) with the armhole on the bodice piece, matching the sleeve head notch to the shoulder seam. Repeat to the other sleeve. Press the seams towards the bodice (this is my preferred way, but naturally you can make it the way you think it’s more correct).
  • Arrange your garment with right sides facing, aligning all the edges. Sew along the sleeve and bodice. Repeat to the other side. Press your seams.
  • Fold the neckline band in half with right sides facing and sew the edges together. Press the seam to one side. Fold it in half (on the shorter length) with wrong sides facing and matching the raw edges, and press.
  • With right sides facing, align the seam on the band with one of the shoulder seams. Since there aren’t any notches to align the band with the bodice neckline I suggest you distribute the band has evenly has you can around the neckline, pinning and correcting has needed. Sew them together slightly stretching the band so it fits the neckline, I always do this on my regular sewing machine with a stretch stitch and then serge the raw edge; naturally you can make it the way you prefer. Be careful not to stretch the neckline.
  • Press your neckband. I usually use a double needle to secure the seam allowance by topstitching all around the neckline, you can see this on the photos.
  • Using a double needle sew the hem on both sleeves and on the bodice. Press and you are DONE. 😀

Hope you find this useful, if you have any questions just let me know, and I’ll do my best to help. You can get your free pattern here. Thank you NOSH for sharing.

La Folie - NOSH free L/S shirt

La Folie - NOSH free L/S shirt

La Folie - NOSH free L/S shirt

I leave you with a “real life” photo, sharing a bit of the photo shoot backstage. I do lots of silly things to take blog photos, like completely moving the sofa away from that wall… 🙂 But for this all it took was standing on top of the sofa arm. Madalena asked me to take this particular photo and I felt the need to show a bit of reality today…

Life is fleeting and precious as we are being reminded everyday, and particularly by the tragic events of this past weekend. I hope that I can raise my girls to be caring and loving human beings. Full of respect and acceptance towards others no matter how different they may be… And may we all join this path.

Thanks for stopping by.


10 thoughts on “NOSH free patterns . L/S Shirt

  1. Really helpful thank you! And those nosh stripes are just yum. ❤ I´ve printed this and the baggy pants too, definitely want to give them a go! And I hear you about moving the sofa, ha! I´ll do a backstage photo some time hehe!
    Crazy world our kids will be growing into, love, respect and tolerance are more important now than ever! ❤

  2. Great post and really helpful too! I’ll be sure to give this a try… and I might still have enough of that striped fabric! 😀
    Like a brilliant man once said… “All we are saying, is give Peace a chance!”

  3. This looks like a perfect t-shirt pattern and don’t we all need a few f those in our life. When are you making a photo shoot with all those colorful balls I spot in the corner? ;-)) Peace and hugs ❤

  4. I’ve enjoyed very much your blogpost and thanks for translating the instructions, realy realy helpful. I hope you’ll make the Emma tunic, I need some inspiration 🙂

  5. I have been after a simple straight forward tee pattern. I actually had a look at their free patterns after you (or was it someone else??) mentioned that. Your daughter’s new tee looks great. A little too big is not a drama as kids grow like mushrooms after rain ha!

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