Baby Shower – We (heart) Laura

La Folie - Titchy Baby Set

My dear, sweet friend Laura just welcomed an adorable baby girl to her beautiful family and I couldn’t be happier for them. Today, me an few of her other sewing blogger friends are throwing her a virtual baby shower to let her know how much we’re happy for her and her baby.

I’ve decided to make a baby set (pants and top) in a lovely double knit I had on my stash. I bought it some time ago at Miss Matatabi and the quality is amazing, its super super soft, just perfect for baby skin.

La Folie - Titchy Baby Set

For the top I used a free jumpsuit pattern from Kind Magazine; I had already tried it before here, and I think its a pretty cool pattern. (Size 68cm/3-6 months) I just cropped it at the waistline and added seam allowance to make it a top instead of the jumpsuit.

La Folie - Titchy Baby Set

For the pants I used Brindille & Twig’s Pocket puff pants pattern. It was the first time I used their patterns and I can say I’m pretty happy with it. The instructions are clear and it came together nicely. The only thing that doesn’t fit my preferences is the page assembly method, but still works and gets the job done so it’s not a big deal. This is size 68cm/3-6 months, and I think they look pretty cute. hehehe 😉

La Folie - Titchy Baby Set

I’m dead curious to see how they fit so I’ll probably make some for Francisca soon, and maybe for Madalena since she still fits the last size available (goes from preemie to 6T).

La Folie - Titchy Baby Set

This knit is a bit thick, so I wasn’t able to topstitch the seam between bottom part and top part of the pants as recommended in the pattern; I had to press and topstitch towards the top instead of bottom to avoid extra bulkiness. I still think it works but I’m really hopping that Laura doesn’t mind my not so perfect sewing. heheh You know sewing for another sewer can be extra stressful because they can tell all the little mistakes. 😉

La Folie - Titchy Baby Set

Sweet Laura I really hope you like this little gift. But most of all I wish a truly happy and fulfilled life for your beautiful baby girl. Many congratulations my dear!!! LOTS of love for you and your lovely family, I really really hope we can meet in person soon! âĪ âĪ âĪ

Don’t forget to check all the other cool bloggers and their gifts, I’m super curious to see what they’ve made. 😉

Thanks a million Annika and Maartje for organizing this cool surprise!


11 thoughts on “Baby Shower – We (heart) Laura

  1. Hi came to your site from Needle and Ted looking at the “Virtual Baby shower” great idea. Just wanted to say how much I love the item you made. It is super cute and the fabric great I love the way you added contrasting fabric on the cuff and the side. I am sure she will love it

  2. What a beautiful set Ines 🙂 I am sure Laura’s little girl will be super cosy wearing it 🙂 I love the way the sewing community celebrates the arrival of new babies in such a special way 🙂

  3. This little outfit is seriously some of the best baby clothes I have seen in a long time. Simply perfection!! And those pants…GAH, SO good. I’m dying to see them worn too. Please make another pair for F 🙂

  4. Ines, I love this little set so much. The colours and print are just perfect and I can just imagine how soft that double knit is going to be, I can’t wait for Willow to wear it. Thank you so much for joining in this surprise, you have all made me feel very special.

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