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La Folie Nosh Polku Collection

Sooo NOSH just launched another beautiful collection, this time featuring a super cute print designed by the artist Annika Hiltunen called Polku. I received a pack with POLKU Jersey, Mint + Diagonal Stripe, Mint/Natural + Denim Look College, Black (you can check them here, here and here).

La Folie Nosh Polku Collection

I decided to make two outfits for Francisca, who despite not needing any clothes because she has a closet full with Madalena’s hand me downs that are still perfect, also deserves some mommy makes now and then, right?

La Folie Nosh Polku Collection

The top is from OTTOBRE magazine issue 3/2014, pattern 3, view A. Well I started with that pattern but then  made a few changes: added a yoke to the front and back; added a few cm to the center front of the bottom part and gathered it; made long sleeves and added two small rows of elastic shirring (or shirr, gah don’t know how to write this sentence in proper english, sorry heheh); added a small placket and two metallic open-ring snaps to the back yoke. I know it’s not like it is the same pattern at all heheh, but it was the starting point so I had to mention. 😀

La Folie Nosh Polku Collection

This print is so cute and absolutely perfect for little ones. ❤ Madalena already requested a dress in this print but in the pink version. And this photo is kind of killing me because I should have pressed better that side seam, hahah, but I wanted to show the shirred detail so I could not avoid it. 😉

La Folie Nosh Polku Collection

Back view, and the confession that I forgot to interface the placket, yes I make stupid mistakes all the time, particularly when I’m changing patterns by myself. hehehe For finishing the neckline I used the diagonal print for a bit of contrast, I’m really loving it.

La Folie Nosh Polku Collection

The pants are Brindille and Twig’s Pocket puff pants, already had used them here but was dead curious to see how they fitted on Francisca so here we are. 🙂 Since I made another item with the diagonal stripe first (two outfits remember), I didn’t have enough diagonal stripe left to cut the front piece, so I played a bit with the stripes and almost perfectly matched the two pieces on the leg portion. YAY 😀 😀 😀

La Folie Nosh Polku Collection

For the leg cuffs and top portion of the pants used the Polku print. The following photo was the best I could get in order to show you the top part, sorry, when the kids aren’t in the mood I have to settle, I’m lucky enough when they agree with taking photos so lets not ruin that. heheh 😉 So while she played a bit after the photos I snapped this one with my phone camera. 😉

La Folie Nosh Polku Collection

La Folie Nosh Polku Collection

I have to say that I’ll probably make fake pockets next time I use this pattern (yes I’ll definitely use it again) because they seem to stick out a bit and I’m not totally sold on how they look. I do love the pants and think F. looks totally cute and adorable (sorry not sorry heheh) in them.

La Folie Nosh Polku Collection

Since we are entering the cold months, I decided this look needed a big boxy sweater, so I went with a personal favorite: Madeit patterns The Ziggy. Used the black college for it (SANTA I LOVE THIS FABRIC, if you want to make me happy just send me yards of this in any of the beautiful colors available at NOSH fabrics, please, I’ve been mostly a good girl this past year hahaha). I decided to go a bit Japanese on this one, by skipping  the sleeve pattern pieces and adding a rectangle on each side of the top (used the sleeve notch on the top to determine width). I really like that it doesn’t make all the arm length allowing to show the bottom layer, and yes I also cropped the top in length.

La Folie Nosh Polku Collection

Used NOSH rib in black (see it here) to finish the neckline, I should buy more for my stash because its perfect for so many projects!! #yesimafabricaddict LOL

I knew from start I wanted to add a little embroidery to this, first I thought about making a polar bear but then remembered the rabbit from Rabbit Rug and settled on that. All I say is ❤ ❤ ❤ I feel like making more!

La Folie Nosh Polku Collection

And now for the second outfit which was actually the first to be made. hehe This time a pattern with no alterations from OTTOBRE magazine again (I’ve been practicing heheh on using their patterns for an upcoming fun event starting tomorrow on DoGuincho’s blog – check my sidebar and see the graphic announcing it). 😀 The dress is pattern 15 of issue 3/2014; I’ve been wanting to make it since I saw these absolutely beautiful versions on Rachel’s blog.

La Folie Nosh Polku Collection

La Folie Nosh Polku Collection

I really like this dress and I’m looking forward to make one for Madalena too, it’s really versatile and can make a perfect winter dress when using warmer fabrics like the denim college. For the top  I used the same OTTOBRE pattern as the first top on this post but added length to make long sleeves.

La Folie Nosh Polku Collection

Ok, I’ll say it again because it’s the absolute truth: working with these fabrics makes me  incredibly happy. Great fabric, with great design and Organic, I can’t honestly ask for better!

A few more photos because I had a hard time choosing… 😉

La Folie Nosh Polku Collection La Folie Nosh Polku Collection La Folie Nosh Polku Collection La Folie Nosh Polku Collection La Folie Nosh Polku Collection La Folie Nosh Polku Collection La Folie Nosh Polku Collection La Folie Nosh Polku Collection

And some rest after the photos… To me these are perfect clothes for loving toddlers who still make naps and need comfy clothes right? ❤ Thank you if you got this far… 😉

Check out the New NOSH fabrics collection here.

Thanks a million NOSH for giving me the opportunity to try these first hand, it was a pleasure!!

All the fabrics I used for the items in this post were given to me by NOSH, but all the opinions are my own.

18 thoughts on “Polku

  1. Amazing as usual!!
    Can’t get enough of your NOSH inspiration – every single piece is so beautiful (bracing myself for not checking it right away. The Polku jersey is a must).

  2. You just killed me!!! I ABSOLUTELY ADORE ALL THE OUTFITS! Mint is such a great colour and everything coordinates beautifully! This is true love, don´t you dare give these away when she grows up, your grandchildren deserve these! ❤

  3. So it was you who took all the black ribbing!?! ;D I can’t decide which one is my favourite… They both look adorable and so perfect… the colours, the prints, the mixing! LOVE IT! Francisca is a lucky girl!

  4. Wow, so many beautiful clothes! I especially like the rabbit sweater and the pants. The diagonal matching is just perfect and a great idea!Your little girl must be very pleased with all these adorable new clothes – just made for her ☺.

  5. Wauw, that’s one lucky little girl! Absolutely perfect outfits. I especially love that black dress and the boxy bunny shirt. Adorable!! And your daughter is seriously beautiful!

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  7. I always think I comment but then I check and I didn’t 😦 I feel terrible. This is soooo cute and that little face, I could squeeze it! Love the outfit and that embroidery is soooo fun. What lucky little girls you have!

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