Bento Tee and dress

So this post happens because last week Rita shared a gorgeous version of this pattern, seriously go check it out because it’s fab (here), it’s my favorite so far! But her post also reminded me that I love this pattern and that since I’ve sewn it 6 times already I could forget that I don’t have decent photos and show the ones I made so far.

The Bento Tee is a pattern from Liesl&Co and I only have good things to say about it. The fit is perfect, instructions and pattern pieces are perfect, and it’s a fast and easy sew. Definitely my type of thing. The pattern comes with three sleeve lengths and I still have to give a try to the lovely version with pockets, but for now here are these simple ones. The first version of this was made has a gift but I liked it so much that I made an exact copy for myself. 😀

LaFolie - Bento Tee - sewing pattern by Liesl&Co

I used a thin knit pre-cut  from my local fabric shop (Feira dos Tecidos) in blue and white. I don’t remember if I added the white for fun or because I didn’t have enough fabric to make it (and by this I mean to make two of them, because I already knew I’d be making one for myself when I was cutting it has a gift for my  sweet cousin heheh).

LaFolie - Bento Tee - sewing pattern by Liesl&Co

Yes, this is the real hair and not the fancy curls that usually show when I decide to take proper blog photos hahahah. And the loose curls above only lasted like 5 minutes because I can’t really deal with having hair near my face… I have issues people, I know hehehehe My family says that when I was around five or six I would enter the bathroom curved so that I wouldn’t see my hair in the mirror… hahahaha I know, even has a child I was weird. 😀 😀 Anyhooo, lets get on with the post right? 😉

LaFolie - Bento Tee - sewing pattern by Liesl&Co

This one was another gift, made in a thin flamé jersey also from local fabric shop. Please don’t be offended by the unmatched stripes on the sleeves heheh. 😀

LaFolie - Bento Tee - sewing pattern by Liesl&Co

Yep, also a gift and the fabric came from the same place, apart  from the pocket in beautiful Nani Iro, that was bought here. Oh and I promise the pocket isn’t crooked, it’s just looks because of the hanger photo. 😉

And then the last one I made so far was this dress version. It was inspired by one Liesl shared on her IG, has soon has I saw it I knew I had to try it. I really like the black and blue jersey (it’s from local shop yet again) and I’ve used this dress a million times.

LaFolie - Bento Tee - sewing pattern by Liesl&Co

To make this I just extended the pattern in length and drafted a scooped neckline. It’s a pretty basic dress but I really like it. 😀 And I want to make more.

This is one of those patterns I know I’ll be using a million times, so hopefully in the future I’ll copy Rita’s version give it another go and take some proper photos. hehehe

Thanks a million for stopping by.


7 thoughts on “Bento Tee and dress

  1. Sooooo many beautiful versions. I can’t figure out which on I like the most! That stripe is fabulous but so is the dress! And you really need to get over your hair….it’s beautiful!! Styled or not styled! 🙂

  2. Perfect, all of them! Even your hair (it really is beautiful, don’t be silly!)! 😀 The dress is my favourite, the colour, the stripes, the shape… I want one!
    Adoro este tipo de vestidos, apesar do João lhes chamar “sacos de batata”.

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